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For computer science students views/answers -- about my old laptop

We bought Dell Inspiron Intel Core i5 in 2010.  It was working well till February 2015.  Then when I took it for repair I was told that Mother Board has gone and the engineer has used "heat" to get it booted now and it may last for a few days only.

As told by him that lasted for less than a week and when I took it to engineer he again confirmed that and said that it can be repaired at Rs.2K but it may or not last.  I took it back without repairing.  I tried in another place also where they returned without repairing.,

I kept it inside for the last five/six months and today I booted it without hope.  Earlier it was booting at all. To my surprise it booted and asked "Repair has to be done".  I said ok.  It asked for permission to reset.  I said ok without any hope.  But to my surprise in another ten minutes proper screen came and it is performing all the functions properly.

This blog is also I am posting using that laptop.

Lesson:  Computers which do not work at one time may work properly at another time.

I wish it works properly in future also.

Your views/experience.


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