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 Nitin, [16-09-2021 05:53]

Q1. What you have done on OBC, HDFC Ltd.  , and Union of India 

Ans.  Sir.. I m assisting my senior on the panel of OBC which is now known as PNB after merger.  Here I m doing the work of going to branches, connecting with law officer,  going circle office, filing of the cases in civil Court and Drt and all.

So, I have learnt from zero on his panel and learnt from it. 

Basically a bridge or a connector with law officer and court and assisting my senior. 

Apart from it I m empenalled with HDFC Ltd. 

Q. 2. Have you done work of SARFAESI? 

Ans. Yes, Sir 

Q. 3. What is the case filing fees in DRT? 

Ans. Sir..  It's 12000 minimum and maximum 1,50,000.

Q. 4 What is justification of this Tribunal? 

Ans. Sir.. It had got amended to 20 lakhs and above. Earlier it was 10 lakh but still it is in my knowledge that they are following 10,00,000 jurisdiction. 

Q.5 Have you filed any case recently? 


Q. 6.Suppose a bank had filed a case in which he has not taken a step under 13(4)properly  what PO can do? 

Ans. He can say to bank to again do the process or give compensation to borrower.

Q. 7 If we have served a legal notice 13(2) to the customer and he has gone to DRT and filed the SA application?  Is it in time. 

Ans. Sir.. When we have given a notice under 13(2) For payment of the default in 60 days the borrower can reply the same and in 15 days the bank will have to reply it back mentioning any objections or not. 

And further the borrower has 45 days time period to limitation to file the SA application but the objection mentioned in the reply will not be the ground of this application. 

Q.8 Who is the willfull defaulter? 

Ans.  A person whoes account is not regular and and whoes CIBIL is also badly disturbed. 

Q. 9.How the bank files the evidence in DRT

Ans.  Sir when file the matter before the DRT the registrar do scrutiny on the documents. And apart from it when we file OA or reply we have to file our witness affidavit along with it and not afterwords till permitted. 

Q.10 What are banks asset? 

Ans. Sir..  Bank gives loan, mortgage, hypothication and all to customer and from there interest they gets the profit and that profit is the asset of the bank. 

Q.11 What is the difference between hypothication and pledge? 

Ans. Both are for the movable property but in hypothication we don't give our movable property to bank but in pledge we have to deliver the property. For hypothication it's example is Two wheeler loan and pledge is goald loan. 

Q.12 Do you know about lok addalat? 

Ans. Yes, Sir within a month or for a single day they take lok adalat. 

Q.13 Who issue lok addalat notice? 

Ans. State Legal service authority. 

Q. 14.If a certificate is issued by PO and matter is now before recovery officer. He can get that certficate order done under the provision of DRT is any other act also there which gives him the power. 

Ans. Sir.. However CPC laws are not applicable but still take some of the provision from the CPC. 

Q.15 Who is RBI governor at present? 

Ans. Shaktikant Das 

At the last interview finish the head offered a toffee to me.

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