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12 Habits of highly healthy professionals :-

12 Habits of highly healthy professionals :-
1. Physical activity - Daily walk for at least 30 minutes. If in morning you're short of time, try doing it post dinner.
2. Forgiveness - Let go of the bitterness, anger etc., Don't be hard on yourself.
3. Eat what's good - Go for larger Portion of veggies and fruits, smaller portion of junk food, if you can't resist being away. Best would be to have it few days a month. 4. Health check - Go for health checks, medicines on time. Don't make your work let you skip it.
5. Sleep - Stick to regular bedtime. Try to reduce your mobile back light to put less strain on eyes, a slow, soothing music will help you get instant sleep in no time.
6. Try new things - Make new friends, talk to them, talk to that person who always gives you positive energy, who uplifts your spirit, read a new chapter of highly inspirational and motivational book that you're having. If you don't have one, buy one.
7. Build strength, flexibility - Daily normal stretching, push-ups, jumps, squats will mobilise your joints and regularise the blood flow and help you mitigate the pain you are prone to get.
8. Laugh a lot - Laughter is like a inner jogging of nerves going to mind and heart. It boosts the happy hormones in your body.
9. Make time for friends, family - keep yourself from loneliness, negative people. Go for humor, try to spend quality time with family. Dinner together with family and bit of fun talks may relax you.
10. Check your addiction - Try to quit bad addictions, quitting smoking by using nicotine tablets, tobacco by using sweet candies and sauf etc.
11. Quiet your mind - Give your mind a break, switch off your mobile while you're trying to sleep, when you're willing to spend time on yourself. Read good books, go for meditation and Yoga.
12. Be grateful - Be happy for what you have, always try to better yourself, Be a blessing in someone life, Help them clear their visions, act like a guide to someone, Always remind yourself your only limitation is when you limit your thoughts. Be a leader.
You should not be a hard worker only but try to be a team leader. A leader who knows not only to guide, uplift, motivate but also a master in finishing things on time.

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