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Q21. Code of diplomatic etiquette and precedence (a) Formalism (b) Statesmanship (c) Protocol (d) Hierarchy Ans.(c)
Q22. Ridiculous use of words (a) Onomatopoeia (b) Malapropism (c) Pun (d) Concocted Ans.(b)
 Q23. A book or picture produced merely to bring in money. (a) Money-spinner (b) Pot-hook (c) Pot-boiler (d) Blue-bird Ans.(c) 5 | | |
Q24. Elderly woman in charge of a girl on social occasions. (a) Spinster (b) Matron (c) Chaperon (d) Chandler Ans.(c)
Q25. A slow-witted and incompetent person. (a) Nigger (b) Contriver (c) Snotty (d) Duffer Ans.(d)
Q26. Open space in a forest. (a) Glade (b) Lear (c) Noose (d) Mores Ans.(a)
 Q27. One who is engaged in fighting (a) Coquette (b) Gobble (c) Belligerent (d) Impresario Ans.(c)
 Q28. A small, exclusive group of people (a) Detour (b) Clique (c) Dodo (d) Devour Ans.(b)
Q29. A silly person (a) Goose (b) Glib (c) Wag (d) Garrison Ans.(a) 6 | | |
Q30. To disown one’s belief. (a) Revel (b) Recant (c) Reveille (d) Repose Ans.(b)
Q31. Made in a plain and simple fashion, in particular (a) Rustic (b) Naive (c) Boorish (d) Barbarian. Ans.(a)
 Q32. A person who pays too much attention to his clothes and personal appearance. (a) Snob (b) Duffer (c) Dandy (d) Licentious Ans.(c)
Q33. A person who makes and sells ladies’ hats. (a) Draper (b) Tinker (c) Milliner (d) Farrier Ans.(c)
 Q34. Use of obscene language (a) Extricate (b) Coprolalia (c) Chicanery (d) Dovetail Ans.(b)
 Q35. A group of people attending or surrounding an important person. (a) Dawdle (b) Wayward (c) Entourage (d) Emissary Ans.(c) 7 | | |
Q36. To make gestures, especially in an animated or excited manner. (a) Gesticulate (b) Glacial (c) Gory (d) Imbecile Ans.(a)
 Q37. Difficult to handle (a) Intestate (b) Intractable (c) Interdict (d) Indignation Ans.(b)
Q38. Unreasonable enthusiasm for the glorification of one’s country. (a) Communism (b) Imperialism (c) Patriarchal (d) Chauvinism Ans.(d)
 Q39. A loud talk or speech (a) Harangue (b) Magniloquence (c) Erudition (d) Malevolence Ans.(a)
 Q40. Moring prayer in the church (a) Epilogue (b) Matins (c) Vesper (d) Elegy Ans.(b)

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