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[22:26, 2/1/2019] SAMBASIVAN.S: Hi sir.. Thanks a lot for your selfless service...
31st January, Kolkata
Was the first one to enter in second shift...
Questions asked were..
Introduce yourself in brief...
Why you want to leave IT sector tough people theirs are well behaved and lots of other facilities are there...
Why my native place (Darbhanga) is named so..
Small finance bank.. payment bank... And it's difference
Microfinance bank..
Cyber law...
Section related to it..
Year of implementation in India...
Who owns Times India (after which newspaper do you follow)
[22:26, 2/1/2019] SAMBASIVAN.S: Venue: hyd
Panel no : 1
Panel details.
Mam sir sir sir
(M1 M2 M3 M4)

Entered into the room, greeted the panel, no one responded.
M2: Offered chair.
Me: thank you sir. Tried to greet again.
M2: intro yourself.
Me: completed the intro, (intensionally avoided family details, to avoid lengthy intro.)
M3: Tell about your family.
Me: told.
M2: started questions related to my city.
Tell about temple city and smart city.
Me: temple city Bcz of huge number of temples.. Smart city, improving infrastructure facilities (roads, railways,..) , citizen services facilities ( more online services)
M2: Tell about ujjwal scheme.
Me: affordable electricity for all households. (Wrongly said.)
M2: How to reduce power consumption.
Me: by using technology (ex LED bulbs)
M2: how to reduce the cost of electricity production.
Me: solar energy. Using renewable energy sources.
M2: In How many ways we produce electricity.
Me: Solar, thermal, tidal, wind... Etc.
M2. What is per unit cost of electricity. (Exact value)
Me: Don't know sir.
M2. What is below poverty line.
Me: tried to explain theoretically, M2 stopped in between, asked the exact value.
Me. Sorry sir, don't know.
M3. What are Govt schemes to reduce the poverty.
Me: encouraging startups, employment facilities, financial support to uplift them in terms of msme loans, agriculture loans, n subsidies providing crop insurances..... Again M3 stopped in between.
M3. Do u feel subsidy and crop insurance are same?
Me. No sir, subsidies for harvesting process things related to it, like for pesticides, fertilizers.
Crop insurance for damage of crops when natural calamities happened.
M3. What is highest literacy city in India?
Me: Kerala.
M3. What's the exact value?
Me: exactly don't know sir, but above 95%
M3: it's 100%
Me: okay sir, I will amend my knowledge.
M2. Recently, Andhra Pradesh got development awards, can u tell the exact number?
Me. Don't know sir.
M1. Mam asked one question, I forgot the question, but I answered it.
M4. What are the functions of nabard.
Me. Nabard is a sectoral financial institution provides financial facilities to improve rural infrastructure and agriculture, refinancing the agencies that are giving financial support to those sectors.
M4: said okay, in between.
All communicated, said thank you.

My interview is not lasted for 5 minutes
3 personal questions and one demand draft question
That's it.
[19:19, 2/1/2019] SAMBASIVAN.S: he Budget was first introduced in India from East-India Company to British Crown on?
- 7th April, 1860

πŸ†πŸ†The first Indian Budget was presented by James Wilson on?
- 18th February, 1869

πŸ†πŸ†The first Finance Minister of India?
- RK Shanmukham Chetty
[19:19, 2/1/2019] SAMBASIVAN.S: πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†
πŸ“šAWARDS 2018 FULL πŸ“š
»☂India Smart City Award 2018 - Surat

»☂Santokba Humanitarian Award 2018 - Kailash Satyarthi

»☂Man Booker International Award 2018 - Olga Tokarkuk

»☂Vimes Loadership Award 2018 - Sheikh Hasina

»☂Uttam Film Friedly State Award 2018 - Madhya Pradesh

☂Pulitzer Prize in Journalism - 2018 - New York Times

»☂Raj Kapoor Lifetime Achievement Award 2018 - Dharmendra Kumar

»☂Nobel Prize of Canada's Greatest Mathematician of 2018 - Robert Langland

»☂Pritjkar Award for Indian Architect 2018 - Balkrishna Guilty

»☂Kalpana Chawla Bravery Award 2018 - Anita Kundu

»☂Sahitya Academy Award for Hindi Literature 2018 - Ramesh Kuntal

»☂53rd Jnanpith Award - Krishna Sobti

»☂75th Golden Globe Awards Lifetime Achievement Award - Opera Winfrey

»☂Mother Teresa Memorial Award 2017 - Priyanka Chopra

»☂Tojon Award 2017 - Down to Earth Magazine

»☂President Pranab Mukherjee awarded the State Women Power Award to 2017 - Rajasthan

»☂Recently Miss India U. s. a. Won the title of - Mr. Saini

»☂60th Annual Grammy Award for January 2018, Who won the Album of the Year Award in 2018 - Magic of 24

»☂Vijay Harare Trophy 2018 - Karnataka

»☂Which country did Kabaddi Master Dubai 2018 - India

»☂Miss Asia (Deaf) 2018 Taj - Deshna Jain

»☂On New Delhi, the day is given by the President of Women Power Award - March 8
»☂Women's Prize for Fiction 2018 - Kamila Shamsi
[19:21, 2/1/2019] SAMBASIVAN.S: Tks
[19:22, 2/1/2019] SAMBASIVAN.S: Interview Jaipur

Asked about jhunjhunu(my home town) is in which region - Shekhawati
Other districts in Shekhawati region- Churu,sikar
3 businessmen from shekhawati- birla,laxmi pati mittal,piramal
How we decide purity of silver or gold- didn't answer
How we can improve connectivity of BSNL lease lines in banks
How we can improve electricity supply and distribution loss
Intrvw-Kya krte ho..?
Me-Sir, Pdhata hu,6-7 class ko,Maths
Interw- achha koi shararti bchha h usko kaise handle kroge
Me- I told them
Okay jao.

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