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DBMS: Data Base Management System
MODEM: Modulator-Demodulator
RAM: Random Access Memory
ROM: Read Only Memory
SMPS: Switch Mode Power Supply
OMR: Optical Mark Reader / Recognition
OCR: Optical Character Reader / Recognition
BCR: Bar Code Reader
MICR: Magnetic Ink Character Reader / Recognition
BPS: Bit Per Second
DNS: Domain Name Server
EDI: Electronic Data Interchange
URL: Uniform Resource Locator
GIF: Graphics Interchange Format
ASCII: American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASP: Active Server Pages
BCC: Blind Carbon Copy
CC: Carbon copy
CAD: Computer Aided Design
CDMA: Code Division Multiple Access
GSM: Global System for Mobile Communication
CMOS: Complementary Metal Oxide SemiConductor
FTP: File Transfer Protocol
TFTP: Trivial File Transfer Protocol
SFTP: Secure File Transfer Protocol
SMTP: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
HTTP: Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
HTTPS: Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure
UDP: User Datagram Protocol
TCP: Transmission Control Protocol
ARP: Address Resolution Protocol
Tel Net: Telecommunication Networking
POP3: Post Office Protocol Version3
BGP: Border Gateway Protocol
P2P: Point to Point Protocol
PPP: Peer to Peer Protocol
IP: Internet Protocol
SNMP: Simple Network Management Protocol
NTP: Network Time Protocol
SIP: Session Initiation Protocol
DHCP: Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
IMAP4: Internet Message Access Protocol Version 4
RARP: Reverse Address Resolution Protocol
SSH: Secure Shell
MIME: Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension
SMIME: Secure Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension
ALGOL: Algorithmic Language
ANSI: American National Standard Institute
ATM: Asynchronous Transfer Mode
AS: Autonomous System
BASIC: Beginners All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
BIOS: Basic input Output System
TFT: Thin Film Transistor
CRT: Cathode Ray Tube
MIDI: Musical Instrument Digital Interface
MPEG: Moving Picture Expert Group
PDA: Personal Digital Assistants
PDF: Portable Document Format
ARPANET: Advanced Research Projects Agency Network
SQL: Structured Query Language
USB: Universal Serial Bus
VIRUS: Vital Information Resource Under Siege
VOIP: Voice Over Internet Protocol
IVR: Interactive Voice Response
WIFI: Wireless fidelity
WIMAX: Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access
ADSL: Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
API: Application Program Interface
ARP: Address Resolution Protocol
RARP: Reverse ARP
ICANN: Internet Corporation of Assign Names & Numbers
PCB: Printer Circuit Board
SRAM: Static RAM
DRAM: Dynamic RAM
PROM: Programmable ROM
EPROM: Electrically PROM
EEPROM: Electrically Erasable PROM
HDD: Hard Disc Drive
FDD: Floppy Disc Drive
CD: Compact Disc
DVD: Digital Video/Versatile Disc
BRD: Blu-Ray Disc
HVD: Holographic Versatile Disc
ACID: Atomicity Consistency Isolation Durability
WYSIWYG: What you see is what you get
DPI: Dots Per Inch
DSL: Digital Subscriber Line
FAT: File Allocation Table
MANET: Mobile Ad-Hoc Network
MIPS: Million Instruction Per Second
BIPS: Billion Instruction Per Second
TIPS: Trillion Instruction Per Second
NAT: Network Address Translation
IEEE: Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineer
IMAP: Internet Message Access Protocol
ISDN: Integrated Servers Digital Network
ISO: International Standard Organization/ International Org for Standardisation
DHTML: Dynamic Hyper Text Markup Language
MAC: Media Access Control
CAN: Campus Area Network
PAN: Personal Area Network
SAN: Storage Area Network
CNM: Circulatory Network Mode
IPV4: Internet Protocol Version 4
IPV6: Internet Protocol Version 6

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