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General Awareness Relating to banking Industry - General

Q:1 India has different categories of Commercial Banks . Which of the following is not one such category ?
(a) Private Banks (b) Commodities bank
(c) Nationalized Banks (d) none of these

Q:2 Which of the following departments of the Government of India is helping banks in disbursement of rural credit by the banks ?
(a) Railways (b) State road transport
(c) Posts & Telegraph (d) Ministry of health (e) None

Q:3 Which of the following types of banks are allowed to operate foreign currency account?
(A) Foreign Banks (B) Regional Rural Banks (C) Nationalised Banks

(a) Only A (b) Only B
(c) Only C (d) All A, B & C

Q:4 Maria Sharapova won the Women’s Singles Australian Open Tennis Championship 2008 after defeating
(a) Ana Ivanović (b) Sania Mirza
(c) Dinara Safina (d) Mathalie Dechy

Q:5 Shinzo Abe who on a visit to India in recent past is the ?
(a) Prime Minister of South Korea (b) Prime Minister of North Korea
(c) Prime Minister of Japan (d) President of South Korea

Q:6 Hem Dutta who was honouredwith the prestigious Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhawana Award 2007 is a famous ?
(a) Author (b) Social activist
(c) Player (d) Film producer

Q:7 As per the recent agreement between India and one other country the Indian rupee can be easily swapped .
(a) Taka (b) Rial
(c) Kyat (d) Yen (e) Rubble

Q:8 India’s foreign exchange reserves declined sharply in recent past . What was the main reason for the same ?
(a) Heavy demand of the same by foreign tourists
(b) Import of wheat from Pakistan & South Korea
(c) Appreciation of Rupee value
(d) none of these

Q:9 In the human body which of the following stores extra blood for release when shortage occurs
(a) Liver (b) Pancreas
(c) spleen (d) none

Q:10 Historical materialism is a tenet of which one of the following political theories ?
(a) Capitalism (b) Liberalism
(c) Fascism (d) Marxism

Q:11 Gautam Budha delivered his first sermon at which one of the following places ?
(a) Kushinagar (b) Sarnath
(c) Bodh Gaya (d) none of these

Q:12 Which one of the following was fought earliest ?
(a) Battle of Ambur (b) Battle of Buxar
(c) Battle of Plassey (d) none

Q:13 How is Asafa Powell well known as ?
(a) Swimmer (b) Football player
(c) Boxer (d) 100 m sprinter

Q:14 A bus moving at a speed of 24 m / s begins to slow at a rate of 3 m/s each second . How far does it go before stopping
(a) 96 m (b) 92 m
(c) 60 m (d) 48 m

Q:15 Which one of the following is correct ?
A negatively charged glass rod always
(a) less electrons than protons (b) less electrons than neutrons
(c) less protons than electrons (d) none

Q:16 Which one of the following is correct ?
The wave length of X – rays
(a) is longer than the wavelength of sound waves
(b) is longer than the wavelength of yellow sodium light
(c) is longer than the wavelength of radio waves
(d) is of the order of 0.1 nanometer

Q:17 Which one of the following is correct ?
Electrical lines of force
(a) exist everywhere
(b) exist in the immediate vicinity of positive charge
(c) exist in the immediate vicinity of negative charge
(d) are imaginary

Q:18 Which one of the following elements is a metalloid ?
(a) P (b) Al
(c) As (d) Po

Q:19 The range of the voltmeter can be increased by connecting ?
(a) High resistance in series (b) Low resistance in series
(c) High resistance in parallel (d) none

Q:20 The lamination of a transformer are made from ?
(a) Copper (b) Mild steel
(c) Nickel alloy steel (d) Zinc – copper alloy

Q-21 Pistons of the compressor used in refrigerator are made of ?
(a) Cast iron (b) Copper
(c) Gunmetal (d) Mid Steel

Q:22 Who was the first ruler of Delhi?
(a) Noorjahan (b) Razia Begum
(c) Mirabai (d) Samyukta

Q:23 When was Guru Nanak Dev born
(a) 1469 (b) 1369
(c) 1226 (d) 1556

Q:24 The Planet which is fastest from the Sun is
(a) Uranus (b) Saturn
(c) Jupiter (d) Neptune

Q-25 The Gateway of India is in
(a) Delhi (b) Mumbai
(c) Kolkata (d) Chenai

1 (b) 2 (e) 3 (c) 4 (a) 5 (c) 6 (b) 7 (e) 8 (c) 9 (c)
10 (d) 11 (b) 12 (a) 13 (b) 14 (a) 15 (c) 16 (d) 17 (d)
18 (c) 19 (a) 20 (a) 21 (a) 22 (b) 23 (a) 24 (d) 25 (b)

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