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 1. EVASIVE (ADJECTIVE): deceptive Synonyms: misleading, cagey Antonyms: truthful, forthright Example Sentence: The news anchor learned nothing from the politician’s evasive responses.

2. GODSEND (NOUN): gift Synonyms: benediction, advantage Antonyms: disadvantage, bad fortune Example Sentence: The widespread rain was a godsend for villagers.

3. DIAPASON (NOUN): range Synonyms: spectrum, territory Antonyms: restriction, limitation Example Sentence: The diapason represents the focal point of Information.

4. INURE (VERB): accustom Synonyms: familiarize, habituate Antonyms: ignore, overlook Example Sentence: Even the veteran detective could not inure himself to the sight of a murdered lady.

5. OVERT (ADJECTIVE): apparent Synonyms: obvious, undisguised Antonyms: concealed, hidden Example Sentence: The security guard easily noticed the shoplifter’s overt actions.

6. DERANGED (ADJECTIVE): crazy Synonyms: maniacal, demented Antonyms: balanced, reasonable Example Sentence: The deranged boy started shooting wildly into the mall.

7. INORDINATE (ADJECTIVE): disproportionate Synonyms: extravagant, exorbitant Antonyms: cheap, moderate Example Sentence: When Amit won the gold medal, he received inordinate praise.

8. EGRESS (NOUN): passage out Synonyms: departure, exiting Antonyms: arrival, coming Example Sentence: Each egress of our house is connected to the security system.

9. DEMUR (VERB): hesitate Synonyms: waver, vacillate Antonyms: endorse, support Example Sentence: Citizens have the right to demur and protest any law they feel is unconstitutional.

10. ENGROSS (VERB): bewitch Synonyms: enthrall, fascinate Antonyms: disenchant, repel Example Sentence: Many critics gave the movie a poor review because it failed to engross their concentration.

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