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Q41. Not willing to take a definite stand. (a) Vague (b) Evasive (c) Ambiguous (d) Erroneous Ans.(b) 8 | | |
Q42. Walk in a vain, self-important way. (a) Jog (b) Trek (c) Strut (d) Trudge Ans.(c)
Q43. Shining brightly (a) Iridescent (b) Irrefragable (c) Jejune (d) Mercurial Ans.(a)
Q44. Something that has grown or accumulated slowly. (a) Acidulous (b) Accretion (c) Blurt (d) Bog Ans.(b)
Q45. Wave or flourish as a threat or in anger or excitement. (a) Brawn (b) Brawl (c) Brim (d) Brandish Ans.(d)
Q46. Sentimental in an exaggerated or false way. (a) Maul (b) Mawkish (c) Maverick (d) Meretricious Ans.(b)
Q47. The art of preaching or writing sermons. (a) Homiletic (b) Hone (c) Holster (d) Hubris Ans.(a) 9 | | |
Q48. A short-lived, serene episode of pastoral or romantic charm. (a) Iconoclast (b) Inasmuch (c) Impunity (d) Idyll Ans.(d)
Q49. Code of laws or set of principles usually religious in nature. (a) Calumny (b) Cant (c) Canon (d) Caret Ans.(c)
Q50. A nominal leader with no real power. (a) Filibuster (b) Figurehead (c) Flak (d) Fervor Ans.(b)
Q51. The common people, commoner. (a) Plebeian (b) Platitude (c) Plaque (d) Prim Ans.(a)
Q52. Act of mercy killing. (a) Asphyxiation (b) Suicide (c) Immolation (d) Euthanasia Ans.(d)
Q53. Chief of a group of workmen. (a) Foreman (b) Chieftain (c) Middleman (d) Engineer Ans.(a) 10 | | |
Q54. Stick with a thick end used in a mortar for pounding. (a) Thistle (b) Stifle (c) Sceptre (d) Pestle Ans.(d)
Q55. Usage of an incorrect word in place of the one which is similar in pronunciation. (a) Spoonerism (b) Malapropism (c) Blooper (d) Corpsing Ans.(b)
Q56. A child secretly changed for another in infancy. (a) Nipper (b) Changeling (c) Tiddler (d) Tyke Ans.(b)
Q57. To take atonement for one’s sins. (a) Expiate (b) Renounce (c) Remonstrate (d) Recant Ans.(a)
Q58. A particular method of working. (a) Methodology (b) Knack (c) Stratigraphy (d) Modus operandi Ans.(d)
Q59. Harsh criticism or censure. (a) Opprobrium (b) Officious (c) Perfunctory (d) Approbation Ans.(a)
Q60. Not willing to yield or comply. (a) Gouge (b) Ford (c) Gristle (d) Froward Ans.(d)

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