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Think clearly and focus intently as you unravel the meanings of these unusual adverbs from the English language. As with every quiz, the goal is not to do great but to do well. Enjoy!


1. hence—A: from this time.

B: in the past.

C: in a circle.

2.  singly—A: musically.

B: with extreme heat.

C: separately.

3.  betimes—A: at regular intervals.

B: always.

C: early.

4.  widdershins

A: counterclockwise.

B: with great pain.

C: swiftly.

5.  thus—A: in this way.

B: only if.

C: officially.

6.  athwart—A: out of view.

B: from side to side of.

C: menacingly.

7.  notwithstanding—A: meekly.

B: in spite of this.

C: with the body reclined.

8.  aloft—A: on a wide platform.

B: up in the air.

C: lightly.

9.  cap-a-pie—A: from head to foot.

B: rhythmically.

C: covertly.

10.  alfresco—A: taking place outside.

B: in water.

C: on a rooftop.

11. slantwise—A: suggestively.

B: with insight.

C: at an angle.

12.  erstwhile—A: formerly.

B: currently.

C: rarely.

13.  deedily—A: in a friendly way.

B: industriously.

C: with great anticipation.

14.  nigh—A: near in time or place.

B: quietly.

C: close to the ground.

15.  forsooth—A: in truth.

B: in confusion.

C: in anger.

if you score 11 and above good.  


1. hence—[A] from this time; as, The new documentary is set to be released five months hence.

2.  singly—[C] separately; as, Tourists wandered the heritage site singly and in groups.

3.  betimes—[C] early; as, Paolo was up betimes and enjoyed a leisurely walk to work.

4.  widdershins—[A] counterclock-wise; as, The amusement-park ride turned clockwise, then widdershins with equal speed.

5.  thus—[A] in this way; as, Raisa deftly outscored her younger oppon-ent, thus securing the gold medal.

6.  athwart—[B] from side to side of; as, Fallen trees lay athwart the nar-row road, making passage impossible.

7.  notwithstanding—[B] in spite

of this; as, Though some members opposed it, the council followed the plan notwithstanding.

8.  aloft—[B] up in the air; as, Follow-ing the team’s victory, the coach was held aloft by his players.

9.  cap-a-pie—[A] from head to foot; as, When he arrived home from the hunt, Edgar was dressed cap-a-pie in camouflage.

10.  alfresco—[A] taking place outside; as, Eloise and Harry dined alfresco and watched the Tuscan sunset.

11. slantwise—[C] at an angle; as, Helga opened the blinds and the evening light spilled slantwise into her study.

12.  erstwhile—[A] formerly; as, There were erstwhile seven towns dotting the now-abandoned island.

13.  deedily—[B] industriously; as, Imani worked deedily through the week to complete the report.

14.  nigh—[A] near in time or place; as, Peaches felt the air cool as even-ing drew nigh.

15.  forsooth—[A] in truth; as, Dawkins was barely fit, forsooth, to lead anyone into war.


7–10: fair

11–12: good

13–15: excellent

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