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I am sharing my IBPS PO 2018 Interview Experience. Please try to give a rating or feedback or an expected score that i can expect from this interview.

Date:- 01/02/2019
Venue:- UCO Bank Head Office, Ashok Nagar, Bhubaneswar.
Reporting Time: 08:30 AM

There were a total of 24 candidates in the list under Panel-3. But around 3-4 candidates were absent that day. Ours was the last day of the interview conducted in that venue.

I reached the venue 5 minutes early. We entered the premises at 8:45 AM.
Then we were seated in the room allotted to our Panel.
We were greeted by an instructor(probably a Bank staff of that branch) and he called out our names(Roll No. Wise) and assigned a serial number. We were given a form to fill and mention the list of documents that we had to submit them while document verification. We were asked to arrange the documents in a particular order.

First of all we were called for Biometric verification(done by TCS guy). We had to enter serially as per the number assigned to us.
2 candidates had issue with the matching of Right thumb impression which was later sorted out.

Second was the document verification. We had to show the original certificates and photocopy of those were matched,verified then submitted to them.
Then comes the Interview round.
My serial no. was 16 so i had to wait quite long than expected.
The guy who entered first was lucky one and had his interview last for around 25 minutes.
To my surprise, after interviewing the 15th serial no. candidate, the panelists took a break of around 15-20 minutes.
I was nervous and somewhat exhausted waiting so long.
Finally i heard the bell and entered the interview room.
There were 5 people in the panel all around or above 55 years age.
4 Males n 1 Female.

I opened the door slowly and wished them Good Morning Sirs and Mam.
They asked to me have a seat then only i sat.
Their faces looked serious but i tried to have a smile on my face but lost my smile somewhere during the conversation.
The Male panelist in the middle was a General Manager. He started the conversation. Then the female panelist asked my name.
I was not asked to introduce myself.

*M1- Your name is xyz..
>Me- Yes Sir

*F1- So your name is xyz. Are you from Berhampur?
>Me- My native/place of ancestral origin is Berhampur but i was born n brought up in Rourkela(Steel City of Odisha).

*M1- When did you passout and what is your qualification. Why there is a long gap in between?
>Me- Explained in short and honestly. But he seemed uninterested.

*M2- Explain me about Atom. What an Atom consists. What is valency. Why is inert gas called inert gas.
>Me- I tried to answer as much i knew. But he kept on asking me questions from Chemistry in spite of knowing that i did my B.Tech from Electronics & Telecommunications.

*F1- Have you heard about Swachh Bharat. Elaborate it. When was it launched and why?
>Me- Answered in detail.

*F1- What is the name of the health insurance scheme launched on a massive scale. Explain in detail about it.
>Me- Explained in detail.

*M3- Do you have a bank account? Have you seen a cheque? Tell me the difference between Cross Cheque and Bearer Cheque.
>Me- Answered but he was not satisfied.

*M1- Tell me something about 'Restructuring of Loans'
>Me- I was unable to recall at that moment and linked that with NPA. But after noticing his face i knew that i have said it wrong.

*M4- What is BHIM ? What is the use of it?
>Me- Answered it in detail.

*M1- Ok Tell me something about your family like parents, brothers n sisters.
>Me- Answered to the point.

*M1- Ok so you want to join a bank as a PO. What are the qualities that are essential to have to be a successful banker.
>Me- I mentioned few qualities and skills like Good Mathematical/Analytical Skills, Good Communication Skills,
Positive attitude, Inter Personal Skills, Ability to handle pressure, Commitment, Polite Behavior, Willingness to take on challenges.

*M1- Ok Tell me how do you assess/rate yourself out of 10?
>Me- First of all i was a bit hesitant (by saying Sir i have tried to give my best and now it's up to you to decide) but when i was asked to say a number out of 10, i said considering my performance somewhat above average, i would rate myself between 7-8 out of 10.

*M1- Ok Thank You Have a good day.
>Me- Thank You Sirs and Mam. Wished them at first and stood up then while coming out of the room wished them again.

Slowly opened the door and closed it as it was when i entered the room.
I noticed that the Female panelist was observing me consistently.

That's all about my first IBPS PO Interview Experience.
[16:39, 2/3/2019] +91 94394 33433: It hardly lasted for around 7-8 minutes.

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