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I entered...the door was pretty tough to was the first challenge for me 😆

After that....they asked me for a seat....
The he'd started with various questions like Introduction and then he said...."After graduating in  2015, hw many exams and Interviews have u appeared for.....I said...."Sir, almost 15-18 exams and 2 interviews including this one"

He said, "What about the previous Interview, RRB PO, qualified or not ??"

I said, "Yes sir, I'm in"

Sir : Got confirmation ?
Me : No sir, I haven't received the mail for DV/Medical yet.

Sir : What's the difference between Payments Bank and Small Business ?

Me : 🙄🧐

Me : Sir, Payment Banks and Small Finance Bank ?

Sir : Yes.

Me : Answerd, but can't give strong reasons.

Then another sir asked questions like BCBS, Basel III, CAR, etc...

Passed to mam...

She said no and continued her sleep. 😆

Then next sir : u r a private tutor....which classes u teach ??

Passed to last panelist

He was waiting for a commerce student 😈

Sir : Debt Equity Ratio ?
Me : Answerd
Sir : Gearing Ratio ?
Me : Huh ? 🙄🧐
I said sorry.
Sir : U r a commerce graduate and .......🙈🙈

Then they they were done with me 😢, and said okay thank u.

Me : Have a very good day sirs with this expression 👉 😃

Sirs : ☺

Then, have a good day mam with same expression.

Mam : 😴😴

another one
My interview experience Time:8.30 Place: Kolkata Panel:2 I entered the room and wished them good morning. Q: So your name is Awiskar. Say something about yourself. Answered Q: What is Capital market? Answered but not satisfied. Q: How many types of market are there? Q:What is inflation? How does it occur? Q: What is Current Ratio? Q: What is GST? Q: What are the taxes replaced by GST? Q: What is marginal utility? Q: You have given your 3 preference as BOB, canara and union bank so tell me something about these 3 banks. Q: What are the banks whose head quarters are in Kolkata? Q: What is the difference between Bandhan bank and allahbad bank? Q: Do you know Megnad Saha? (this ques was asked because his D.O.B was same as mine...glad i knew about it) Q: Why is Goenka college named Goenka? Q:What are the pros of bank merger? Q: what is financial inclusion? Q:Give examples of financial inclusion? There were more which i can't remember..... Thank you

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