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Dear Customer,

Indian Bank’s journey of over 111 years has been fulfilling only because of the unstinting support and patronage of valued customers like you. You have been one of the important pillars of strength that has made our Bank as one of the leading Banks today. Here, I would like to reiterate our Bank’s unequivocal belief in the time-tested concept of ‘partners in mutual progress’.
All along, Indian Bank is in touch with you through various channels, including our branch outlets, alternate/digital mode and media. In yet another way of sharing/providing information of importance with you on a regular basis, I am pleased to inform that we are launching our monthly Newsletter titled Ind Navya.
Products that can earn you more income, branches that can ease your daily needs, apps that can simplify your application processing, events that can assist in your next big investment decision, discounts that you can enjoy and share, tips that can secure financial dealings – all these and more shall reach you in a capsule format, right in your Inbox, starting February 2019. If you wish to read more on any particular news/article, you can do so by clicking on that news/article link. It shall take you to our brand new and improved website, available at Please take a minute or two to explore it.
I earnestly hope, the Newsletter will effectively address your need for having latest information on Indian Bank in a quick glance. As partners in mutual progress, we will be too happy to weigh your constructive suggestions, if any, which can be sent to us at
I, on behalf of Team Indian Bank, wish you a wonderful period ahead. Let us take our well established banking partnership to still greater heights!
Managing Director and CEO

thanks:  email received from Indian bank.  


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