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I am sharing a few questions that were asked in an interview of a successful candidate.

Dear Sir,

I am sharing the questions which were asked during my interview for IBPS PO:  This candidate has excellent communication skill, clarity in his thoughts, a very good worker, has definite goals for his career.   He always tries to give the maximum best of his in his work and is totally optimistic.  Has very nice personality and is handsome.  He got selected as PO.

Location : Indian Overseas Bank, Zonal Office - Chennai

Q1 : Hello Shyam!! Take your seat
Ans : Wished the board (4 male members and 1 female member) and sat down

Q2 : Tell me your experience about training students of this generation?
Ans : Told them it was equally challenging and interesting. Shared few of my experiences at top universities (All positive)

Q3 : How many banks are there in your locality?
Ans : 3 (SBI, BOI and Vijaya Bank)

Q4 : Which is the biggest problem in the current banking industry
Ans : NPA

Q5 : What is NPA and tell me the ways to reduce NPAs?
Ans : Answered. DRT, Lok Adalats, Recovery camps, Compromise packages, writing off, etc

Q5 : What kind of loans can you write off?
Ans : Sorry sir! I don't know

Q6 : If you are in the banking sector, rate the following qualities : Honesty, Work Knowledge, some other two qualities (i do not remember)
Ans : Honesty comes first and then Work Knowledge. 

Q7 : Do you think we can recover the loans from Mallaya?
Ans : No. Stated few points related to extradition and legal process.

Q8 : Which Coaching institute?
Ans : I prepared myself by taking advice from eminent persons whom I came to know through SMART.

The female member did not ask any question. Except one, the remaining three had a very average communication. There were lot of grammatical errors when the questioned me (I just ignored them)


Assistant Manager - Talent Development
SMART Training Resources India Pvt. Limited-Coimbatore.
Phone : 044-28282829


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