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SBI PO -- CLERKS RECRUITMENT --msg. received in a whatsapp group

I am giving below a message received in a whatsapp group

"The case was filed by a group of students seeking proper response regarding the selection procedure adopted by SBI and the sudden changes being made at that time. It was observed that Students getting 0 Mark in Quantitative Aptitude section got selected as Probationary Officer in the bank. Earlier SBI used to have Sectional Cut Off which suddenly got eliminated in the last year recruitment.So until unless the judgement is passed, SBI is refraining from publishing the SBI PO Notification. So this time, the Notification may get delayed.

Why Clerk Exam Dates Got Postponed?

The crux of the Court Case is revolving around only one point, “Can someone scoring 0 Marks in Quantitative Aptitude is apt for Banking Job?”. Well, no one knows the answer, but one thing is for sure that they require at least some basic aptitude in order to run day to day work. If you don’t want a candidate to score any marks in that section then what is the purpose of putting it in the paper itself?

Well, the simple point that the students seek is Viable Explanation from the recruiting agencies. But when these agencies fail to explain, then it ought to spark a sense of dejection or disappointment which leads to such extreme step.

Some facts From The Case Against SBI:

1. 172 candidates with 0 Marks in any of the sections have been called for GD/PI Round.
2. 62 Candidates with 0 Marks in Quant Section (Data Interpretation and Analysis) have been selected as Probationary Officer in the Bank.

This time, it is clearly mentioned in the SBI Clerk Notification that there is no sectional cut-off. But in case SBI loses the case, then it will become mandatory for them to have minimum marks in every section. So in order to avoid all these, SBI has postponed the dates of SBI Clerk. The next hearing of the Case is on 16th April and we are hoping for the Judgement. .   Rec'd in a WhatsApp group"

While I could not get it verified, this appears to be correct based on the way things are moving. Let us hope for the best.

Sectional cut off with minimum pass percentage must be re-introduced,

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