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IBPS CLERK Mains 2018-19 Exam Analysis 20th January 2019: Level was Difficult

IBPS CLERK Mains 2018-19 exam is conducted today. The IBPS Clerk Mains 2018-19 (20th January 2019) exam is going to be over now. So, it’s time to share your experience with the exam as it will help others know bits and parts of the exam. Share your IBPS Clerk Mains 2018-19 exam review and IBPS CLERK MAINS Analysis. The Overall level of the exam was moderate to difficult. The analysis has been presented based on the reviews shared by our readers who appeared for the exam. You can go through the detailed exam analysis of IBPS CLERK Mains 2018-19 exam in this post.

IBPS CLERK Mains 2018-19: Good Attempts

SECTIONGood AttemptsSection timingNo of Questions
General Awareness30-3335 min50
Reasoning & Computer Aptitude25-3045 min50
English Language20-2435 min40
Quantitative Aptitude18-2245 min50
Overall Good Attempts115-125160 min190
Level of Exam – The level of the exam was Moderate to difficult.
This was the complete exam analysis of IBPS CLERK Mains 2018-19 exam. Also, we will share the Questions asked in IBPS CLERK Mains 2018-19 Exam.
Note: If you remember any question from the exam, feel free to share it in the comments section below!

Important points of IBPS CLERK Mains Exam 2018-19

The sequence of Section-

  • General Awareness
  • English Language
  • Reasoning + Computer Aptitude
  • Quantitative Aptitude

Reasoning & Computer Aptitude (Difficult-Lengthy)

Name of the topicNumber of questions Topic Level 
Sitting Arrangement and Puzzles (Linear, Month, and Box)20 Q Moderate-Difficult
Inequality – Lengthy  3- 4 Qs Moderate-Difficult
Syllogism 3- 4 Qs Moderate
Machine Input Output 5 Qs Moderate
Coding Decoding 2-3 Qs Moderate
Computer Aptitude + Coding Decoding (Lengthy) 5 Qs Moderate-Difficult
Direction Sense 3 Qs Moderate
Logical Reasoning 4-5 Qs  Moderate
Details of the topics asked in the Reasoning & Computer Aptitude Section
  1. Puzzles & Seating Arrangement
  • Circle Arrangement – 1 Circle inside & 1 circle outside – 6 people in each facing inward
  • Month date puzzle – 4 months – March May-Sept Nov – Dates – 5, 12, 21
  • Year & Date – Puzzle –  
  1. Input-Output – 
  • Double shifting pattern was asked.
  1. Coding Decoding
  • New pattern questions were there. 
  1. Inequality
  • Questions were lengthy 
  1. Syllogism
  • Questions were moderate
  1. Logical Reasoning
  • Questions were based on Inference.
  • In 3 questions you had to find the logically correct statement.
  1. Direction Sense
  • 2-3  questions were there.
  • The level of this section was Difficult-Lengthy. Some puzzles were tricky.
  • The level of this section was tough & lengthy. Some of the questions were calculative.

 English Language – The level of this section was Moderate-Difficult.

Name of the topicNumber of questions Topic Level 
Reading Comprehension – 2 sets 10 Qs Moderate-Difficult
Single Qs on RC4-5 Moderate-Difficult
Double fillers – Match the column type  5 Qs Moderate
Sentence re-arrangement-  2 Qs Moderate
Word Exchange – 5 different 5  5 Qs Moderate
Cloze Test + RC 5-6 Moderate-Difficult
Sentence Connector 3-4 Qs Moderate-Difficult
Vocabulary single Qs 2 Qs Moderate
Details of topics asked in English Section:
  1. Reading Comprehension
  • The level was difficult.
  • 2 Sets of RC was there and multiple Single Qs on Rc was also asked.
  • The topic of RC – 
  • Food effects on Health 
  • Health & Diseases 
  1. Fillers + Match The Column
  • Double Fillers were asked. 
  1. Sentence Re-arrangement 
  • Five separate qs and last part was fixed and you have to arrange 4 first parts if can be made another arrangement
  1. Cloze Test + RC
  • New pattern Cloze Test with RC was asked.
  • The level of the questions was moderate.
  1. Sentence Connector 
  • 3 connectors were given.
  • You had to identify which connector is most appropriate.
  1. Word Exchange – 5 different Qs
  2. Vocabulary single Qs –
  • Two single questions were based on vocabulary. 

Quantitative Aptitude – The level of this section was Difficult.

Name of the topicNumber of questions Topic Level 
Data Interpretation 3 sets 20 Qs Difficult
Quadratic Equation 5 Qs Difficult
Miscellaneous Questions 15 Qs  Difficult
Data Sufficiency  5 Qs Difficult
Quantity 1 & Quantity 2 4-5 Qs Difficult
Details of topics asked in Quantitative Aptitude Section:
  1. Data Interpretation – 4 sets were there.
  • 1 Caselet 
  • 1 Bar Graph – Double Bar Graph
  • 1 Table Chart
  • 1 Mixed Di. – Pie + Table 
  1. Quadratic Equation
  • 2 Equations were given. You have to analyze the relation between them.
  1. Data Sufficiency
  • 3 statements were given.
  • You had to identify which statements are necessary to answer the given question.
  • Topics were boats and stream, profit and loss, number system etc. 
  1. Mathematical inequality / Quantity based Questions:
  • Topics were Mensuration, Probability, numerical based etc. topics were there.
  1. Miscellaneous Questions
  • Miscellaneous arithmetic questions were slightly calculative but doable.
  • The topics asked were: Profit and Loss, Percentage, Average, Time and Work, TSD, etc.

General/ Economy/ Banking Awareness – General Awareness section emerged as one of the easiest section in the exam. Most of the questions were asked from the Current Affairs topic. Some of the questions were from Economy & Financial Awareness and also from Static GK also.

  • Most of the Questions asked in this section were based on Current Banking Affairs
  • There were around 4-5 questions from Static GK.
  • Around 5-6 questions were asked from Banking and Financial Awareness.
Qs are as follows – 
  • Damdama Lake is located in Gurugram
  • Golden Man Booker prize 2018 for which novel – The English Patient by Michael Ondaatje
  • Minimum branches for Banking Ombudsman
  • Difference between Import & Export is known as – 
  • IBA Chairman – Sunil Mehta 
  • World economic outlook published by – IMF 
  • Chairman of HDFC bank – Deepak Parekh

Most Questions asked from Ambitious Baba GA Capsule. 😊

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