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Respected Sir, 
I would like to thank you for your selfless service for the candidates like me. You had taken 2 mock interviews which boosted my confidence so much. It was because of you that I was able to focus on preparing for interview rather than getting stuck in negativity and anticipation.
I am herewith sharing my interview experience for your consideration.

Name: Alok Mishra.
Education: Integrated MSc (Physics).
Stay : Allahabad, UP.
Interview location : Hotel Grand JBR, Lucknow.
Reporting time : 01:00 PM.
Date : 01-Feb-2019.
Interview time : around 4:15 PM.
Duration: 9-11 minutes.
PANEL: M1, F, M2, M3, M4.
I was very nervous when I was waiting for my turn but as my name was called, I boosted my confidence and went inside the room with full confidence, positive attitude and smiling face.
Me: May I come in sir?
M1: yes. Come in.
I went inside and wished them Good evening and stood beside the chair. The panel was busy with some paper work. I kept standing. After 15-20 seconds, M2 (Head) asked me to sit.
Me: Thank you sir.
M2 : He himself started explaining the meaning of my name to lighten the mood. This conversation happened in Hindi.
M1: Without mentioning any names, tell us about your family background, your last degree and year of passing that degree. (Again in Hindi)
Me(in English) : Told them about the family background.
(They understood that I was answering in english more comfortably. So, all questions were asked in english)
M2 (interrupting in between) : 2 cross questions from the job of my father.
Me : Answered with confidence.
After this, I told about my educational background and year of passing. 
M2 and M1 kept interrupting and asking cross questions. But, in a very cooperative and nice way.
In between M3 gave some comments and spoke hardly 1-2 sentence.
But, All of them were maintaining an eye contact with me and I was also doing the same.
In between some more questions regarding my moving from UP to TAMILNADU to pursue my studies followed.
M2: What is the role of banking industry in the economic growth of the country. 
Me: answered about the smooth credit flow.
M2: Have you heard of Farmer's loan waiver? 
Me: Yes sir.
M2: is it good or bad for the bank ?
Me: started with farmer's point of view and ended with bank's perspective concluding that it is bad for the bank.
M2: So, you are saying that loan waiver is bad for the bank ?
Me: Yes sir. (With confidence)
M2 : okay. We have heard a lot of candidates and even some of our ministers saying that it is not good for the bank. What in your opinion could be the solution for it ? 
Me: Started with mentioning KALIA scheme launched by Odisha Govt and told them the main focus shouldn't be on over dependency on only farming activities but on non farming activity as well.
For example : a farmer can have a dairy, he can lend his machinery like tractor etc to others and earn from it.
Now female panelist asks me : 
F: What are the other non farming activities a farmer does to increase his income ?
Me: ( thinking for 30 seconds, my mind didn't fetch me any names) Sorry mam, I can't recollect at this moment.
M2 encouraged me to think and answer.
After thinking for another 15 seconds , 
Me: Sorry sir, I can't recollect at this moment.
M2: (in a calm manner) she meant Poultry, bee keeping etc. 
Meanwhile I was nodding and agreeing to their point. 
(Silence of 10 seconds)
M3: okay, That will be all.
All the panel members agreed. 
I thanked all of them and wished them accordingly.


With regards, nks 

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