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What is the relevance of goal setting to Time Management?  Why we have to set Goals? 
Ø  Goal setting can help us decide what to do with our time?
Ø  Goals improve our performance.
Ø  Goals increase our personal satisfaction when we achieve them.
Ø  Goals increase our motivation.
Ø  Goals raise our self-confidence when we achieve them.
Ø  Goals tend to improve our concentration in our work.
Ø  It reduces stress and/or anxiety.

While setting Goals one has to keep the 'objectives' in mind.   A study conducted has revealed that following characteristics may be present in an Achievement need oriented individual: 

1.  Creative.
2. Calculated risk taking
3. Not too discouraged by failures
4. Hard working
5. Taking personal responsibility
6. Desires feedback and learns from experience recognizing errors.
7. Has self-confidence
8. Success oriented.
9. Competitive
10. Positive Attitude
11. Time is Important.
12. Innovative
13. Likes challenges
14. Dynamic-identified with creating and changing
15. Takes initiative
16. 'There is always a better way'
17.  High tolerance for ambiguities
18. Leader
19. Ability to grasp quickly
20. Intensive.
21. Good Communication Skills
22. Healthy Inter-personal skills
23. Good Team-leader/Team member spirits
24. Enjoys talking to customers.
25. Enjoys imagining about new opportunities/new avenues.


reposted on 4th August 2018

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