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General English - For IBPS and SBI PO Exams

Direction (Questions 1 to 5): Pick out word with the Opposite meaning.
1. Though his view is correct his behavior was impertinent
(a) healthy
(b) respectful
(c) inadequate
(d) smooth
(e) impressive
Ans (b)

2. The commission took two years to sift through the massive collection of documents.
(a) meager
(b) heavy
(c) light
(d) short
(e) ugly
Ans (c)

3. The Minister's speech precipitated the matter.
(a) aggravate
(b) create
(c) defer
(d) push
(e) pull
Ans (c)

4. The chairman rebuked the accounts officer.
(a) received
(b) awarded
(c) invited
(d) strengthened
(e) praised
Ans (b)

5. The manager is quite tactful and handles the workers union very effectively.
(a) disciplined
(b) naive
(c) strict
(d) loose
(e) relaxed
Ans (b)

Direction (Questions 6 to 10): Pick out the word synonymous with the one in the sentence given below.
6. After the dismal show the caption resigned his job.
(a) poor
(b) sorrowful
(c) minimum
(d) short
(e) miser
Ans (a)

7. The boy gave a graphic account of the theft.
(a) picture
(b) drawing
(c) vivid
(d) broad
(e) vague
Ans (c)

8. The soldier displayed exceptional courage and saved the members of his platoon.
(a) avoidable
(b) unusual
(c) strange
(d) abnormal
(e) new
Ans (b)

9. The police officer found that the documents recovered were fabricated.
(a) prepared
(b) forged
(c) genuine
(d) historical
(e) constricted
Ans (b)

10. In spite of their efforts, they could not make much headway.
(a) progress
(b) thinking
(c) efforts
(d) starts
(e) results
Ans (a)
Fill up to blanks in the following Questions from 11 to 18 picking out from the choices.
11. Mahesh _____ me coming to his table, he smiled and ___ me a chair
(a) looked, gave
(b) welcomed, took
(c) saw, offered
(d) found, signaled
(e) met, sat
Ans (c)

12. The counter Clerk was very busy and ____ not pay any ___ to Sohan's request.
(a) did, attention
(b) had, cash
(c) could, respect
(d) can, help
(e) Certainly, acceptance
Ans (a)

13. We are ___ to have him ____ here to make this function a great success
(a) happy, arrive
(b) wonderful, again
(c) sure, come
(d) pleased, over
(e) proud, leave
Ans (d)

14. Satyam ___ another feather ___ his cap by his performance in one day match.
(a) created, by
(b) took, in
(c) captured, from
(d) kept, in
(e) added, to
Ans (e)

15. The state Govt. staff ___ threatened to launch an indefinite strike from next month to ___ their demands.
(a) have, press
(b) did, get
(c) were, meet
(d) nearly, fulfill
(e) has, press
Ans (a)
16. The speech ___ with subtle threats has resulted in ___ tension.
(a) full, escalating
(b) started, reduced
(c) followed, continuous
(d) replete, increased
(e) forced, dissolving
Ans (d)
17. By long queues and bad weather the voters__ their way to the polling stations ___ a lot.
(a) undaunted, made
(b) making, suffered
(c) encouraged, prepared
(d) going, dropped
(e) satisfied, turned
Ans (b)
18. The CM ____ the house that ____ action would be taken against all those involved in corruption.
(a) instructed, preventive
(b) called, stick
(c) assured, stringent
(d) reiterated, strictly
(e) informed, constructive
Ans (c)

Direction (Questions 19 to 25):In each of the following questions , a part of sentence is given with underline. Below each sentence, four choices numbered (a), (b), (c), (d) are given which can substitute the part of the sentence printed with underline. Find out the choice which can correctly substitute that part of the sentence. The number of that choice is the answer. If 'No correction needed' is your answer, the choice is (e).
19. He has received no other message than an urgent telegram asking him to rush village soon.
(a) asked him to rush his village
(b) asking him to have to his village
(c) asking him to rush to his village
(d) asking him rushing at his village
(e) No correction required
Ans (a)

20. We must take it granted that Anju will not come for today's function.
(a) take it for granted
(b) taking it granted
(c) took it as granted
(d) have it granted
(e) Non correction required
Ans (a)

21. I earnestly believes that you will visit our relatives during your trip to Mumbai.
(a) had hardly believe that
(b) sincerely believe
(c) certainly believing that
(d) could not believe
(e) No correction required
Ans (b)

22. The train will leave at 8.30 pm, we have been ready by 7.30 pm so that we can reach the station in time
(a) were
(b) must be
(c) are
(d) should have
(e) No correction required
Ans (b)

23. Binita unnecessarily picked up a quarrel with Sanjay and left the party.
(a) has picked up
(b) picked on
(c) picked
(d) picking up
(e) No correction required
Ans (e)

24. Raja has the guts to rise from the occasion and come out successfully.
(a) in rising from
(b) to raise with
(c) to rise against
(d) to rise to
(e) No correction required
Ans (d)

25. I need not offer any explanation, my behaviour is speaking itself.
(a) will speak to itself
(b) speaks for itself
(c) has been speaking
(d) speaks about itself
(e) No correction required
Ans (b)
Direction (Question 26 to 30): Mark the part of the sentence which has an error. If there is no error, mark 'e'.
26. Prashant could reached by now if he had gone by taxi.
(a) could reach
(b) reached
(c) should reach
(d) could have reached
(e) No correction required.
Ans (d)
27. Last year the Club has received a large donation.
(a) had received
(b) has to receive
(c) has to receive
(d) receives
(e) No correction required
Ans (a)
28. Sangita has managed to complete the work I gave her.
(a) would have managed
(b) has management
(c) had to manage
(d) has to manage
(e) No correction required.
Ans (e)

29. Venkat tries to make me change my mind but I was firm.
(a) tried
(b) trying
(c) would try
(d) had been tried
(e) No correction required
Ans (a)

30. Naveen has left when I reached his home.
(a) has to leave
(b) had left
(c) had leave
(d) leaves
(e) No correction required
Ans (b)

Direction (Question 31 to 39):Pick out the most effective words from the given words to fill in the blank to make the sentence complete.
31. Although I was doubtful, my mother was .... that I would pass.
(a) firm
(b) uncertain
(c) decided
(d) sure
(e) believed
Ans (d)

32. Satosh is .... strong to be beaten by the other wrestlers.
(a) as
(b) much
(c) so
(d) more
(e) too
Ans (e)

33. They ..... no attention to what people say about them.
(a) keep
(b) listen
(c) pay
(d) take
(e) mind
Ans (c)

34. Mukesh is not happy with his present job .... the salary is very low.
(a) although
(b) even if
(c) in spite of
(d) their
(e) as
Ans (e)

35. Neelam is intending to accompany them on .... next trip abroad
(a) her
(b) their's
(c) our
(d) their
(e) its
Ans (d)

36. Rashmi has been suffering ..... fever for the last three days.
(a) in
(b) from
(c) for
(d) with
(e) against
Ans (b)

37. Simmi got scared when the beggar stared .... her.
(a) over
(b) on
(c) about
(d) at
(e) to

38. When I saw him in torn clothes, I was ..... by surprise.
(a) taken
(b) took
(c) takes
(d) taking
(e) take
Ans (a)

39. The Cat was .... by a speeding truck.
(a) run over
(b) crossed over
(c) killed over
(d) went over
(e) moved over
Ans (a)

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