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Lic hfcl interview expected questions
Tell me about
yourself. (Even Qs related to your name/place can be expected if your
name/place has prominence )

Why did you choose
this career?
Tell us about your

When did you
decide on Banking career?
Aren't you over
qualified for this position?
How will your
professional knowledge be helpful in the Banking career?
Do you have any
plans for further education?
Do you have any
actual work experience?

What have you been
doing after graduation?
Why are you
leaving your current position? ( for working professionals)

What other career
options do you have?

What goals do you
have in your career?

How do you plan to
achieve these goals?
What do you know
about banking?
What is a Bank?

Why do you want to
work in the Banking industry?
What do you know
about our company? (Should have an idea

About important
products from various banks, tag lines)

Why are you
interested in our company?

Why don't you join
some private company?

How is your
professional knowledge useful for our organization?

Why should I hire

What will you do
if you get a better offer?
Who is your role

What are your
short-term goals?
What is your
long-term objective?
Where do you see
yourself, five years from now?

What is your
greatest strength?
What is your
• What are your hobbies?
Tell us about your
extracurricular activities.
Q's related to
your achievements?
Are you a team player?
Do you handle
pressure well?

Do you have any
location preferences?
Will you relocate?
Commerce Stream

What are the principles of Book Keeping?
What is Balance
Sheet? How you come to know after seeing balance sheet that economic condition
is good or bad any organization?

What is the
difference between CA and ICWA?

What are the
Accounting ratios?
What is the use of
ratio in balance sheet of a bank?

What is Acid test
What is
Difference between
Double Entry System and Double

Account System?
Difference between
Presidency and Provincial Insolvency Act?

Explain various
lists of Insolvency Act.
Explain tax and
how many types of Tax are being imposed in India?

What is Direct and
Indirect Tax? Give some examples?

What is 80L, 80G,
80DD, 88B, 89(1), 88C, 80E?

What are the
sources of Income according to Income Tax Act?
What is Capital

Income of MPs and MLAs is related to which
Agriculture Income
is Exempt under which section?

Current Assessment
Describe new
changes regarding to Income tax in current Budget?

When Income Tax
Act was enacted?
What is difference
between Public Limited Company and Private Limited Company?

Article of

Memorandum of

Annual General Meeting?
What are Prepaid
Expenses and Outstanding Expenses?

Tell us about
Authorized, Issued and Paid-up Capital.

What is Forfeiture
of shares? How it is treated in Balance Sheet of a Bank?
What is Single
Entry System?
Tell us about
Promoters and Directors?

What is Auditing?
What are the main purposes of Auditing?

"An Auditor
is the watchdog of a company" Explain it?

What is Value
Added Tax?
What is Market
What is Break Even

What is Prime Cost
and Overhead Cost?
Difference between
Fixed and Variable Expenses?
What is Marginal
and Standard Costing?

What is Master
What is

What is Contract?
What is Bank
Reconciliation Statement?
What is
Partnership Deed?

Relevance of
"BhartiyaBahiKhata" in present time?
What is Wages
Inward and Outward?
What is
"Contribution" in Cost Accounting?

Difference between
Cost Accounting and Cost Accountancy?

What are the
elements of effective Communication?

Explain Accounting
Explain Accounting

What is Accounting
What is the use of
Trial Balance?
What is Fund Flow?

What is Cash Flow?
What is Working

What are LIFO,
What is Short
What is Work in

What is Intangible
Tell us the Errors
which are not disclosed by Trial Balance?

What is difference
between Public Sector Company and Public Limited Company?

Difference between FDI and FII..?
What is Sensex?

What is Nifty?
Difference between
Cheque and DD.
What is NBFC?

Difference between
Banks and NBFC.
What is KYC? Is it
really useful to restrict Black Money, how?
Demat account?

Bullion market?

What is meant by
willful defaulters? Who displays this and why? What are the effects of being
declared as willful defaulter by them..?

Money spent on
PMJDY for ad's was waste or useful..?

Your C.V.
Banking Knowledge
GK (Current Affairs) and Computer Knowledge (Basics)

Current Recruitment (if any).


What do you know about LIC

Why do you want to join LIC

What is the job role of LIC
HFCL Assistant or Associate?

What is the way by which LIC
HFCL is getting its income?

What is the interest rate on
deposits offered by LICHFCL?   Details

What is the vision, mission
and values of LIC HFCL

About board of dicectors

Chairman of LIC, IRDAI,
governor of RBI

Finance Minister

Details of loan given to
Residents, Non residents and Pensioners

About Corporate Loans/
Builders and developers

Financial achievements  - latest of LICHFCL

LHPLR for Retail
Housing Loans :


LHPLR for Retail Non
Housing Loans :


About Us
LIC HFL – Where Dreams come HOME
Incorporated in 1989, LIC Housing Finance Ltd (LICHFL) is one of
the largest Housing Finance Companies in India with a key objective of
providing long term finance to individuals for the purchase or construction of
house/flat for residential purposes in India. LICHFL also provides finance on
existing property for business/ personal needs and also gives loans to
professionals for purchase/construction of Clinics/Nursing Homes/ Diagnostic
Centers/ Office Space and also for purchase of equipment. The Company also
provides finance to builders and developers engaged in the business of
construction of houses or flats for residential purpose and to be sold by them.
The Company went public in 1994 and since then its stocks are
listed and actively traded on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and Bombay
Stock Exchange Limited (BSE).
The Company Identification Number (CIN) is L65922MH1989PLC052257.
LIC HFL is amongst the pioneers in India ensuring access to
housing finance for home ownership. With a strong business foundation, an
extensive distribution network and proven industry expertise, LIC HFL is a
respected and trusted financial services company. We pride in having served
over 21 lakhs prudent home owners.
25 Lakhs

Families served and more
284 marketing offices

Including two abroad
More than 12000 marketing intermediaries

To guide through the loan processes
Online Home loan approvals

Through our website
Rs 3.35 lakh crore

And more cumulative disbursement since inception
Rs 1.66 lakh crore

And more is the loan book

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