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People see Economy, Politicians promising betterment.

What to ask more when The whole India is set to decide a new government which can be more steady, which can give stable growth to the Indian Economy.

I hope it will be the first election where Economics takes the major role.

India has growing for more than 6 decades from Independence, and still to reach a major deciding Economy of the world. Seeing closer most of the moves made by the Parties in this election is to counter attack the opposite's economic views.

Being served as politicians, They were know the heart beat of the Country. (They should have), But it is time to see the roots of the economy of India. It is no where close to the developed Economies.

Chidambaram says Modi's business is crony capitalism; Modi says he would surpass the growth rate multiple times of what Congress did.

The matter is not about who knows better Economy, It is only about who knows the people better, I can only do what I m capable of, A leader should know what is to be extracted from where.?

It is very hard to see such leaders, India is definitely has produced lot of leaders who have changed the face of the nation. Hoping it will give more soon.

Atleast in my lifetime I want to see India as a grown country that rules the World economics. After all being a normal citizen I only know to dream, and don't know how it can be done. If I would have know that, I ll not be wasting my time on expressing my dream on this blog.

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