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Good morning sir, below are the questions asked in IBPS SO Marketing officer interview, for me:

1.        Tell us something about yourself.

2.        In that when I said about the company I am working in, the questions were on my job profile.

3.        Since, I was working on Finance background, the next question was- “From accounting, now you want to join marketing. So, are you aware of your job profile as marketing officer?”

4.        Next was by another panelist. He asked me” What is meant by Retail loan, and how do you think you can increase the sales of retail loans?”

5.        By next panelist- “What is payment bank?”

6.        By the next panelist-” what is the % of interest rate on home loans in recent years? “. I answered it to be around 6-8%. The next question was on “why do you think the interest rate has reduced over the years, since earlier the rate used to be around 14-15%?”

7.        By the last panalist-“If you have to sell a retail loan- say car loan, what are the strategies you will use to sell it to a retail customer?”




1 difference between fintech company and bank

2. What is Cryptography

3. What is encryption



Agriculture FO

Self introduction, hobbies

1 .union budegt realted agriculture warming account

4.kyc norm related

5.nabard startups





1)Tell about yourself?

2)Marketing Management?

3)How you create more customers?

4)7p's in banking?

5)Brand Equity?

6)About Indian Economy?

7)Are you ready to join any where in India.Is it ok for your family?

8)How you create more youngsters in bank?

9)Ask about my Education institution which I am running?(sir me and my husband running an educational institution in our place itself.Question is regarding to that)

10) Then last question is, do you know Driving?




Panel 5 , Pune @1 pm

My IBPS PO interview was average.

Questions asked :

1) Why the gap of 4yrs ?

2) You got paid less in tutoring , so why didn't you start your own classes ?

3) Questions about Indian railways - fastest train, vande Bharat trains (as I told them I cleared RRB JE but didn't get final selection)

4) How did you prepare for Banking , which mock tests you gave?  How did you prepare for interview ?

5) Tell me which questions they asked you in mock interview ...answer them one by one ..( this was the most unexpected thing for me)

I answered all three questions one by one

6) Difference between pledge and hypothecation + what else is needed along with hypothecation ?

7) some static questions : most populated state in India , Largest area state , etc

8) Ma'am asked : What is startup India scheme?

9) lastly how to differentiate between a fast and a slow train without finding it's speed ,time required ?

Thank you Pranav , you can go now .

I stood up and said thank you .

And lastly said have a nice day ! with a smile :)



7march 2022

Chandigarh panel -2

Meaning of name

Family background


Cross selling

Car loan

Public Pvt com bank

Rest on work exp

Total time duration 5 -6 mins






1. Name ka meaning

2. Introduction

3.Name some top private sector banks

4. Which is better pvt or public sector bank and why

5. Bht sara Cross questions on ques 4

6. How will you do marketing in rural area .tell me marketing strategies

7. Implement product mix strategies to q product

8. What is after sales service

9. Cross questions on ques 4

10. Tell me about your internship






1. What is PSL  , its category

2. Any two qualities that you possess for bank


3 . How you give loan ( if farmer wants ₹500000 but collateral  worth of ₹200000)


Panel 6 Pune

1.tell me what is not in your application form

2. Tell about women empowerment

3. College project

4. Tell you 5 qualities

5. Why you left sbi life insurance



Que were

Tell me about urself

How will u get more saving bank deposits account

Cross selling what are the products u will suppose to sell if I am purchasing housing loans from u in cross selling

Marketing managerial skills

Why long term and short term goals are made by the companies?( Growth or sales what is important for organisation)

When the budget get announced every year?

Income tax slabs?

About my city

How will u communicate with customer.



1  self introduction 

2 full form of ctri

3  what is agricultural Engineering

4 difference btw agri engineering and agri bsc

5 agri implements related companies names

6 if farmer has own land instead of that farmer of his land another farmer was ask loan you should give loan or not

7 what  are soil conservation measures and it's types 

8 role of afo




Introduce yourself

Why are u no more interested in Civil Engg?

Name different types of banks

Give counter argument for the statement:.    

     Why male candidates are preferred over female candidates?


Youth Icon

Why is govt selling public sector undertakings?

Why not Civil Engg jobs?

About PM Gatishakti

Are you ready to relocate?



-Where you live

-Your land

-Your family member

-Source of income

-Graduation details

-Gap between graduation and interview

-Exam which passed by you

-Your Raeo(State agricultural exam) exam result

-NPA Recovery illegal method

-NPA Recovery legal method



KCC interest rate

Reform during  female pm

Why Java is used for apps ?

Brief introduction

Neft abd RTGS

About father’s occupation

KCC PM fasal bima yojana



- what’s is pointer

-Java is object oriented or procedure oriented

Digitalization apps

female pm of India



1. What is difference between mca and engineering

2. Cryptocurrency

3. Tax levied on cryptocurrency

4. Bhim app

5. E rupi

6. Bootstrap



Done with the interview sir.

1. Introduce yourself

2. About previous work

3. Qualities of Marketing officer

4. Women who became the billionaire recently

5. Functions of marketing officer

6.Products of bank

7. Car loans

8.  False advertising



[: 1.Normalization

2.Cloud computing

3.Transaction management

4.Usage of Cursor

5.MAC usage

6.Russia USSR

7.Budget questions

: Ibps so IT officer

panel is very friendly. It went well sir.

Thank you for your guidance. It helped me a lot sir.




Hello sir... 28th Feb ibps po interview

Questions asked -


2.why left the previous job?

3. Problems u see in bank? u can be useful to bank?

5.two banks providing home loan one bank at lower interest rate than your bank..what will you do that customer will take loan from ur bank?

6.if a customer of bank gives u cheque and he doesn't have sufficient balance will you accept the cheque?

7. How will you anticipate needs of customer.. ?

8.what is customer delight?

9 if a regular customer of bank comes and asks for some credit in emergency and he is saying he will pay it later in few days ,,will you give ?

10 is there a societal thing that government job is good and that is why people prefer coming in bank ?

11 cheque cloning ?

12 electron configuration ?

13. Qualities required for good service?

14 question related to my cllg


Sone questions exact framing I don't remember ..


I am from service background and an engineer so based on this above questions were asked.

Not much banking awareness questions and Max situational questions sir ..overall went well sir






Venue: Banglore


1) what is name, Degree?!!

2)Why banking after engineering..!!!

3)what u did in 3years?!!

4) About CTS!’?

5) diffrence between bank and NBFC?!!?

6) About Monetory policy and its tools?!!!

7)current Repo Rate ..!??

8) Are you ready to Relocate?!!

9) what is Man in the middle attack?!!

10) About degree project..?!!

11) Number of Public sector banks and private banks?!!

12) Where are you From?!!

13) what is father name!??

14) How to Recover NPA and its methods ?!!



Why marketing?

Which qualities u possess suitable for success in marketing

Experience in marketing while at college or service

Why marketing officers for banks

what is the jobrole of marketing officers?

Which strategy will u adopt for launching new products for banks

Launch a new product -- deposit or advance

what is the difference between marketing and selling

name famous marketing organisations in India

Sure sir I will prepare all these

tell us about your family

what is the occupation of father?  and about his job/business

will you be able to relocate if u are posted outside your home state

which is your bank and where is its headquarters what are their products


Sambasivan S, [02-03-2022 20:27]

famous marketing people

which banks are good in marketing

which companies are good in using marketing strategies

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