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General Awareness (with Special Reference to Banking Industry) --IBPS PO/CLERKS/LIC AAO/SSC 250916

General Awareness
(with Special Reference to Banking Industry)
121.     Who among the following has been elected Chairman of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)?
a) Terry McGraw        b) Sunil Bharti Mittal                         c) Ravi Ruia
d) John Denton           e) Azim Premji
122.     SK Roy resigned as the head of which of the following state-run insurance firms recently?
a) GIC of India            b) National Insurance Co       c) Oriental Insurance Co
d) LIC of India            e) United India Insurance
123.     Tata Group forayed into e-commerce sector recently with the launch of
a) Tata Physital          b) Tata CLiQ              c) Tata Virtual           
d) Tata Internet           e) Tata Online
124.     What does the letter '0' stand for in the term NRO?
a) Ordinary     b) Outside       c) Overseas     d) Order          e) Organisation
125.     The SRI and CaixaBank have signed an MoA to expand their guarantee transaction businesses. CaixaBank is based in
a) Spain           b) France         c) Germany     d) Turkey        e) Sweden
126.     Which of the following has became the first Union Territory (UT) to sign "24x7 Power for All" document recently?
a) Pondicherry            b) Daman and Diu      c) Chandigarh                        
d) Lakshadweep          e) Andaman and Nicobar
127.     Who won the 2016 Monaco Grand Prix F1 championship?
a) Lewis Hamilton                  b) Kimi Raikkonen                 c) Fernando Alonso
d) Sebastian Vettel                 e) Nico Rosberg
128.     Keshari Nath Tripathi is the present governor of
a) West Bengal           b) Uttar Pradesh         c) Assam         d) Madhya Pradesh
e) Rajasthan
129.     The headquarters of the insurance regulator IRDA is located in
a) Bengaluru   b) Chennai      c) Hyderabad d) Mumbai      e) Kolkata
130.     Which bank has launched Bengaluru's first ATM that accepts Aadhaar number and Aadhaar fingerprint (biometric)?
a) RBI Bank    b) RBS Bank   c) DCB Bank d) Federal Bank          e) Yes Bank
131.     Which of the following teams clinched the Federation Cup 2016 title?
a) Sporting Clube de Goa       b) Bengaluru FC         c)Aizawl FC
d) MohunBagan                      e) Atletico de Kolkata
132.     Who among the following has been elected as the 34th President of the cricket body BCCI?
a) Sunil Gavaskar                   b) Ajay Shirke            c) CK Khanna            
d) ShashankManohar              e) Anurag Thakur
133.     Which of the following is a term used in banking finance?
a) Galaxy        b) Weibo         c) Factoring    d) Chopper      e) Forensic
134.     The Union Cabinet has approved the takeover by State Bank of India (SBI) of its five associate banks and
a) Bank of India                      b) Indian Bank                        c) Dena Bank             
d) Vijaya Bank                       e) Bharatiya Mahila Bank
135.     The Centre recently announced an increase in the MSP for pulses for the upcoming kharif season. The term MSP stands for
a) Maximum Support Prices              b) Minimum Support Prices
c) Minimum State Prices                   d) Maximum State Prices
e) Other than those given as options
136.     The first World Conference on Tourism for Development (WCTD) was held recently in Beijing in association with UNWTO, which is headquartered in
a) Ankara        b) Madrid        c) Zurich         d) Stockholm              e) Oslo
137.     Seema Punia, who qualified for the 2016 Rio Olympics recently, is an Indian
a) Boxer          b) Discus thrower       c) Archer         d) Shot putter             
e) Wrestler
138.     The trial run of the nine-coach Talgo train was conducted on the Bareilly-Moradabad route recently. Talgo train technology belongs to
a) France         b) Japan          c) Germany     d) Spain          e) Sweden
139.     A negotiable instrument can be transferred from one owner to another how many times till its maturity?
a) Only once               b) Twice          c) Five times               d) 10 times
e) Any number of times
140.     What is the internationally agreed date for the full implementation of Basel III norms?
a) Jan 1, 2018             b) Mar 31, 2018          c) Jan 1, 2019            
d) Mar 31, 2019          e) Apr 1, 2019
141.     The Committee headed by TSR Subramanian submitted its report recently on
a) New Education Policy                    b) Defence Procurement Policy
c) New Foreign Policy                       d) Merger of public sector banks
e) Other than those given as options
142.     Which of the following is NOT correct about India's current rankings?
a) Good Country Index 2015 — 70th
b) Global Competitiveness Ranking — 41st
c) 2016 Global Retail Development Index — 2nd
d) Global Peace Index 2016 —141st
e) 2016 Malware Infection Index — 1st
143.     Peter Thomson has been elected as the President of 71st session of United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). He is a diplomat from
a) Mauritius    b) Kenya         c) Fiji d) South Africa           e) Namibia
144.     What is the marginal standing facility (MSF) rate as of now?
a) 6 per cent                b) 6.5 per cent             c) 7 per cent    d) 7.25 per cent
e) 7.5 per cent
145.     The Central Office of the RBI was established in which city? It which was shifted to Bombay (now Mumbai) in 1937.
a) Madras (now Chennai)       b) Calcutta (now Kolkata)      c) Pune           
d) New Delhi                          e) Hyderabad
146.     Who among the following was conferred the Lifetime achievement award at the CEAT Cricket Awards 2015-16?
a) Ravi Shastri                        b) Mohinder Amarnath          c) Kapil Dev
d) Sunil Gavaskar                   e) Dilip Vengsarkar
147.     Which of the following states celebrates its statehood day on 2 Jun?
a) Chhattisgarh           b) Jharkhand               c) Uttarakhand            e) Telangana
e) Sikkim
148.     India and Morocco have launched the India-Morocco Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IMCCI). The capital city of Morocco is
a) Abuja          b) Bamako      c) Rabat          d) Tripoli        e) Algiers
149.     The SBI General Insurance Company Ltd is a joint venture between the State Bank of India and
a) AIA Group                                      b) Zurich Insurance                c) MetLife     
d) Insurance Australia Group                         e) American International Group
150.     "The Name You Can Bank Upon" is the tagline of
a) Canara Bank                       b) Bank of Baroda                  c) Dena Bank
d) Central Bank of India         e) Punjab National Bank
151.     Who among the following has been appointed as the new Finance Secretary by the Central Govt?
a) Hasmukh Adhia                  b) Rajiv Mehrishi                   c) Shaktikanta Das
d) RatanWatal                        e) Ashok Lavasa
152.     Who among the following has won the prestigious 2016 PEN Pinter Prize?
a) Margaret Atwood               b) Barbara Kingsolver            c) Salman Rushdie
d) Toni Morrison                    e) Alice Munro
153.     In Mandla district of which state, 3,049 people performed 'Karma Naach' dance to create a Guinness book of world records recently?
a) Rajasthan                b) Gujarat       c) Madhya Pradesh     d) Karnataka
e) Maharashtra
154.     What are the targets for domestic scheduled commercial banks and foreign banks with 20 branches and above for agriculture sector under priority lending norms?
a) 7 per cent    b) 8 per cent    c) 10 per cent d) 18 per cent e) 40 per cent
155.     What is the currency of Vietnam?
a) Vietnamese dong                b) Vietnamese dollar              c) Vietnamese pound
d) Vietnamese krona              e) Vietnamese dinar
156.     The EEFC is an account maintained in foreign currency with an authorised dealer, i.e. a bank dealing in foreign exchange. EEFC means
a) External Earners' Foreign Currency Account
b) External Exchange Foreign Currency Account
c) Exchange Earners' Foreign Currency Account
d) Exclusive Exchange Foreign Currency Account
e) Other than those given as options
157.     World Environment Day (WED) is observed every year on
a) 1 Jun           b) 3 Jun           c) 5 Jun           d) 6 Jun           e) 7 Jun
158.     Muhammad Ali, who passed away recently, was an iconic player of
a) baseball      b) basketball   c) hockey        d) boxing        e) wrestling
159.     Which of the following is India's first state to have an open govt data portal?
a) West Bengal           b) Goa                         c) Delhi           d) Sikkim       
e) Maharashtra
160.     Which of the following is the first country in the world to prohibit deforestation?

a) Sweden       b) Denmark     c) Norway       d) Cuba           e) Austria 

121. b              122. d              123. b              124. a              125. a 
126. d              127. a              128. a              129. c              130. c
131. d              132. e              133. c              134. e              135. b 
136. b              137. b              138. d              139. e              140. d
141. a              142. e              143. c              144. c              145. b 
146. e              147. d              148. c              149. d              150. e
151. e              152. a              153. c              154. d              155. a 
156. c              157. c              158. d              159. d              160. c

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