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Everything is valuable, only twice in our lifetimes:-
1. Before getting it, and
2. After losing it!
Two things bring happiness and success, in life.
1. The way you MANAGE, when you have nothing, and
2. The way you BEHAVE, when you have everything!
The NICEST place to be is in someone's Thoughts, and
The SAFEST place to be is in someone's Prayers.
One of the greatest victories that you can gain, over someone, is to beat him, at politeness.
Keep your face to the sun, and you will not see the shadow!
A deaf child says, "For all of you, I am deaf; but for me, all of you are dumb"!
Life differs, according to each person's perspective.
Live the way, you want to.
Ego is the only requirement, to destroy any relationship. Be a bigger person. Skip the "E", and let it "go"!
One good thing about Egotists - they don't talk, about other people!
Getting angry is punishing yourself for the mistakes of others!
Trust, is like a STICKER. Once it is removed, it may stick again, but NOT as strongly as it held, when first applied. Always take care, of relationships.
Everything about the future, is uncertain. But one thing is for sure. - God has already arranged, all our tomorrows. We just have to TRUST HIM, TODAY!
NEVER win people, with arguments. Rather, defeat them, with your silence! Because, people who always wish to argue with you, cannot bear, your silence!
The search for happiness is one of the main sources, of unhappiness.
Diplomacy is the art of telling people, to go to hell,
in such a way, that they tend to ask you, for directions!
If a drop of water falls on a lake, its identity is lost for ever. But if it falls on a lotus leaf, it shines like a pearl. The drop of water is the same. But it is its surroundings that matters.
Our HOPES should be like our hair & nails. No matter how many times they get cut, they never stop growing.
If you walk the way guided by humans, you will find a hopeless end. But if you walk the way guided by God, you will find endless hope.
Memories are always special. Sometimes we laugh, remembering the days we cried. Sometimes we cry, remembering the days we laughed!
That's Life!
The sea is common, for all. Some take pearls from it. Some take fishes from it. Some come out, just with wet legs!
The world is common, to all. What we get, is what we try for!

Life, is very complicated. When you have standards, people call it ATTITUDE.
To smile without condition,
To walk without intention,
To give without reason, and
To care without expectation,
Are the beauties, of any relationship!
All communication problems, are because we don't listen, to understand. We only listen, to reply!
There are many languages, on earth. Smile speaks them all. Keep smiling.

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