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Ahimsa the greatest religion: PM Modi on Facebook wall

MENLO PARK, CALIFORNIA: Prime Minister Narendra Modi left a special message on the literal Facebook Wall at the company's headquarters after attending the global townhall Q&A.

PM Modi scrawled the message "Ahimsa is the greatest Dharma. Satyameva Jayate" in Gujarati, which translates to "non-violence is the greatest religion, truth will remain victorious."

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Oh Yes! Ahimsa is the greatest religion. For example: Godhara, Babri Masjid and Muzaffarnagar.Saket Ranjan

The Prime Minister attended a townhall along with Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg and spoke about the power of social media and his plan to grow the Indian economy.

He also became emotional while talking about his mother's sacrifices while raising him and his siblings as a single parent.

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