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1.      As per 4th Advance Estimates of Foodgrains for the year 2015-16, the total foodgrain production has been estimated at
a)  256-32 MT          b)    252.22MT        c)     251.86MT       d)   250.22MT

2.      Which of the following crops registered more production  in 2015-16  as compared to that of 2014-15?
a)   Coarse Cereals      b)   Pulses      c)   Oilseeds     d)   None of the above

3.      In which of the following year, did India register maximum production of foodgrains?
a)  2011-12          b)    2012-13        c)     2013-2014       d)   2014-15

4.      Which of the following key rates was revised by RBI in its Monetary Policy Review on August 9, 2016?
a)  Bank Rate    b)  Marginal Standing Facility  c)   Repo Rate   d)  None of the above

5.      After Monetary Policy Review by RBI on August 9, 2016, Statutory Liqudity  Ratio (SLR) stands at ---
a)  20.5%                 b)  21.0%           c)   21.25%         d)     21.5%
6.      Who is the Chairman of Island Development Authority?
a)  President   b)   Prime Minister   c)   Finance Minister  d)  Minister of Environment

7.      In the year 2016, `Earth Over Shoot Day’ was observed on
a)  12th August           b)    10th August      c)  8th August        d)   6th August

8.      September 1 is the foundation day of ------
a)  SIDBI           b)   SBI           c)   LIC            d)   NABARD

9.      During 2015-16, which of the following crops registered better production as compared to that of 2014-15?
a)  Wheat             b)   Rice            c)    Pulses            d)    Coarse Cereals

10.  India’s rank in Global Innovation Index 2016 (Estimated by World Intellectual Property Organisation) stood at
a)   66th              b)   75th          c)    80th          d)     84th

11.  Which of the following taxes will not be merged in newly proposed GST (Goods and Service Tax)?
a)  Custom Duty         b)  Corporate Tax       c)   Excise Duty     d)   Service Tax

12.  A `GST Council’ has been constituted for taking related decisions on GST.  Who is the chairman of it?
a)  Finance Minister        b)  Prime Minister     c)   Deputy Chairman of NITI Aayog    d)  Commerce Minister

13.  Uttar Pradesh makes maximum production of wheat in the country but the maximum per hectare productivity of wheat per hectare productivity of wheat exists in
a)   Haryana      b)    Rajasthan      c)    Madhya   Pradesh     d)   Punjab

14.  At present (after April 4, 2016) what is the difference between Repo Rate and Bank Rate?
a)   25 bps            b)   50 bps          c)   75 bps         d)   100 bps
15.  As per RBI guidelines for establishing new universal Bank, what percentage of new branches has to be opened in non-banking villages?
a)  10%        b)    20%        c)    25%        d)    one-third of total

16.  Which state became the first state to ratify GST Bill?
a)  Assam            b)   Rajasthan          c)   Madhya Pradesh         d)   Sikkim

17.  Which of the following nations topped the 2016 Global Innovation Index?
a)  Ireland             b)   Switzerland       c)   Sweden      d)   United Kingdom

18.  What is the share of natural gas in the fuel basket of the nation?
a)   about 7%       b)   about 12%       c)   about 15%      d)    about 18%

19.  The term `carried interest’   is most often used in the context of---
a)  Mutual Funds      b)   Small Savings Scheme      c)   Fixed Deposits  
d)   Private Equity Fund

20.  The official name of  GST Bill is
a)  The Constitution (121st Amendment) Bill 2014
b) The Constitution  (121st Amendment) Bill 2015
c) The Constitution (122nd Amendment) Bill 2014
d) The Constitution (122nd Amendment) Bill 2015

21.  The proposed date of implementing GST is
a)   January 1, 2017     b)   April 1, 2017    c)   January 1, 2018    d)   April 1, 2018

22.  During Q1 of 2016-17, the trade deficit in India stood at
a)  $ 18627  million     b)  $ 18923 million   c)   $  19234  million   d)  $ 20134

23.  In US $ terms, what is the export growth rate of Indian exports during Q1 of 2015-16?
a)  -  2.1%       b)   - 3.4%       c)   - 4.2%        d)    - 4.6%

24.  For how many years, Central government will compensate the loss of State Governments due to GST?
a)  3 years         b)  4 years        c)   5 years     d)  No compensation

25.  Which of the following days has been declared as `National Hand-loom Day’ by the Government?
a)  August 1       b)   August 7       c)   August 17       d)  August 23


1.  (b)    2.    (d)      3.     (c)      4.     (d)    5.    (b)      6.     (b)       7.    (c)       8.    (c)    9.     (a)     

10.  (a)      11.      (b)        12   (a)      13.    (d)      14.     (b)     15.    (c)     16.  (a)    17.   (b)

18.     (a)       19.     (d)         20.   (c)     21.    (b)     22.      (c)      23.    (a)     24.   (c)    25   (b)

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