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Question asked in ibps po mains 2016 exam--------
1.In EFTPOS, E stands for? Electronic (Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale)
2.Khaliko Pul was CM of? Arunachal Pradesh
3.According to RBI annual report, what is near-report gross value added (GVA) for 2016-17? 7.6%
4.Author of ‘One Indian Girl’? Chetan Bhagan
5.Bhavanisagar dam in which state? Tamil Nadu
6.Venue of NATO Summit 2017? Belgium (Brussels)
7.Dalai Lama has been given the honorary citizenship of which city of Italy? Milan
8.First International Conference on Voter Education held where? New Delhi , India
9.Ratan Watal Committee set up for what? Digital payments
10.Corporation Bank Headquarter? Mangalore
11.CRR is to control what in economy?
12.BSDBA withdrawal and transfer limit? Rs10,000 in a month 
13.Grama Vidiyal Microfinance acquired by? IDFC Bank
14.What is not true about Payment Bank?
15.One questions about Small Finance Bank
16.One question asked from MIPS
17.Indravati national park in which state? Chhattisgarh
18.Rs 10,000 currency notes were introduced in 1938. They were demonetized in year? 1978
19.Bermuda triangle in which ocean? North Atlantic Ocean
20.Antiwerp Diamond Bank headquartered in? Belgium 
21.Haima typhoon hit Guangdong province of? China
22.In a bid to boost growth in economy, Govt gave 22915 cr for recapitalization of 13 PSBs. Banks lending capacity restricted by weak capitalization and _____?
23.The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on 6 October 2016 released the Report of the Internal Working Group (IWG) on Rationalisation of Branch Authorisation Policy. The Group is chaired by? Lily Vadera
24.Which of these banks is not regulated by RBI? State Bank of Sikkim
25.Nobel Prize 2016 given to Oliver Hart and Bengt Holstein in which field of Economics? Contract Theory
26.In Monetary Policy committee how many members are appointed by RBI? 3 (other 3 by Govt.)
27.Sheikh Zayed Stadium? Abu Dhabi, UAE
28.OPEC headquarter? Vienna, Austria
29.Joint Military Exercise of India & China named as Sino India Corporation 2016 held in? Ladakh
30.Currency risk is a type of?
31.Nassau is the capital of? Commonwealth of the Bahamas
32.Peoples Resurgence Justice Alliance (PRJA) party launched by? Irom Sharmila
33.Marginal Cost of Funds based Lending Rate (MCLR) effective from? April 1, 2016
34.MasterCard’s new program in Europe, authentication by? Selfies
35.Bharat Bill Payment System Capital?
36.Some question about Export Financing?
37.Which option is wrong about Mobile Money Identifier (MMID)? 10 digit number (is is 7 digit number)

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