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Direction (1-5): Which of the following phrases given below each sentence should replace the phrase printed in bold letters to make the sentence meaningfully correct? Choose the best option among the five given alternatives that reflect the correct use of phrase in the context of the grammatically correct sentence.
Q1. At a press conference held soon after, he promised to increase farm loans and weavers’ loans from co-operative and nationalized banks up to Rs. 1 lakh in the next 48 hours, after consulting officials.
(a) he ignored to help in
(b) he rejected to raise
(c) he promised to waive 
(d) he improvised the interest rate of 
(e) No Improvement Required
Q2. With the number of buildings on the increase, and with agriculture lands also growing, the cemetery became too small, and the district administration themselves had done farming on the new plot of land to be used as a burial ground.
(a) had made fertile
(b) had burnt 
(c) had maintained properly
(d) had set aside 
(e) No Improvement Required
Q3. The force retaliated when they were doing fun and Maoists detonated an improvised explosive device to escape. 
(a) they were sick
(b) they were dancing
(c) they were under suspicion
(d) they were under fire 
(e) No Improvement Required
Q4. The clip showed the cobra hissing when the priest was learning Vedic hymns. Another serpent is seen in the snake-charmer’s basket towards the end of the film.
(a) while the priest chanted 
(b) while the priest wrote
(c) when the priest came to know about
(d) when it priest forgot the
(e) No Improvement Required
Q5. And unfortunately for the family, the video went viral. A week later it damaged the eye of the Forest Department.
(a) it violated the eye
(b) it caught the eye 
(c) it burnt everything 
(d) it revealed a secret
(e) No Improvement Required
Directions (6-10): In the passage given below there are blanks which are to be filled with the options given below. Find out the appropriate word in each case which can most suitably complete the sentence without altering the meaning of the statement. 
Mathematics is about numbers, and mathematics is an (6)........ science. The addition, subtraction, division and multiplication of numbers in ganita is about getting problems right. Just that. Right. And a satisfaction is (7)........, both mathematical and aesthetic, in getting the exercise right. (8)......... is its sole dharma. Numbers, after a problem is done, stand still. They do not pull at each other, (9)......... from a plus to a minus, from the times or multiplication sign into an obelus or division sign. A sum does not try to or want to alter itself. The problem-solver or sum-beholder derives satisfaction from the (10)........ of its precision.
(a) obvious
(b) imprecise
(c) approximate
(d) exact
(e) loose
(a) formed
(b) deprived
(c) derived
(d) created
(e) explained
(a) Precision
(b) Concision
(c) Brevity
(d) Improvement
(e) Complexity
(a) drowning
(b) sinking
(c) plunging
(d) travelling
(e) jumping
(a) blasphemy
(b) purity
(c) holiness
(d) sacrilege
(e) savage
Directions (11-15): In each of the question given below a/an idiom/phrase is given in bold which is then followed by five options which then try to decipher its meaning. Choose the option which gives the correct meaning of the phrases. 
Q11. Chip on your shoulder
(a) to feel a burden
(b) a birth mark
(c) an old memory
(d) to get upset for something that happened earlier
(e) a mark of having a great experience
Q12. Mean business 
(a) dirty business
(b) dirty politics 
(c) being dedicated
(d) being cunning
(e) a useless undertaking
Q13. Hear it on grapevine
(a) to hear rumors
(b) to be annoyed
(c) to be calm
(d) to be combative
(e) to remember old moments
Q14. To pour oil on troubled waters
(a) to remain silent
(b) to go harsh with everyone
(c) to beat black and blue
(d) to add insult to injury
(e) to make peace
Q15. Open the floodgates
(a) to reveal the secret that was meant to be very much private
(b) release something which was previously under control
(c) to live life fully
(d) to perform deeds that are the most fearing one
(e) to spill the beans

Quiz 19 – Answers

S1. Ans.(c) Sol. 'he promised to waive' as the person promised to waive off all the loan of the farmers and the weavers.
S2. Ans.(d) Sol. 'had set aside' as the place assigned for the cemetery had set aside.
S3. Ans.(d) Sol. 'they were under fire' is the best suited alternative which makes sentence the meaningful.
S4. Ans.(a) Sol. 'while the priest chanted' is the only alternative that can replace the bold part of the sentence and makes it meaningful.
S5. Ans.(b) Sol. 'it caught the eye' as the video went viral was seen after a week by the Forest Department.
S6. Ans.(d) Sol. exact- perfect; true; correct
S7. Ans.(c) Sol. derived- descent; established
S8. Ans.(a) Sol. Precision- exact; brevity
S9. Ans.(e) Sol. jumping- to move to a position in that is further forward
S10. Ans.(b) Sol. purity- the degree of being pure
S11. Ans.(d) Sol. Meaning: When someone is upset about something that happened a while ago
S12. Ans.(c) Sol. Meaning: Being Serious or Dedicated
S13. Ans.(a) Sol. Meaning: To hear rumors about something or someone
S14. Ans.(e) Sol. Meaning: To make peace
S15. Ans.(b) Sol. Meaning: Release something that was previously under control


Directions(1-8): Choose the word which is most SIMILAR in meaning to the word printed in bold below.
(a) Consequences
(b) Consideration
(c) Attention
(d) Attraction
(e) Causes
(a) Turquoise
(b) Sapphire
(c) Continental
(d) Universal
(e) All-inclusive
(a) Referral
(b) Memorandum
(c) Docket
(d) Conspiracy
(e) Bucket List
(a) Thief
(b) Honorable
(c) Honest
(d) Trickster
(e) Advocate
(a) Reduced
(b) Condemned
(c) Helpless
(d) Ashamed
(e) Scolded
(a) Vigorously
(b) Latently
(c) Ghastly
(d) Stringent
(e) Ghostly
(a) Aftermath
(b) Magnificent
(c) Intelligent
(d) Ample
(e) Mammoth
Q8. DEVIOUS       
(a) Stray
(b) Gourmet
(c) Glutton
(d) Zealous
(e) Enormous
Directions(9-15): Choose the word which is most OPPOSITE in meaning to the word printed in bold below.
(a) Randomly
(b) Intermittently
(c) Frequently
(d) Completely
(e) Thoroughly
(a) Belligerent
(b) Deep Knowledge
(c) Marvelous
(d) Fabulous
(e) Wholesome
(a) Spread
(b) Rub
(c) Apply
(d) Remove
(e) Uncover
(a) Harsh
(b) Disobedience
(c) Obedience
(d) Subservient
(e) Feudal
(a) Benign
(b) Malign
(c) Praise
(d) Censure
(e) Succumbed
(a) Chaos
(b) Tranquility
(c) Humorous
(d) Uprooting
(e) Pacifying
(a) Increase
(b) Lessen
(c) Worsen
(d) Adorn
(e) Decorate

Quiz 20 – Answers

S1. Ans.(a) Sol. REPERCUSSIONS- A consequence or ending result of something
S2. Ans.(e) Sol. COSMOPOLITAN- pertaining to the whole world; all inclusive
S3. Ans.(c) Sol. AGENDA- plan of a meeting
S4. Ans.(d) Sol. CHARLATAN- trickster
S5. Ans.(d) Sol. ABASH- to be ashamed
S6. Ans.(c) Sol. GRUESOME- ghastly or deadly
S7. Ans.(b) Sol. SPLENDID- grand; magnificent
S8. Ans.(a) Sol. DEVIOUS- deviating; not straightforward
S9. Ans.(c) Sol. SPORADICALLY- Occurring at various intervals; intermittently
S10. Ans.(b) Sol. SMATTERING- having little knowledge
S11. Ans.(e) Sol. SMEAR- to cover or coat
S12. Ans.(c) Sol. CONTUMACY- Disobedience
S13. Ans.(c) Sol. TIRADE- Condemn; Censure
S14. Ans.(b) Sol. PANDEMONIUM- Chaos
S15. Ans.(a) Sol. ABATEMENT- to lessen


Directions (1-5): In each of the question given below a/an idiom/phrase is given in bold which is then followed by five options which then try to decipher its meaning. Choose the option which gives the correct meaning of the phrases. 

Q1. To cut corners  
(a) to examine the faults
(b) to remove impurities
(c) to do something perfectly
(d) to do something badly or cheaply
(e) to adorn something
Q2. Break a leg 
(a) get injured
(b) bad luck
(c) good luck
(d) to dance
(e) to fight
Q3. To hit the nail on the head 
(a) to scold someone badly
(b) to get someone wounded
(c) to hit on the main point of the issue
(d) to describe the whole situation completely
(e) to explain the cause of a problem
Q4. See eye to eye 
(a) to disagree with someone
(b) to freeze
(c) to scandalize
(d) to agree with someone
(e) to hypnotize someone
Q5. When pigs fly 
(a) an imagination
(b) a useless possession
(c) something that will never happen
(d) when someone become successful
(e) a nightmare
Directions (6-10): Choose the word which is most similar to the word given below.
(a) accord
(b) harmony
(c) altercation
(d) placate
(e) tranquil
(a) offer
(b) protect
(c) swindle
(d) give 
(e) help
(a) careless
(b) careful
(c) thorough
(d) precise
(e) detailed
(a) calm
(b) introvert
(c) meek
(d) boisterous
(e) restrained
(a) assist
(b) agree
(c) challenge
(d) support
(e) aid
Directions (11-15): In each of the questions given below an incomplete sentence which must be filled/completed with one of the one of the sentences given below. Choose the correct option and complete the given sentences.
Q11. We ................. many bilateral issues. There are still some pending ones but I don’t want to spoil the beautiful occasion by referring to them.
(a) have completed out
(b) have filtered out
(c) have sorted out 
(d) have managed out
(e) have maintained out
Q12. The progress made by Bangladesh in the area of social sector, particularly in improving the lives of people, is something we ................  
(a) can’t avoid
(b) should also remember
(c) should not jealous of
(d) can overlook
(e) can take inspiration from
Q13. This brought the ............ on one part of the political drama that has unfolded over the last two weeks.
(a) curtains up
(b) curtains down 
(c) curtains above
(d) curtains over
(e) curtains away
Q14. The amendment requires authorities to equally protect the right to life of a mother and that of a fetus, from ..............
(a) the moment of convection
(b) the moment of verification
(c) the moment of inspection
(d) the moment of conception
(e) the moment of evolution
Q15. The weather office has issued a heavy rainfall warning for the next four days even as the government machinery ............... to face the monsoon.
(a) began to aggravating up
(b) began to gearing away
(c) began to break down
(d) began hanging up
(e) began gearing up 

Quiz 21 – Answers

S1. Ans.(d)
Sol. Meaning: to do something badly or cheaply.
S2. Ans.(c)
Sol. Meaning: good luck.
S3. Ans.(e)
Sol. Meaning: to describe exactly what is causing a situation or problem.
S4. Ans.(d)
Sol. Meaning: this means agreeing with someone.
S5. Ans.(c)
Sol. Meaning: something that will never happen.
S6. Ans.(c)
Sol. SQUABBLE: altercation.
S7. Ans.(c)
Sol. HOODWINK: to cheat.
S8. Ans.(a)
Sol. PERFUNCTORY: careless.
S9. Ans.(d)
Sol. RAMBUNCTIOUS: boisterous.
S10. Ans.(c)
Sol. VYING: challenge.
S11. Ans.(c)
Sol. 'have sorted out' as the bilateral issues have been discussed. This means they have sorted out.
S12. Ans.(e)
Sol. 'can take inspiration from' as the progress of Bangladesh has been discussed in the sentence, this reflects that the inspiration can be taken from it.
S13. Ans.(b)
Sol. 'curtains down' is a phrase which means to bring something to an end and should be used in its original form.
S14. Ans.(d)
Sol. 'the moment of conception' means the moment of conceiving.
S15. Ans.(e)
Sol. 'began gearing up' means began to get ready.


Directions (1-15): In each of the questions given below a sentence is given which is divided into 5 parts. It is then followed by 5 options which give the sequence of the correct parts. Choose the option which gives the correct sequence of the grammatically correct parts. If all the parts are grammatically correct, choose option (e) as the correct choice.

Q1. He wants to assure all cane farmers(A)/ that the government is sensitive(B)/ with their problems and we are committed(C)/ to sorting out their troubles with(D)/ all the commitment and promptness(E).
(a) ABDE
(b) ACDE
(c) BCDE
(d) ABCD
(e) No error
Q2. When international agencies praise India(A)/, they raise questions even(B)/ on that. These people question(C)/ even the courage of the Army(D)/, which mounted surgical strikes(E).
(a) ACDE
(b) ABDE
(c) BCDE
(d) ABCD
(e) No error
Q3. It is a crucial year for us(A)/. We need not be afraid of the(B)/ injustice being meted(C)/ out to us. Let us step ahead(D)/ with self-respect, self-confidence and with the spirit of enthusiasm(E).
(a) ABDE
(b) ACDE
(c) ABCD
(d) BCDE
(e) No error
Q4. In order to ensure transparency and monitoring of any untoward(A)/ incidents, measures have been taken(B)/ to webcast all proceedings from the sensitive polling(C)/ booths on the day of election. The security(D)/ has been tightened to the constituency(E).
(a) ABDE
(b) BCDE
(c) ABCD
(d) ACDE
(e) No error
Q5. Normal life has resumed in the city(A)/. Commercial establishments have started functioning(B)/ and bus services are also back out full swing(C)/. Other vehicular movement in the(D)/ city is also gradually increasing(E).
(a) ACDE
(b) ABDE
(c) ABCE
(d) ABCD
(e) No error
Q6. Bats, nocturnal and silent, scares many people(A)/. And now the Nipah virus outbreak has added(B)/ to the fear, as one way the(C)/ infection spreads is(D)/ through the excrement of bats(E).
(a) BCDE
(b) ABCD
(c) ACDE
(d) ABCE
(e) No error
Q7. There are several local legends about the cave(A)/. One says an ascetic strayed into a kingdom of women(B)/ and was held captive until his disciple(C)/ traced and rescued him, and punished(D)/ the women by turning off them into bats(E).
(a) ABCE
(b) ACDE
(c) BCDE
(d) ABCD
(e) No error
Q8. We do not want to cause(A)/ inconvenient to students(B)/ on the day when all(C)/ schools will open(D)/ in the new academic year(E).
(a) ABCD
(b) ABDE
(c) ACDE
(d) BCDE
(e) No error
Q9. Soon after the case was transferred to the(A)/ central agency, there was a demand from the Opposition that the(B)/ investigation be given to a CBI unit outside Tamil Nadu since a(C)/ State Minister and senior IPS officers are(D)/ allegedly involved in the scam(E).
(a) ABCD
(b) ACDE
(c) BCDE
(d) ABCE
(e) No error
Q10. There could be(A)/ some good news for those(B)/ who could not voted(C)/ because their names are(D)/ not on the electoral rolls(E).
(a) BCDE
(b) ABDE
(c) ABCE
(d) ABCD
(e) No error
Q11. We will soon quash the rumours(A)/ and want public support for(B)/ the same, he said(C)/, adding that the messages(D)/ were trigger fear among people(E).
(a) ABDE
(b) ABCD
(c) ABCE
(d) BCDE
(e) No error
Q12. The system enable a service voter(A)/ to exercise his/her franchise(B)/ using an electronically received(C)/ postal ballot from(D)/ anywhere outside their constituency(E).
(a) ABCD
(b) ACDE
(c) BCDE
(d) ABCE
(e) No error
Q13. A weekend trip ended in a tragedy for a young software(A)/ engineer from Bengaluru when he sank(B)/ in Hosakere at Avverahalli near the historical(C)/ Revanasiddeshwara Hills on the(D)/ outskirts of Ramanagaram on Saturday evening(E).
(a) ABCE
(b) ABCD
(c) BCDE
(d) ACDE
(e) No error
Q14. Motorists will have no choice(A)/ but to manoeuvre through incomplete(B)/ stretches of roads earmarked for(C)/ white-topping, as it is not until the(D)/ latter half of 2019 that they will be ready(E).
(a) ACDE
(b) ABCE
(c) BCDE
(d) ABCD
(e) No error
Q15. Some farmers in Vitla are now manufacturing(A)/ and marketing value-added products(B)/ of jackfruit over(C)/ the brand name ‘Pingara’ through a(D)/ company they have floated(E).
(a) ACDE
(b) ABCE
(c) ABDE
(d) BCDE
(e) No error

Quiz 22 – Answers

S1. Ans.(a) Sol. ‘to’ will replace ‘with’
S2. Ans.(b) Sol. ‘question’ will replace ‘questioned’ as the further part of the sentence is in past form
S3. Ans.(e) Sol. No error
S4. Ans.(c) Sol. ‘tightened in’ will replace ‘tightened to’
S5. Ans.(b) Sol. ‘back in’ will replace ‘back out’
Back out- to withdraw from a commitment
S6. Ans.(a) Sol. ‘scare’ will replace ‘scares’ as the subject is plural
S7. Ans.(d) Sol. ‘off’ will be deleted
Turn off- to switch off
S8. Ans.(c) Sol. ‘inconvenience’ will replace ‘inconvenient’
S9. Ans.(d) Sol. ‘are’ will get replaced by ‘were’ as the sentence is in past tense
S10. Ans.(b) Sol. ‘vote’ will replace ‘voted’ as modals are always followed by the first form of the verb
S11. Ans.(b) Sol. ‘triggering’ will replace ‘trigger’
S12. Ans.(c) Sol. As the subject is singular, ‘enables’ will replace ‘enable’
S13. Ans.(d) Sol. ‘sank’ will get replaced by ‘drowned’ because it is used for a person in the context of the statement which means to completely immersed in a fluid
S14. Ans.(e) Sol. No error
S15. Ans.(c) Sol. Change ‘over’ to ‘under’

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