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1.      Recession in technical terms is a situation under which an economy experiences negative growth rate for ……….. quarters
a)  Two          b)  Three       c)   Four        d)     Five

2.      Which of  the following statements is incorrect about Sukuk bond?
a)  It offers the investor partial ownership in the asset
b)  The face value of the bond is based on the issuer’s credit worthness
c)  Investors partake in the profits/ losses from the underlying asset
d) The underlying asset must be Sharia-complaint

3.      United Nations Headquarters’ building had been constructed on the land donated by famous businessman and philanthropist
a)  Andrew Carnegie      b)   J.P. Morgan    c)  John Rockefeller     d)   Paul Mellon

4.      `Mission Bhagiratha’ is a water supply project of
a)  Uttar Pradesh      b)   Uttarakhand     c)   Telangana       d)   Bihar

5.      Consider the following facts about `Mission Bhagiratha’ and choose the correct code given below:
I)  It is a drinking water supply project of Central Government
II) It is pet project of Telangana for creating a water grid for supply drinking water to houses.
III) It aims to rejuvenate more than 45,000 water tanks
IV) The project will draw water from Godavari about 250 km away, will supply water to about 66,000 people in Gajwel.

The correct code is
a)  I and II are correct       b)   II and III are correct   c)  III and IV are correct
d)  All are correct

6.      Interest rates in the country matter to common man as a -----
a)  Saver, investor, consumer and borrower
b) Agriculturist, manufacturer, service provider and tax payer
c) Tax payer, investor, producer and consumer
d) Consumer, Producer, market intermediary

7.      Monetary and credit policy in India has so far been based on
a)  Cafeteria Approach                  b)   Multiple Indicator Approach  
c)  Investor friendly approach        d)  Consumer friendly approach

8.      Which of the following statements supports the `Helicopter Money’ Concept?
a)  It is used to lift the economy out of a slump
b)  It is a currency with steeply decreasing value
c)  Money spent for the development of aviation sector
d)  Demand for money by high valued customers

9.      The concept of `Helicopter Money’ was given by -------
a)  J.M.  Keynse        b)   Milton Friedman     c)  Pigue       d)   Robertson

10.  As much as 100 per cent foreign investment can come into financial services under the automatic route, if these services are regulated by
I)  The Reserve Bank of India 
II) The Securities and Exchange Board of India
III) The Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority
IV) The Insurance Regulatory and development Authority.

The correct code is
a)  Only I is correct        b)   II and III are correct     c)  III and IV are correct
d)  All are correct

11.  Recently Government of India allowed 100 per cent FDI in financial services provided they are regulated by regulators. Such sectors  are:
  I.   Commodity broking.  II.  Asset finance companies   III.  Depository Participants
  IV.  Infrastructure debt funds.
 The correct code is
a) Only I Correct                                 b)  I and II are correct
c)  II, III and IV are correct               d)  All are correct

12.  VUCA acronym was first created in the early 90s in the US Army War College courses to reflect the conditions resulting from the end of the Cold War and the emergence of a more multilateral world.  Now the same is being widely used in new business environment.  Terms denoting the VUCA are:
a) Volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity
b) Volatile, Uncertain, complex and ambiguous
c) Vision, Unending, Coordinate and Audit
d) Volatile, Unexpected, crude and alarming

13.  Which of the following statements is incorrect about third bi-monthly monetary policy review 2016?
a) It was Dr.Raghuram G. Rajan’s last credit policy
b) It was last credit policy by an RBI Governor
c) All the indicators of monetary policy kept unchanged
d) RBI projected a growth rate of 7.9 per cent for 2016-17

14.  Which of the following companies has ostensibly benefited the least from the Pokemon Gohit game?
a)           Nintendo         b)   Apple           c)  Niantic       d)  Pokemon CO

15.  Which of the following terms is used in IPO of a company?
  a) Red Herring     b)  Greenshoe    c)  Book Building      d)  Cut-off price

16.  Which of the following is not a member of the `PayPal Mafia’?
a)        Peter Thiel     b)  Elon Musk    c)   Jack Dorsey      d)   Reid Hoffman

17.  Cable is slang for
a)         The British Pound                  b)   The rate per pound in US dollars 
c)     The rate per Euro in Pounds   d)  The Euro

18.  Nokia Map was purchased by a consortium in 2015.  Which of the following automobile companies was not the part of the deal?
a)          BMW         b)   Daimler          c)  Nissan           d)   Volkswagan

19.  Consider the following statements about Rail Budget in India and c hoose the correct code given below:
I.                   The rail budget was separated from the main budget, following recommendations of William Acworth Committee in 1920-21.
II.                The rail budget has had a separate existence from the general budget since 1924
III.             A committee headed by NITI Aayog member Bibek Debroy has recommended the merger of rail budget with general budget
IV.             It is expected that from 2017-18 no separate rail budget would be presented in the Parliament
The correct code is
a)      Only I and II are correct             b)   I, II and III are correct
 c)  Only III is correct                       d)    All are correct

20.  Consider the following statements about Indian Railways and choose the correct code given below:
I.                   Indian Railways is the largest employer in India
II.                Indian Railways has the largest Rail Network in the world
III.             The rail budget now accounts for a merger 15 per cent of the total Union Budget
The correct code is
a)      All of the above are correct        b)   Only I is correct   c)  Only II is correct
      d)   I and II are correct

21.  Which of the following statements is correct about `negative interest rates’ policy?
a)       Negative rates reduce the cost of borrowing money for business
b)      Negative rates eat away at bank’s profits as they have to absorb the cost of negative interest rates
c)      During the negative interest rate regime the depositors with draw their money from the bank leading to the depletion of loan able funds
d)     All of the above

22.  Which of the following states is the most apprehensive about the forthcoming GST law and thus, opposed it the Parliament?
a)           Maharashtra      b)   Tamil Nadu    c)  West Bengal     d)  Uttar Pradesh

23.  GST 122nd Constitutional Amendment Bill 2016 has been passed by the Parliament.  It is expected that Goods and Services Tax would be applicable by April, 2017.  The GST tax will not be applicable in which state?
  a) Tamil Nadu      b)   West Bengal   c)  Jammu & Kashmir   d)  Puducherry

24.  Michael F. Phelps won 13th gold medal in Reo Olympics 2016.  Thus, he has broken 12 individual gold medals records of
a)          Leonidas of Rhodes    b)  Mark Spitz   c)  Paavo Nurmi    d)  Duke Kahanamoku

25.  Which of the following key changes in monetary policy of RBI is / are directly related to Dr.Urjit Patel, the new Governor of RBI?
a)       Monetary policy now target retail inflation in place of Wholesale Prices
b)      RBI moved towards a flexible inflation targeting regime, with a target of 4 per cent with a band of +/-2 percentage points
c)      Interest rates should be decided by a high powered committee headed by the Governor of RBI
d)     All of the above

26.  Dr. Urjit Patel has been appointed the new Governor of RBI.  He is --- Governor of RBI.
a)           24th   b)  25th   c)  26th         d)   27th

27.  Laddering is a tactic usually employed in the case of ----- investments
a)            Equity           b)   Bond         c)   Gold          d)   Real Estate

28.  The GDP deflator strips out the effects of ---------- from GDP estimation,
a)        Domestic output       b)   Foreign output    c)  Inflation     d)  Population

29.  ------- was the first Olympic Games to charge a broadcast rights fee.
a)       London, 1948      b)   Berlin, 1936      c)   Helsinki, 1952      d)  Los Angeles, 1984

30.  Which famous economist coined the term, `We are all Keynesians now’?
a)        Joseph Stiglitz     b)  Jeffrey Sachs   c)  Lawrence Summers   d)  Milton Friedman

31.  In the foreign Exchange market, cross currency rates are also known as
a)        Calculated rates     b)  Synthetic Rates     c)  Discovered Rates  d)  On the spot rates

32.  Avanti Finance is being set up as Ratan Tata to provide credit to unserved segments.  Which of the following joins hand up with it?
a)      Former finance commission chairman Vijay Kelkar
b)      Infosys co-founder Nandan Nelekani
c)      R. Venkataraman, a managing trustee of Tata Trust
d)     All of the above

33.  Which of the following statements is incorrect about FAME?
a)       It is under National Electric Mobility Mission Plan 2020
b)      The FAME scheme offers incentives for electric and hybrid vehicles
c)      The Government offers incentives of  1.38 lakh for electric and hybrid cars and
 29000 for bikes
d)     Mahindra Reva, Tata Motors, Electric are presently engaged in manufacturing electric and hybrid vehicles in the country

34.  `Aawaaz-e-Punjab’ is a
a)      Political out fit launched by cricketer turned politician Navjot Singh Sidhu
b)      Feature film in Punjabi
c)      TV reality show
d)     Nobel

35.  Which of the following is not a recognized national political party?
a)        Congress     b)  Bharatiya Janata Party     c)  All India Triamool Congress
d)   Samajwadi Party

36.  A Politcal Party becomes eligible to be recognized as a national party if it has
a)       Won 2 per cent of seats in Lok Sabha form at least three different States in the latest general election
b)      In a Lok Sabha or Assembly election it has polled 6 per cent of the total valid votes in at least four states, in addition to winning four Lok Sabha seats
c)      It has been recognized as a State Party in at least four states
d)     It fulfill all the above criteria

37.  ------- eclipsed the market capitalization of Deutsche Bank in June 2016.
a)        Indusind Bank      b)  YES Bank    c)  Kotak Mahindra Bank   d)  State Bank of India

38.  Who Said, “The consumer is not a moron.  She is your wife?”
a)          Alyque Padamsee       b)   John Ogilvy     c)   Piyush  Pandey   d)   Martin Sorrel

39.  The principle of subrogation applies to
a)      Health Insurance                  b)   Life Insurance
c)  Property Insurance  d)  Reputation Management

40.  Which of the following countries is currently vulnerable to the threat posed by fiscal dominance?
a)       Colombia     b)  Mexico        c)    Japan       d)   Brazil


1.       (a)  It occurs when economic growth as measured by GDP contracts for two consecutive quarters in a row.  Actually it is same as standard recession.

2.      (b) It is based on the market value of the underlying asset.

3.      (c)       4.   (c)      5.   (d)     6.   (a)    7.   (b)

8.      (a) Milton Friedman’s theory was that the lucky citizens, thrilled with the windfall, would rush to spend.  Higher money supply with no immediate change  in output, would lift inflation. And improved consumer confidence would eventually prompt manufacturers to increase output and create more jobs.

9.      (b) Helicopter money is an idea mooted by Milton Friedman in his paper.  The Optimum Quantity of Money in 1969 for governments to lift their economies out of a slump.

10.  (d)    11.    (d)        12.    (a)      13.     (d)

14.  (a) It receives only 10% of the revenue from the game.  The other three receive 30% each.  However, Nintendo benefits vicariously, as it owns 33% of Pokemon Co.

15.  (b) Named after Green Shoe manufacturing company, it gives investment bankers the liberty to increase the number of shares offered in an IPO.

16.  (c) It is a term used to indicate a group of former PayPal employees and founders who have since founded and developed additional technology companies, Dorsey is not among them.

17.  (b) It was so named because the rate per pound in US dollar was transmitted over undersea cable in the 1980s.

18.  (c) The deal at an enterprise value of 2.8 billion Euro was signed in August 2015.

19.  (d)     20.   (a)   21.  (d)   22.     (b)     23.    (c)   24.   (a)

25.  (d)  Dr. Unit Patel was the chairman of RBI’s committee which has recommended these changes.

26.  (a)

27.  (b) A Bond ladder is a portfolio of fixed –income securities in which each security has significantly different maturity date.  It is constructed in order to minimize the interest rate and credit risks and facilitate liquidity.

28.  (c) It accounts for inflation by converting output measured at current prices into constant rupee GDP.  It shows how much a change in the base year’s GDP relies upon changes in the price level.

29.  (a) Though the BBC agreed to Pay 1000 guineas as the fee, the organizer waived it fearing it would cause the BBC undue financial hardship.

30.  (d)

31.  (b) Exchange between two currencies is determined through an intermediate currency such as US Dollar

32.  (d)

33.  (d) Alternative transport solutions such as electric and hybrid vehicles have gained acceptance among Indian consumers following the launch of FAME (Faster Adoption and Manufacturing  of (Hybrid and Electric Vehicles) incentive scheme in 2015-16.

34.    (a)     35.   (d)     36   (d)   37   (c)   38    (b)    39   (c)     40.   (d)

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