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26. What is Money Market? - Financial Market where short-term securities, loans, etc. are traded between banks and financial institutions
27. Who is known as Father of Macro-economics? - John Maynard Keynes
28. Rio Summit is done for - Environment and Development
29. Dilwara famous temple belongs to which religion - Jain
30. What is the meaning of IC - Integrated Circuits
31. Jallikattu is related to which festival? - Pongal
32. The first inscriptional evidence of the Sati System in India has been found from? - Eran District (Madhya Pradesh)
33. Indian Railways issues insurance cover for how much money? - Rs. 1 (Cover of 10 lakh)
34. Ghatampur Thermal Power project is related to which state? - Uttar Pradesh
35. Special Drawing Right (SDR) is created by? - International Monetary Fund (IMF)
36. Which space shuttle carried Sunita Williams beyond the Earth? - Soyuz (Russian)
37. Who is Sunita Williams? - Astronaut
38. Narmada Dam Water Dispute is between which Indian States - Sardar Sarovar in Gujarat and Narmada Sagar in Madhya Pradesh
39. What is the impact of decrease in CRR? - Lower Interest Rates
40. Paper publish by Gandhi in Africa -The Indian Opinion
41. Ujjawala Yojna related to - Cooking fuel 4
2. Agriculture tax was removed by which government recently - Karnataka
43. Which of the following is a method to calculate GDP - Income approach
44. What is the new capital of Andhra Pradesh? - Amravati
45. Largest internet user in world - China
46. Project Sankalp is for - AIDS
47. Skoda company belongs to which country? - Czech Republic
48. Sattriya is a dance of which state - Assam
49. First Post office Savings Bank ATM was recently inaugurated in - Vishakhapatnam

50. The study of elections is called - Psephology 


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