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1 Avni tigress recently died she was from?
Q. 2Which Indian train recently ran at 180 Km/hr speed? 
Answer: Train 18
Q. 3 Alphonso mango recently got GI tag it is from?
Answer: Maharashtra
Q.  4 Which actress won Smita Patil Memorial Award?
Answer: Anushka Sharma
Q. 5 India recently won Asia cup for?
Answer: 7th time
Q. 6 Mullaperiyar dam is in which state?
Answer: Kerala
Q. 7 Quit India movement took place on?
Answer: August 08, 1942
Q. 8 Who is Indian nominee in ICJ?
Answer: Dalveer Bhandari
Q. 9 When is world Elder Abuse day observed?
Answer: June 15
Q. 10  What does “D” stand for in TReDs?  
Answer: Discount
Q. 11 Which country’s president will be chief guest at India’s 70th Republic Day celebrations on 26 January 2019?  
Answer: South Africa
Q. 12 According to Global Wage Report 2018-19 “What Lies behind Gender pay gaps” published by International Labour Organization (ILO), on average, women are paid _____ less than men ?
Answer: 34%
Q. 13 International Aviation Summit was held in?   
Answer:  New Delhi
Q. 14 Which state doesn’t share border with Myanmar?
Answer: Tripura
Q. 15 India’s longest bridge is on which river?  
Answer: Brahmaputra
Q. 16 Bansagar project is in which state?
Answer: UP
Q. 17 Ease of doing business ranking is on how many parameters?
Answer: 10
Q. 18 First ever dog park in India was recently inaugurated in which city? Answer: Hyderabad
Q. 19 Ananth Kumar passed away, he was a?
Answer: Union Minister for Parliamentary Affairs, and Chemicals and Fertilizers
Q. 20  One District One Product’ scheme was recently launched by President in?  
Answer: UP
Q. 21 Who has been chosen for the 24th Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhavana Award for his contribution in promoting communal harmony, peace and goodwill?
Answer: Gopal Krishna Gandhi
Q. 22 Who has recently become the first Indian poet to be invited to record his poems at the Library of Congress in Washington D.C?  
Answer: Abhay K
Q. 23 Whom has BSNL has made its brand ambassador?  
Answer: Mary Kom
Q. 24 Hockey World Cup 2018 held at?  
Answer: Bhubaneshwar, Odisha
Q. 25 Early Warning system has been recently developed in which city?
Answer:  Kolkata
Q. 26: Who are Nobel Peace Prize  2018 winners?  
Answer: Denis Mukwege and Nadia Murad
Q. 27 Beyond the Line book has been written by?
Answer: Kuldeep Nayyar
Q. 28 Who won an alternative award -The New Academy Prize formed in protest to the Nobel Literature Prize?  
Answer: Maryse Conde
Q. 29 Justice Ranjan Gogoi will be the which Chief Justice of India? 
Answer: 46
Q. 30 Maharaja is the icon of ?
Answer:  Air India
Q. 31 BIMSTEC 2018 was held in?  
Answer: Nepal
Q. 32 Rashid Khan is the cricketer of?
Answer: Afghanistan
Q. 33 PM Jan Arogya Yojan will give a cover of?
Answer: Rs. 5 Lakh
Q. 34 Who was renominated as Chairman of Ethics Committee of Lok Sabha by the speaker Sumitra Mahajan recently?  
Answer: LK Advani
Q. 35 Recently which storm occurred in Odisha and Andhra Pradesh?
Answer: Titli
Q. 36  Indian Railways launched a software of what name that will enable the Railways to keep track of punctuality of trains as well as freight and passenger earnings from anywhere in the country?  
Answer: e- Drishti
Q. 37  Which Indian airport is set to become first airport in Asia to introduce face recognition-based passage system?   
Answer: Kempegowda, Bengaluru
Q. 38 Which is not one of the eight core sectors?
Answer: Textile
Q. 39 The National Mission for Clean Ganga partnered with UN Habitat to organize a policy dialogue- ‘Urban Cafe: River for Habitat’ in?
Answer: New Delhi
40First Hydrogen Train started in?
Answer:  Germany

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