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[18:48, 2/2/2019] SAMBASIVAN.S: Bank offers deposits a savings bank current account fix a deposit account recurring deposit account gives loans and  housing, priority sector, big trading advances, industries advances. Gold loan, vehicle loan, agriculture name, export etc Banks perform ancillary services bancassurance, govt taxes collection, safe deposit lockers.
[18:48, 2/2/2019] SAMBASIVAN.S: My experience :
Chandigarh Panel 2
Done with mixed feelings.. 🀣🀣
1) aapne Kya kia hai
2) kab complete kri graduation.
3) graduation 2014 me ki or Aaj 2019 chal rha hai.. itne saal se kuch bhi Ni kia... Private kyu Ni kri..
4) family me kon Kon hai.. Kya Kya krte hai..
5) aap Hisar me kha se ho..
6) aapka khud ka Ghar hai ya kiraye pe rehte ho
7) banking me kya Kya kia hai..
8) negotiable instrument act batao
9) NI ACT me kitne section hote hai
10) definition batao : cheque, DD, Bill of exchange. (Mai unko smjhane laga to bole ki explain nhi krna definition btao.)
11)engineering krke sabhi engineers bank me kyu aa rhe hai . Abhi Tak jitne bhi interview liye hai 90% science stream see hai.. πŸ˜‘
12) agar aapki job placement south me ho gyi to Kya aap apni family ko chorke chale jaoge..
13) CRR kya hota hai
14) RBI bank ko CRR ke badle Kya deta hai?
15) agar CRR pe kuch nhi deta to bank ko to nuksan hota hai.. frr aisa kyu?
That's all..
Thank you...
Aap ja sakte ho..
Mere panel me 5 bande the (4M, 1F)
Mere see sirf 1 hi Banda question Puch rha tha..
Ma'am mobile me game khel rhi thi..
Or baaki bss observe kr rhe the or mere har answer ke baad page pee kuch likh rhe the..
Interview time 12-15 minutes
[18:48, 2/2/2019] SAMBASIVAN.S: Completed interview panel 3 (3+1)
Tell us about yourself
Strong and weaknesses
I'm m. Tech embedded system
Asked y not core side explained
Chairman yesterday one import happened in parliament said
Any new schems said
How u will control the clerk if they r not doing u re work don't your ego hurts
Lady member asked abt Rbi governor n hq n functions
Last member asked in which bank u have account n branches
Difference between debit n credit
What r the criteria to issue credit card
Denomination of currency which was introduced for 1st time 200rs n 2000rs
OK thank you all the best 😊 interview in Hyderabad
[18:48, 2/2/2019] SAMBASIVAN.S: Where ar u from...
What have u done in education
What done till now..
Why bob is in news right now (said bob is amalgamating in vijaya and dena corrected me..)
Why amalgamation is been done....(then had a discussion as i said bcz capital will increase no infusion will be required he said how and rwa will also increase )
About the car ratio of bob dena vijaya
Bob batya dena vijaya pta nhi tha
M2- kanpur se unnao ka distance
Branch ka business bataoin
Cd ratio-nhi pta
Unnao ke baarey main batoin
Unnao main khass kya hain...
Unnao news main kyu tha abhi...(for mla rape case..) chairman insisted to move ahead
What is interest subvention scheme
How implemented
What is there in budget
Last question chairman-
What have you done for business lead generatiin in branch
[18:48, 2/2/2019] SAMBASIVAN.S: Entered at 11:35am.
Five members in all, including 1 woman.
M1- Please sit down and introduce yourself.
Me- told, mentioned city of joy term. 🌚
M4- Do you think it is still the city of joy..😏
Me- I justified the term.
M2- And what about a dozen strikes every year..
All laughed😁😁😁😁
Meanwhile Lady banker went to attend nature's call🧻
M1- What  did you do your grad with ..
Me- told.
M3- what were you doing since 2014 since you are graduated long back.
Me - told and justified.
M2- Can you tell me any 3 female  l who are head of their countries.
Me- told about names of NZ, UK, Germany.
M2- someone nearer home?
Me-Sheikh hasina of BDπŸ§•πŸ»
M3- will you give loan to a blind person?
Me-😐 I'll try to help him out-as banker-i think it is allowed irrespective of any deformity, to every Indian citizen who confirms with kyc.
M1- do you know the difference between term and demand loan?
Me- knew about term loan , no idea about demand loan.
M3- do u have account?
Me- yes. Told other things about joint account.
M3- are you allowed to open account to open account below 10 year old.?
Me- πŸ˜‘ I think it's jointly held with adult guardian.
M3- do u have debit card. ? What is the black stripes behind? What is used for?
Me- told.
Meanwhile Lady panelist came back after washroom and chill🧞‍♀
FπŸ‘΅πŸ»- why didn't you go for core companies when you could instead of banking job.
Me- (thinking you were not here when I answered thisπŸ™„) explained myself again.
FπŸ‘΅πŸ»- I would have gone for a private job along with preparation if I we're at your place.
Me- yes ma'am. 🀠
M3- so u r from banker family? what do u mean by demand loan and term loan?
Me- told about term loan. No idea about demand loan😢
Panel- ok  miss Moulisha all the best , thank you.
Me- Thank you sirs and ma'am. πŸ€—

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