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SYNONYMS -- LATEST -- IBPS PO --PRELIMINARY AND MAIN--clerks prelim and main

By-Rajendra Aryan English Language Expert From Allahabad
Word of the day
Rampant (adj) = Uncontrolled especially
something unwelcome (अनियंत्रित)
Pertain (verb) = Be appropriate (मुनासिब होना)
Subvert (verb) = Undermine the power and
authority of (नाश करना)
Truncation (noun) = The process of shortening
something (काट-छांट)
Rescind (verb) = Revoke, cancel (रद्द कर देना)
Absolve (verb) = Discharge, declare free from
guilt (दोषमुक्त)
Deficit (noun) = Shortage in amount (घाटा)
Scupper (verb) = Prevent from working, ruin
(तबाह करना)
Complacent (adj) = Showing uncritical
satisfaction (आत्मसंतुष्ट)
Constraint (noun) = A limitation or restriction
Prerequisite (noun) = Precondition, necessity
Tweak (verb) = Twist sharply (फेरबदल)
Exaggeration (noun) = Overstatement, hyperbole
Preclude (verb) = Prevent from happening (रोकना)
Persecute (verb) = Subject to hostility or ill-
treatment (अत्याचार करना)
Detractor (noun) = A person who disparages
someone or something (आलोचक)
Chauvinism (noun) = Aggressive patriotism
Duress (noun) = Threats, constrains (अवरोध)
Onus (noun) = Responsibility, liability (दायित्व)
Enshrine (verb) = Preserve a right (प्रतिष्ठापित करना)
Modicum (noun) = A small quantity of a
particular thing (अल्पांश)
Fervently (adv) = Very enthusiastically or
passionately (उत्साह से)
Precisely (adv) = In exact terms (ठीक
रीति से)
Devolution (noun) = The transfer or delegation of
power to a lower level (हस्तांतरण)
Infringement (noun) = Contravention, violation
Curtail (verb) = Reduce in extent or quantity
Outright (adv) = Wholly, completely (प्रत्यक्ष)
Incursion (noun) = An invasion or attack
Plethora (noun) = A large or excessive amount
of something (बहुतायत)
Deceptive (adj) = Misleading (भ्रान्तिजनक)
Prevailing (adj) = Existing at a particular time
Hollow (adj) = Without real significance value
Debilitate (verb) = Tending to weaken something
Intimidate (verb) = Frighten, terrify (डराना)
Untainted (adj) = Not contaminated or polluted
Trajectory (noun) = The path followed by a
projectile flying (प्रक्षेप पथ)
Harbour (verb) = Keep something in mind,
especially secretly (मन में रखना)
Fallibility (noun) = The tendency to make
mistakes or be wrong (भ्रमशीलता)
Endeavour (noun) = An attempt to achieve a goal
Persist (verb) = Continue in an opinion in spite of
difficulty (क़ायम रहना)
Concurrence (noun) = The fact of two or more
events or
circumstances happening or existing at the same
time (एकचित्तता)
Constrain (verb) = Compel or force to follow
Augmentation (noun) = The action of becoming
greater in amount or size (वृद्धि)
Fragile (adj) = Easily broken or damaged (नाज़ुक)
Consensus (noun) = A common agreement (आम
Remunerative (adj) = Financially rewarding,
lucrative (लाभप्रद)
Vie (verb) = Emulate, match (प्रतियोगिता करना)
Paradigm (noun) = A typical example of
something (मिसाल)
Swathes (noun) = Restriction (बंधन)
Ostensibly (adv) = Apparently, seemingly (जाहिर तौर
Extant (adj) = Still in existence, surviving (विद्यमान)
Nuance (noun) = A subtle difference (अति सूक्ष्म
Moratorium (noun)= A temporary prohibition of
an activity (रोक)
Perpetual (adj) = Never ending or changing
Jeopardy (noun) = Danger of loss, harm or failure
Undermine (verb) = Lessen the effectiveness (कम
Unilaterally (adv) = Used to indicate that
something is done by only one person (एकतरफा)
Curtail (verb) = Reduce in extent or quantity
Wreck (verb) = Destroy or severely damage (बर्बाद
करना )
Embolden (verb) = Give the courage and
confidence to do something (प्रोत्साहित करना)
Tumultuous (adj) = Making an uproar or loud
(उतार-चढ़ाव भरे)
Pristine (adj) = In its original condition
Replete (adj) = Filled or well supplied with
something (परिपूर्ण)
Innumerable (adj) = Numerous, countless (असंख्य)
Jolt (noun) = An abrupt rough or violent
movement (आघात)
Uncanny (adj) = Strange or mysterious, unnatural
Reciprocate (verb) = Do the same in return
(प्रतिफल चुकाना)

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