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This candidate has passed B.Tech from a deemed university in 2015 and is now employed as a clerk in a nationalised bank for about a year.

1)  Tell us your one day in your bank branch

2) How many staff members are there in the branch

3) Is your branch a large or medium branch?  Definition of large, medium branches

4)What is the NPA percentage in your branch advances?

5)  How it is NIL NPA in your branch and what is the composition of your branch advances?

6) With only one officer(Manager) how is he managing to get the work done?(including times when he has to be away from branch)

7) Are lockers there in your branch?  Why bank lockers are sought by customers? What is the liability of Bank for good lost from the lockers?  (No liability)

8) What is a payment bank?

9) With so many type of banks -- like PSUs, private sector , foreign cooperative banks being there what is the need for new type of banks -- SMALL BANKS, PAYMENT BANK.  (   financial inclusion)

10) What is the difference in work you will be doing when posted as officer in Main Post office - payment bank compared to your present job?

11) Tell us about your family

12) What are the changes in SB account rules brought from 1st July in your bank?

13) At what intervals interest is paid in SB account?  (monthly/quarterly/ half yearly)  -- elaborate

14)  Any questions you would like to ask the interviewer?

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