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List of important phrasal verbs

Abide by – Accept or follow a decision or rule.
Account for – To explain.
Ache for – Want something or someone a lot.
Act on – To take action because of something like information received.
Act out – Perform something with actions and
Act up – Behave badly or strangely.
Act upon – To take action because of something like information received.
Add on – Include in a calculation.
Add up- To make a mathematical total.
Add up – to Have a certain result.
Add up to – Come to a certain amount or figure.
Aim at – To target.
Aim at Intend – to achieve.
Allow for – Include something in a plan or calculation.
Allow of – Make possible, permit.
Angle for – Try to get something indirectly, by hinting
Answer for – Be held responsible for a problem.
Answer for – Speak on behalf of someone or from knowing them.
Argue down – Beat someone in a debate, discussion or argument.
Argue down – Persuade someone to drop the price of something they’re selling.
Argue down – Try to persuade people not to accept a
Argue out – Argue about a problem to find a solution.
Ask about – Ask how someone is doing, especially
Ask around – Invite someone.
Ask for – To provoke a negative reaction.
Ask for – Request to have or be given.
Ask in – To invite somebody into your house.
Ask out – To invite someone for a date.
Ask over – Invite.
Ask round – Invite someone.
Auction off – Sell something in an auction.
Back away – Retreat or go backwards.
Back down – Retract or withdraw your position or
proposal in an argument.
Back into – Enter a parking area in reverse gear.
Back off – Retreat.
Back out – Fail to keep an arrangement or promise.
Back out – of Fail to keep an agreement, arrangement.
Back out – of Exit a parking area in reverse gear.
parking space.
Back up – Make a copy of computer data.
Back up – Support.
Back up – Drive a vehicle backwards.
Bag out – Criticise.
Bail out – Save, rescue.
Bail up – Talk to someone and delay them.
Ball up – Confuse or make things complicated.
Balls up – Spoil, ruin.
Bang about – Move in a place making a lot of noise.
Bang on – Talk at great length.
Bang out – Play a musical instrument loudly.
Bang up – Put someone in prison.
Bang up – Damage badly.
Bargain on – Expect something to happen (usually negative).
Barge in – Enter a place and interrupt.
Barge into – Enter a place and interrupt people rudely.
Bash about – Mistreat physically.
Bash in – Break, damage or injure by hitting.
Bawl out – Scold, shout at someone.
Be along – Arrive.
Be away – Be elsewhere; on holiday, etc.
Be cut – up Be upset.
Be down – Be depressed.
Be down – Be reduced or less.
Be fed up – Be bored, upset or sick of something.
Be in – Be submitted, arrive.
Be in – on Be involved in.
Be not on – Be unacceptable.
Be off – Depart, leave. I’m OFF home; it’s five o’clock.
Be on – Take medication or drugs, especially when they affect the person badly.
Be taken – aback Be shocked or surprised.
Be taken – with Like something
Be up – Be out of bed. She’s not UP yet.
Bear on – Influence, affect.
Bear up – Resist pressure.
Bear with – Be patient.
Beat down – Strong sunshine.
Beat down – Get someone to lower the price of something.
Beat out – Narrowly win in competition.
Beat up – Attack violently.
Bed down – Sleep somewhere less comfortable thannormal.
Bed down – Become established or successful over time.
Bed out – Move a plant outside.
Beef up – Make something stronger or more solid.
Belong to – Be a member.
Belong with – Be in the correct or appropriate location with other items.
Belt out – Sing something loudly.
Belt up – Be quiet.
Belt up – Fasten your seatbelt.
Big up – Exaggerate the importance.
Bitch up – Spoil or ruin something.
Blank out – Have a temporary memory failure.
Blare out – A loud sound or music.
Blast off – Leave the ground- spaceship or rocket.
Blaze away – Fire a gun repeatedly.
Block in – Park a car and obstruct another car.
Block out – Stop light from entering or leaving.
Block out – Try not think about or feel something
Block up – Fill a space so that nothing can pass.
Blow away – Impress greatly.
Blow down – When the wind forces something to fall.
Blow off – Not keep an appointment.
Blow off – Ignore, not do something.
Blow up – Explode.
Bog into – Eat something enthusiastically.
Boil down – Simplify, reduce to the essentials.
Boil up – Feel a negative emotion strongly.
Bone up – on Study hard for a goal or reason.
Border on – Be very nearly something.
Bottom out – Pass the lowest point and start rising.
Bounce into – Force someone.
Bounce off – Test ideas.
Bowl over – Surprise someone greatly.
Break down – End negotiations unsuccessfully.
Break down – Stop working.
Break in – Interrupt something.
Break off – End a relationship.
Break out – in Sweat heavily, develop skin sores or irritation..
Break through – Pass a barrier or obstacle.
Brick in – Close or fill a space with bricks.
Brick up – Close or fill a space with bricks.
Bring along – Help someone improve.
Bring back – Return.
Bring on – Make something appear.
Bring up – Raise a child.
BUCKLE UNDER – or face the sack.
Bug out – Open your eyes wide in surprise.
Bulk out – Make something bigger or thicker.
Bundle up – Put on warm clothing.


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