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Banking related general awareness -- J one 14

 General awareness
(with Special Reference to Banking Industry)

141.Consider the following with respect to the recent path breaking verdict of the Supreme Court (SC) about the functioning of bureaucrats:
(A) The SC suggested that Parliament must enact a law to regulate postings, transfers and disciplinary action against bureaucrats.
(B) The civil servants should not act on verbal orders given by political executives and all actions must be taken by them on the basis of written communication.
(C) It asked the Centre and all State govts along with Union Territories to issue directions within three months for providing fixed tenure to civil servants.
(D) The bench has suggested constituting Civil Services Board at the centre and State-levels.
Which of the above statements is/are correct in the context of the recent verdict?
a) All the above                           b) Only (A) and (B)               c) Only (B) and (C)
d) Only (A), (B) and (C)             e) Only (B), (C), and (D)

142.The book vanity Bagh has been authored by
a) Anees Salim                              b) Husain Haqqani                 c) Sumati Bagrath
d) Kaveri Ponappa                                   e) None of these

143.The four Public Sector Enterprises have been awarded the Turnaround Awards for 2013 by the Board for Reconstruction of Public Sector Enterprises (BRPSE) recently.  Which of the following PSUs in not among them?
a) SAIL Refractory Unit
b) National Project Construction Corporation Limited
c) National Film Development Corporation Limited
d) Bharat Coking Coal Limited
d) Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited

144.Which of the following countries has emerged as the most attractive investment destination in the world in a global survey of leading consultancy firm EY recently?
a) US                   b) China                      c) Indonesia               d) India                       e) South Africa

145.The panel headed by who among the following has suggested that diesel prices should be hiked by 5 per litre, kerosene by 4 per litre and cooking gas (LPG) rated by 250 per cylinder immediately to cut fuel subsidy bill by 72,000 cr?
a) K Kasturirangan                                  b) Kirit S Parikh                                 c) Abhijit Sen
d) Narendra jadhav                                  e) B K Chaturvedi

146. Which of the districts in Kerala has become the first district in the country where every family owns a piece of land?
a) Kozhikode                   b) Kottayam  c) Kannur                    d) Kollam        e) Kasargod

147. Name the Indian who has been elected to the United Nation Board of Auditors, garnering the largest number of votes among contenders.
a) Prashant Bhushan                    b) N Gopalaswami                  c) Vinod Rai
d) Shashi Kant Sharma                e) None of these

148.The Supreme Court upheld the appointment of UK Sinha as the chairman of which of the following regulators recently?
a) IRDA                            b) PFRDA          c) CERC                 d) SEBI                      e) None of these

149. Which of the following cities has got the world’s first publicly accessible ATM machine which can exchange digital currency, bitcoins, for any official currency?
a) Toronto                        b) London           c) New York             d) Vancouver e) None of these

150.India and which of the following countries has signed a treaty for transfer of sentenced prisoners languishing in jails in the two countries?
a) Chile                            b) Cuba                      c) Vietnam    d) Croatia               e) None of these

151.Yuki Bhambri is associated with which of the following games?
a) Hockey                         b) Squash                   c) Tennis            d) Badminton            e) None of these

152.Who among the following has won the 2013 Singapore Grand Prix Formula One Championship recently?
a) Sebastian Vettel                                   b) Lewis Hamilton                  c) Mark Webber
 d) Fernando Alonso                          e) None of these

153.The country’s first all-women bank Bharatiya Mahila Bank was launched on 19 Nov, which is the birth anniversary of
a) Indira Gandhi                           b) Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit                    c) Annie Besant 
d) Sarojini Naidu                                      e) None of these

154. As per the reports published in the financial newspapers recently, India’s core sector grew by 8 per cent in the month of September, highest in last 11 months.  Which of the following is not included in the eight core sector industries?
a) Cement             b) Automobiles           c) Electricity production         d) Steel                        e) Crude oil

155.The four-member advisory committee set up by the Reserve Bank of India to vet the new bank licence applications is expected to complete the process in early 2014.  Who among the following is heading the committee?
a) Bimal Jalan                              b) Nachiket Mor                                  c) D Subbarao
d) C Rangarajan              e) Y Venugopal Reddy

156.Consider the following statements with respect to the recently launched India’s first Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM).
(A)    It was launched from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota.
(B)     India’s indigenous launch vehicle PSLV C25 carried the MOM.
(C)     After launch, the satellite is expected to go around the Earth for 20-25 days, before embarking on a nine-month voyage to the red planet.
(D)    India’s 1000-cr MOM mission is the third in the world, after the US and Russia.
Which of the above statements is/are correct?
a)Only (A) and (B)                       b) Only (B) and (C)               c) Only (A), (B) and (C)
 d) Only (B), (C) and (D)              e) All (A), (B), (C) and (D)

157.Which of the following terrorists, the head of Pakistan Taliban, was killed recently in the drone attack by the US in Pakistan?
a) Abu Anas al-Libi                                 b) Hafiz Muhammad Saeed
c) Hakimullah Mehsud                 d) Khan Syed Mehsud                                               e) None of these

158. Which of the following Indian batsmen scored a double century, only third in the ODIs till date, in the recently concluded India-Australia ODI series?
a) Virat Kohli                                    b) Mahendra Singh Dhoni                                     c) Rohit Sharma
d) Shikhar Dhawan                     e) None of these

159. Nirupama Rao bid farewell to her diplomatic career recently.  She last served as India’s envoy to which of the following countries?
a) US                               b) Sri Lanka  c) China                       d) Brazil                      e) None of these

160.In which of the following countries have 152 soldiers been sentenced to death for 2009 mutiny in one of the world’s biggest-ever mass criminal trials recently?
a) Sri Lanka                      b) Egypt              c) Bangladesh        d) Indonesia    e) None of these

161. Indian soldiers participated in a 10-day anti-terror exercise codenamed ‘Hand-in-Hand 2013’ with the soldiers of which of the following countries recently?
a) US                               b) Russia                    c) Israel                                   d) China                      e) None of these

162.A new rule brought in by the ICC in the ODI matches made ways for huge individual and team scores in the recently concluded India-Australia series.  What is the rule?
a) Having five fielders inside the circle at any point of time.
b) Having five fielders outside the circle at any point of time.
c) Having four fielders inside the circle at any point of time.
d) Having four fielders outside the circle at any point of time.
e) None of these

163.What is the term used for the goods that are used in producing other goods, rather than being bought by consumers?
a) White goods                                        b) Brown Goods                                c) Capital Goods
d) Utility goods                            e) None of these

164. Consider the following with respect to RBIs decision to allow foreign banks to buy local lenders:
(A)    The RBI has proposed wholly-owned subsidiary route for foreign banks, as compared to existing branch model.
(B)     Currently, foreign investors can hold up to 100% of a bank’s stake both through foreign direct investment as well as portfolio investment, but no single entity can own more than 5% stake in a local bank.
(C)     The initial minimum paid-up voting equity capital for a wholly-owned subsidiary is pegged at 500 crore for new entrants.
(D)    The priority sector lending requirement is kept at par with domestic banks, which is 40 % of net adjusted bank credit (of previous year).
Which of the above statements is/are correct?
a)All the above                                        b) Only (A) and (C)                            c) Only (B) and (D)
 d) Only (A), (C) and (D)                         e) Only (B), (C) and (D)

165.Consider the following with respect to the govt’s approval for the launch of a new Integrated Processing Development Scheme (IPDS) for textile Sector.
(A)    The scheme has been launched to address the environmental concerns faced by textile units.
(B)     The scheme has been launched with a total cost of 1000 crore in the 12th plan.
(C)     Under the scheme, four to six brownfield projects and three to five greenfield projects would be set up.
Which of the above is NOT correct in this regard”?
a)      Only (A)        b) Only (B)     c) Only (C)     d) Bothe (A) and (B)              e) None of these

166.As per the figure released by the Union ministry of communication and information technology, which of the following states in India has the lowest overall teledensity in the country (just 34. 33)?
a) Bihar                b) West Bengal            c) Uttar Pradesh          d) Odisha        e) None of these

167.Which of the following is the first country in South Asia to approve the cultivation of genetically modified food crops with approving the commercial cultivation to transgenic Bt brinjal?
a) India                b) Bangladesh             c) Pakistan           d) Myanmar            e) None of these

168.The Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) has got its first female managing director (MD) recently.  Who is she?
a) Vinita Bali                               b) Usha Ananthasubramainan                         c) Usha Sangawan
d) Usha Thorat                e) None of these
169.The Parliament of which of the following counties has passed a new anti-terror bill that toughens punishment for terrorism and requires terrorists relatives to pay for the damages caused in attacks?
a) France              b) UK              c) Australia                  d) Russia         e) None of these

170.Which of the following countries has created a Social Happiness ministry in an attempt to coordinate all the programmes created to alleviate poverty?
a) Venezuela                    b) Bhutan             c) Cuba                        d) Norway e) Spain

171.Six major central banks have announced to convert their “temporary bilateral liquidity swap arrangement” into standing arrangements to deal with future global financial strains.  Which of the following banks is NOT among them?
a) Bank of England                     b) European Central Bank      c) US Federal Reserve
d) Reserve Bank of India            e) The Bank of Japan

172. India suspended a two- decade-old tax benefits pact with which of the following countries recently, saying the European nation has “not been providing” information to authorities here that are trying to track down black money?
a) Croatia             b) Cyprus                    c) Belgium                  d) Austria       e) None of these

173.Which of the following is correct with respect to the recent policy review ( 29 Oct 2013) of the RBI?
a) It allowed banks to pay interest on fixed deposits and bank accounts on a monthly or fortnightly basis not mandatory.
b) The RBI is in process to make the inflation index linked to the consumer price inflation (CPI).
c) The RBI advised the banks not to levy charges on SMS alert.
d) All the above
e) Only a) and b)

174.What is India’s current ranking in the list of 189 countries in the ease-of-doing-business report released by the World Bank recently?
a) 85                     b) 110             c) 130              d) 134                         e) None of these

175. India has developed a new tactical missile named ‘Pragati’ with a range of 60-170 km.  The missile will be offered to friendly countries and was on display at a defence exhibition in South Korea recently.  It is a
a) Surface-to-air missile
b) Surface-to-surface missile
c) Air-to-surface missile
d) Air-to-air missile
e) None of these

176.What is the current repo rate after the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) raised it by 25 bps recently (29 Oct 2013)?
a) 7.00 per cent    b) 7.25 per cent           c) 7.50 per cent           d) 7.75 per cent           e) None of these

177.The US govt is likely to slap a fine of $35 million (219 crore) on which of the following Indian information technology companies over charges of inappropriate use of visitor visa for business purposes?
a) Wipro                           b) Infosys                    c) Tech Mahindra                    d) TCS                        e) None of these

178. The Shyamal Sen Commission probing the collapse of the Saradha collective investment scheme controversy has put the size of the scam at __________
a) 1,200 crore                             b) 1,620 crore                                    c) 2,060 crore                       
d) 2,206 crore                            e) None of these

179. Which of the following telecommunication companies is in process to raise its 64 per cent equity stake in its Indian unit to 100 per cent investing 10,141 cr?
a) Sing Tel                        b) Sistema                  c) Maxis                                       d) Vodafone           e) None of these

180. The United Nations General Assembly, for the 22nd year in a row, has voted overwhelmingly to condemn the US economic embargo against _________ recently.
a) Venezuela               b) Cambodia               c) Cuba                        d) Croatia                   e) None of these

141.a     142.a    143.e              144.d    145.b     146.c  147.d  148.d    149.d    150.c 

151.c    152.a   153.a              154.b  155.a  156.c  157.c    158.c  159.a 160.c

  161.d  162.a    163.c              164.d  165.b  166.c    167.b    168.c       169.d  170.a  

171.d  172.b   173.e   174.d     175.b  176.d   177.b   178.c               179.d   180.c  

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