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Banking related General Awareness FOR CLERKS/PO

Banking related  General Awareness  FOR CLERKS/PO

121. With a view to strengthening economic engagement India and the 10-nation ASEAN have decided
     to ink a free trade agreement in services and investments in December 2013 in
a) Bali                  b) Vientiane                 c) Jakarta                 
      d) Phnom Penh                      e) Kuala Lumpur

122. The maiden Global Slavery Index, compiled by the Perth-based Walk Free Foundation ranking 162 countries, has ranked which of the following countries on top?
a) China                b) US                                      c) South Korea            d) India                                   e) Brazil

123.World Osteoporosis Day is observed on which of the following dates every year?
a) 18 Oct               b) 20 Oct                    c) 22 Oct                     d) 24 Oct              e) None of these

124. Which of the following financial organizations has announced to close its retail broking and depository businesses in India recently?
a) HSBC                                                              b) Standard Chartered                                   c) JP Morgan
d) Barclays                                                           e) None of these

125. India has launched its ambitious pension scheme, the Mahatma Gandhi Pravasi Suraksha Yojana, for over five million overseas workers employed in which of the following countries?
a) Saudi Arabia                b) Bahrain                   c) Kuwait                    d) Qatar                       e) UAE

126. The RBI is planning to introduce one billion pieces of currency notes in polymer or plastic on a trial basis in the denomination of
a) 5                                 b) 10              c) 20              d) 50              e) None of these

127. Which of the following teams won the 30th Indian Oil Surjit Hockey Tournament Trophy for the record 10th time recently?
a) India Oil, Delhi
b) Punjab and Sind Bank, Delhi
c) ONGC, Delhi
d) Indian Air Force, Delhi
e) Bharat Petroleum, Mumbai

128. The proposed Bangladesh-China- India-Myanmar (BCIM) economic corridor aims to connect China’s Kunming city with which of the following Indian cities with a highway running through Bangladesh and Myanmar?
a) Kolkata                        b) Guwahati  c) Dispur          d) Darjeeling               e) None of these

129. India’s ace cueist Aditya Mehta lost to who among the following in the final of the Indian Open snooker tournament after becoming the first Indian ever to reach the final of a major ranking event?
a) Robbie Williams                                  b) Ding Junhui                        c) Alan McManus 
d) Shaun Murphy                                                     e) None of these

130. Who among the following has won the Macau Open squash women’s singles title recently?
a) Rachel Grinham                                               b) DipikaPallikal                     c) Nicol David 
d) Natalie Grinham                                              e) None of these

131. The Banking Ombudsman is a senior official tasked with redressing customer complaints against deficiency in certain banking services and is appointed by the
a) Reserve Bank of India
b) Ministry of Finance
c) Indian Bank’s Association
d) High Court of each state
e) None of these

132. India Post has joined hands with which of the following exchanges to offer international electronic money transfer?
a) Wall Street Exchange
b) UAE Exchange
c) Xpress Money Services Ltd
d) Economic Exchange Centre
e) None of these

133. The Union Govt has decided to bring which of the following across India under the core banking solution system to cover more people from rural areas?
a) Microfinance institutions
b) Post offices
c) Co- operative societies
d) NBFCs
e) None of these

134. Apollo Tyres of India has lost a bid for dismissal of Cooper Tire’s lawsuit seeking to force a $2.5-bn takeover by the former.  Cooper Tire is based in
a) UK                    b) US              c) France                     d) Germany                 e) None of these

135. The United Nations has elected five new non-permanent members to the Security Council recently.  Which of the following countries is not among these five countries?
a) Iraq                  b) Chile           c) Nigeria             d) Chad                  e) Saudi Arabia

136. The ambitious National Food Security Act of India aims to provide subsidized food grain to what per cent of the total population of the country?
a)33 per cent                     b) 45 per cent  ) 67 per cent  d) 74 per cent             
 e) None of these

137. Who among the following has been appointed the new chairman of the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission ( CERC)?
a) Aftab Alam                              b) Rahul Khullar                                 c) Swatanter Kumar
 d) Gireesh B Pradhan                 e) None of these

138. Who among the following has been given the first Yash Chopra Memorial Award recently?
a) Amitabh Bachchan                  b) Shyam Benegal                               c) Lata Mangeshkar 
d) Dilip Kumar                                 e) None of these

139. As announced by the Union Rural Development Minister Jairam Ramesh, which of the following states would be the biggest beneficiary of the National Food Security Act (NFSA)?
a) Odisha                          b) Bihar          c) Jharkhand                d) Uttarakhand         
  e) None of these

140. The newly launched A4AI group aims to drive down the cost of broadband Internet access in developing countries.  The term A4AI stands for
a) Alliance for Alternative Internet
b) Alliance for advance Internet
c) Alliance for accredited Internet
d) Alliance for Affordable Internet
e) None of these

141. As per the recently released data by the telecom regulator TRAI, what is the telecom subscriber base in India at present?
a) 85.11 cr                        b) 90.44 cr                   c) 102 cr                      d) 104 cr                      e) None of these

142.What is the current Marginal Standing Facility (MSF) rate after the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) reduced it by 25 bps recently (29 Oct 2013)?
a) 8.50 per cent    b) 8.75 per cent           c) 9.00 per cent          
d) 2.25 per cent    e) None of these

143. The Maven mission of the US space agency NASA is aimed to explore which of the following planets?
a) Mercury                       b) Jupiter          c) Mars                       d) Venus                      e) None of these

144. After the introduction of a negative list for comprehensive taxation of services sector in Jul 2012 the govt has power to tax all services, except the _______ services included in the list.
a) 19                                 b) 11                c) 13                           
d) 17                                e) None of these

145. Which of the following will not be considered a valid proof of identity while opening an account with a bank?
a) PAN Card                                             b) Driving Licence                 c) Electricity Bill
d) Voter ID                                              e) None of these

146. The Supreme Court has ruled that in the case of bounced cheques, courts cannot impose a fine of more than ______ the amount.
a) Twice                           b) Thrice         c) Four times  d) Five times  e) None of these

147. The Police Commemoration Day is observed on which of the following dates every year to mark the martyrdom of police personnel killed at Hot Springs in Ladakh in 1959 while thwarting a Chinese attack?
a) 20 Oct                           b) 21 Oct         c) 22 Oct                   
d) 25 Oct                         e) None of these

148. Which of the following countries hosted the 5th South Asian Conference on Sanitation (SACOSAN) recently?
a) Nepal                b) Bangladesh            c) Sri Lanka                
d) Myanmar                     e) None of these
149. India has signed a border defence cooperation agreement with which of the following countries recently?
a) Pakistan            b) China                     c) Bangladesh              
d) Myanmar                      e) None of these

150. The Civil Aviation Minister Ajit Singh inaugurated India’s tallest Air Traffic Control (ATC) tower at which of the following International Airports recently?
a) Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport
b) Indira Gandhi International Airport
c) Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport
d) Rajiv Gandhi International Airport
e) None of these

151. The Cabinet has cleared the proposal for construction of a 15-km tunnel at Zojila pass involving investment of 9,090 cr to ensure undisrupted round-the –year connectivity.  The tunnel will be constructed in
a) Sikkim              b) Assam        c) Himachal Pradesh 
     d) Jammu and Kashmir  e) None of these

152. Which of the following Indian women has been ranked fourth on the Fortune’s women business
     leaders list for 2013?
a) Naina Lal Kidwai                                 b) Shikha Sharma                   c) Chitra Ramkrishna 
d) Chanda Kochhar                                  e) None of these

153. The Rural Infrastructure Development Fund (RIDF) is maintained by which of the following banks?
a) Reserve Bank of India                        b) State Bank of India                        c) NABARD
d) Central Bank of India                         e) None of these

154. According to the latest report on gender equality issued by the World Economic Forum (WEF) recently, India stands at which of the following positions among 136 nations?
a) 132                   b) 121                          c) 101                         
d) 92                    e) None of these

155. Malaysian telecom major Maxis Berhad has pumped in more than 6000 cr into the Indian firm in which it owns a 74 per cent equity stake.  Name the wireless telephone operator in which it owns the stake.
a) MTS                             b) Aircel                      c) Videocon                  
d) Uninor                          e) None of these

156. The BCCI decided to terminate which of the following teams, leaving the IPL an eight-term affair for the time being?
a) Chennai Super Kings                           b) Pune Warriors                     c) Rajasthan Royals
d) Sunrisers Hyderabad                           e) None of these

157.Who among the following has authored the book titled Bankerupt?
a) Ravi Subramaniam                              b) Anees Salime                      c) Sumati Bagrath 
d) Husain Haqqani                                  e) None of these

158. Who among the following has won the Indian Grand Prix Formula One championships recently?
a) Fernando Alonso                                 b) Leis Hamilton                     c) Sebastian Vettel 
d) Mark Webber                                                  e) None of these

159. The St Jude Storm, which left thousands of homes without power and hundreds of flights grounded, hit which of the following countries recently?
a) US                   b) China                     c) Britain                    
d) Japan               e) None of these

160. Rajendra Yadav, who passed away recently, was a
a) Music director                          b) Renowned Hindi writer                 c) Environmentalist 
d) Cartoonist                                e) None of these

121.a  122.d   123.b    124.a              125.e    126.b 127.b   128.a              129.b  130.b 
131.a  132.a  133.b    134.b    135.a   136.c  137.d    138.c  139.b  140.d
 141.b  142.b  143.c   144.d    145.c   146.a  147.b               148.a    149.b             150.c 

151.d    152.d  153.c    154.c    155.b   156.b             157.a    158.c    159.c  160.b  

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