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Static GK
1. A place, where soldiers live is called? - Fort/Barracks
2. What are the main causes of “Sepoy Mutiny”? - Hurting the Religious sentiments of Sepoys
3. Study of Human Mind is called? - Psychology
4. What do you mean by “Net Neutrality”? - Internet Service Provider should treat all internet data the same and should charge the users uniformly.
 5. Golden Revolution is associated with? - Horticulture Development
6. US Parliament is better known by which name? - United States Congress
7. Azolla is used for - Rice cultivation
8. What is the other name of World Bank? - International Bank for Reconstruction and Development.
9. What is the “Indradanush Scheme” related to? - Revamping of state-run banks/A Union Health Ministry scheme to provide vaccination to children and pregnant women.
10. What is the full form of FCRA? - Foreign Contribution Regulation Act
11. What is the full form of WEP? - Wired Equivalent Privacy
12. Which county allows human euthanasia?- Netherlands
13. Which country exited from European countries? - Britain
14. What is Residex? - In India, National Housing Bank completely owned by RBI, computes an index termed NHB RESIDEX for real estate related indexation. 
15. Which virus constantly keeps shifting to escape detection by antivirus? - Trojan 2 | P a g e
16. Kolattam and Chholiya are dance form of? - Andhra Pradesh & Uttarakhand
17. Best use of non-biodegradable waste? - Recycle
18. What is SEBI? - A regulatory body
19. An example of smart money - Credit Card
20. Which trees are used in social forestry? - Eucalyptus
21. India‟s 1st Carbon-free state - Himachal Pradesh
22. FAST telescope installed in - China
23. Kovvda nuclear plan proposed to be set up in - Andhra Pradesh
24. India‟s volcano located? - Barren Islands

25. In IT, failure of Kernel means? - Operating System failure

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