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Part I English Language
Direction (Q. Nos 1-6) In the given sentence, a blank is given indicating that something is missing. From the given four options (a), (b), (c) and (d), a combination of words would independently fit and one combination would not. Mark that option that does not fit as the answer. If the given combinations fit perfectly, then mark ‘All fit’ as the answer. Both the words in the correct answer combination independently must not fit in the blank.
1. Games between England and Australia enjoy a popularity sadly ……. in other parts of the world.
A) absent   B) dearth   C) lacking   D) inadequately
a) AD   b) AB   c) BD   d) CD   e) All fit
2. A recent survey ….. that light pollution is threatening  darkness almost everywhere.
A) highlighted   B) revealed   C) show   D) unveiling
a) AD   b) AB   c) BC   d) CD   e) All fit
3. The mobile wallet firm Mobikwik recently announced that the users will now be …… to pay traffic challans on its application.
A) able   B) willing   C) went   D) allowed
a) AD   b) AB   c) BC   d) CD   e) All fit
4. The president has consistently been ……. to take it on a bigger role in the world owing to reasons unknown.
A) very   B) hesitant   C) uncertainty   D) reluctant
a) AC   b) AB   c) BC   d) CD
5. The two countries will …… in the next phase of bilateral cooperation in the field of science and technology.
A) merged   B) clasps   C) work together   D) join hands
a) AD   b) AB   c) BC   d) CD   e) All fit
6. Passengers should brace themselves for a fare increase as the government is likely to ….. the passenger service’ fee by 30%.
A) raise   B) rise   C) hike   D) boast
a) BD   b) AB   c) BC   d) CD   e) All fit
Directions (Q. Nos 7-12) Read the following passage and answer the given questions.
In a world in which nearly half the population is over the age of 50, we will have to start thinking of older people differently. The first thing we will have to recognize is that our very notion of old age is faulty. In the mid-to-late 1800s, medical theory suggested that the only healthy thing for older adults to do was rest. This gave birth to the first government pensions, corporate retirement policies, dedicated old-age homes. Surviving till today is this idea that older people are ‘supposed’ to be consumers of ideas, work, products and culture, but never producers.
Today, ask anyone over the age of 60 or so if she wants to sit in a rocking chair for the rest of her life and she’ll laugh you out of the room. Yet, this outmoded norm concerning the capabilities and goals of older people persists. It remains at the core of misguided products, policies, workplace expectations. Living longer and better may mean working longer. It may mean a lifetime of learning and growth. We may see older adults in roles to which we are not accustomed: retail, manufacturing, teaching and delivering healthcare (not just receiving it). The energy we draw from our older population may grow to become one of our most valuable resources. Businesses founded by people over the age of 50 are already major sources of employment across the nation. Products designed with older people in mind must evolve. An ageing society has given rise to a new multi-trillion-dollar market of consumers who want not just to be taken care of, but also live out aspirations once considered impossible in old age. These products, services and experiences will become a source of economic growth and innovation. Infrastructure from housing to transportation must be reengineered. Workplaces will have to learn to utilize the unique skills and institutions knowledge of older workers and resist the age-old urge to age-discriminate. We as individuals will have to rethink old age, both for the sake of those older than us and for our own future selves.
7. Choose the world which is most opposite in meaning to the word ‘Innovation’ printed in bold as used in the passage?
a) Modernity   b) Customary   c) Nascency   d) Novation   e) Upstart
8. Which of the following is the author referring to through the term ‘valuable resources’?
a) Embracing the latest technology   b) Economic growth   c) Infrastructure
d) Cut-throat corporate culture   e) None of the given options
9. Which of the following is/are the impact(s) of the medical theory mentioned in the passage?
A) We have side-lined the older population.   B) Better treatment of age related diseases.
C) Creation of facilities such as pensions for the elderly.
a) Only A   b) Only B   c) A and C   d) Only C   e) All of these
10. Which of the following is the author’s advice regarding work?
a) Organisations should harness the skills of older workers.
b) Companies should utilize the experience of workers who are not yound.
c) We must embrace the idea of people working even at an older age.
d) We must keep in mind that older workers can be entirely productive.   e) All the given options
11. Which of the following is not true in the context of the passage?
a) We must revamp infrastructure to meet the needs of the elderly.
b) The elderly population is dropping.   c) The concept of ‘old age’ needs to be rethought.
d) The traditional idea of ‘old age homes’ is outdated.
e) All the given options are true.
12. Which of the following represent(s) the author’s view?
A) Society needs to recognize the needs, desires and aspirations of older people.
B) Older people are capable producers.
C) Corporate retirement policies are very generous at present.
a) A and B   b) Only B   c) B and C   d) Only C   e) All of these
Directions (Q. Nos 13-20) The sentence has been spilt into five parts denoted by A, B, C, D and E. Part A is fixed in the sentence and is to be taken as grammatically correct. The remaining four parts B, C, D and E may or may not have either (an) inappropriate word(s) or spelling errors in it. From these four, there will be only one part without any error. Identify that part and mark it as your answer. If the sentence is correct as it is, then mark ‘No error’ as your answer.
13. Traditionally, people have/associated excessive sweating/with having a higher body fat/percentage and less sweating/with a higher level of acrobic activity.
a) B   b) C   c) D    d) E   e) No error
14. The country is among/the emerging global players in/research and innovation, thenks/to the excellent research centres/and a considerable talent pool.
a) B   b) C   c) D   d) E   e) No error
15. After a gap of over eighty years,/the black Bear has returned/to the northern region of the country/through conservation, and their/population believed to be over 500.
a) B   b) C   c) D   d) E   e) No error
16. The government is likely/to lounch a policy on electric vehicles/proposing benefits for manufacturers/and putting in place the necessary/support system by the end of this year.
a) B   b) C    c) D    d) E    e) No error
17. ‘Writer Page’ is an unique platform/where budding writers/are encouraged to hone/their writing skills/with the help of establishment authors.
a) B   b) C    c) D    d) E    e) No error
18. Ferrying of coal in/uncowered vehicles and rail wagons is/said to won of the key/reasons behind high pollution/levels along the transportation root.
a) B    b) C    c) D   d) E    e) No error
19. Thanks giving is that/festival when families/gather together, forget/their differences and feast/on turkey and pumkin pie.
 a) B   b) C   c) D   d) E    e) No error
20. There needs to be/a dipper exploration of/why parents actually have/a problem with/their children reading books based on violence.
a) B   b) C   c) D   d) E   e) No error
Directions (Q. Nos 21-30) The sentence has a blank which indicates something has been omitted. Which of the following phrases given against the sentence, fits the blank in the given sentence both grammatically and meaningfully, if none of phrases fit, select ‘None of the given options’ as your answer.
21. She ……. so badly in the last movie that she decided to withdraw from acting.
a) so hardly hit   b) got alive and kicking   c) got her fingers burnt    d) fall at life
e) None of the given options
22. Last night the cricket match was …….. as the home team could not stand their opponents.
a) a thrownback on   b) epic fall   c) a major let down   d) loss of face
e) None of the given options
23. Since you were just discharged from the hospital, you need ……. so that you are able to recover fully.
a) Plenty of down-time   b) play back required   c) take care of   d) recover from
e) None of the given options
24. He started working from home so that he would be able ….. with his family.
a) for the duration   b) to spend more time    c) to in the long run   d) spend a penny for
e) None of the given options
25. While I was searching the attic, I ……. some very interesting photographs.
a) find a way around   b) came across   c) looking forward to   d) came down with
e) None of the given options
26. Simone …… deleted Ravi’s contact number but pretended to have lost it.
a) an honest mistake   b) accidentally on purpose   c) at cross purpose
d) all intention on purpose    e) None of the given options
27. The manager offered him a lucrative job but he …….. .
a) fell for it   b) paid dearly for    c) turned it down   d) given it away
e) None of the given options
28. The head of the detective department asked the officers to ……… before reaching any conclusion in the case.
a) thinking over   b) do searching of    c) looking for clues   d) explore all avenues
e) None of the given options
29. The teacher complained to his mother that he does not ……. The rule.
a) follow over   b) make the rounds   c) stick with   d) abide by   e) None of these
30. At the beginning of the performance on stage, she always has …… .
a) butterflies in her stomach    b) get highly tensed   c) nervous brokedown   d) get all worked up
e) None of the given options

Answers & Explanations
1. d) CD is the correct combination. Neither ‘lacking’ ‘in adequately’ is suitable to be used.
2. d) CD is the correct combination. For the singular subject ‘survey’ we should not use ‘show’. Also, ‘unveiling’ is not suitable usage.
3. c) BC is the correct combination. With ‘will’ we can’t use ‘went’. Also, ‘willingly’ is not the suitable usage.
4. a) AC is the correct combination. ‘Very’ and ‘uncertainly’ both are not suitable to be used in the blank.
5. b) AB is the correct combination. With the helping verb ‘well’ we can use neither. ‘merged’ nor ‘clasps’.
6. a) BD is the correct combination. ‘Rise’ is not suitable usage here. Also, ‘boast’ doesn’t meet the context of the sentence.
7. (b)
8. e) None of the given options is referred through the term ‘valuable resources.’
9. c) As per the passage, the impacts of medical theory mentioned in the passage are that we have side-lined the older population and have created facilities such as pensions for the elderly.
10. e) All the given options are author’s advice regarding work.
11. b) It is not true in the context of the passage that the elderly population is dropping.
12. a) The author’s view is represented by the statements A and B.
13. c) Part ‘D’ is error free. Part B ‘more’ is to be replaced with ‘excessive’. Part C ‘having a’ is superfluous. Part E ‘acrobic’ is wrong spelling.
14. c) Part ‘D’ is error free. Part B ‘the field of’ is to be added after ‘in’. Part C ‘thenks’ is incorrectly spelt. Part E ‘considerable’ is superfluous.
15. b) Part ‘C’ is error free. Part B ‘Bear’ is the be replaced with ‘bear’. Part D ‘conservation’ is wrong usage. Part E Use ‘is’ before ‘believed’.
16. d) Part ‘E’ is error free. Part B ‘Lounch’ is wrong spelling. Part C ‘Proposing’ is the wrong usage. Part D ‘Putting in place’ is superfluous.
17. (e)
18. c) part ‘D’ is error free. Part B ‘Uncowered’ is wrong spelling. Part C ‘won’ should be ‘one’. Part E ‘Root’ should be ‘route’.
19. c) Part ‘D’ is error free. Part B ‘Festival’ is wrong spelling. Part C ‘together’ is superfluous. Part E ‘Pumpkin’ is wrongly spelt.
20. b) Part ‘C’ is error free. Part B ‘Dipper’ should be ‘deeper’. Part D ‘a problem’ should be replaced with ‘Problems’. Part E ‘Violence’ is wrong spelling.
21. c) option ‘a’, ‘b’ and ‘d’ are grammatically unsound. In option (c), get ‘got her finger burnt’ is correct.
22. c) ‘a major let down’ is suitable in the context of the sentence. The game is lost to, this fits well.
23. a) When one is ill, then one needs ‘plenty of down time’ to recover. It means taking ample rest.
24. b) Working from home is the suggestive to the spending more time with the family.
25. b) ‘come across’ means ‘to find something accidently’.
26. d) Since, there is a pretention involved with the sentence. It indicates that the work is done ‘all intention on purpose’.
27. c) ‘Turn something down’ means ‘to say not to something’. Hence, (c) is suitable usage.
28. d) ‘Explore all avenues’ is a phrasal expression that means ‘to look all the factors well’.
29. d) The correct phrasal expression is ‘abide by the rules’. Hence, (d) is suitable.
30. a) Phrase ‘butterfly in one’s stomach’ means ‘to be nervous when something is being done before an audience or for the first time

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