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3 February 2019
Hotel The Grand JBR, Lucknow
1 PM Panel 2
Reached the centre at 12 15
Entered DV room
DV waale sir recognised me. I don't know how. Aaiye Bhatia Sahab form bhariye  Aazam Khan(My city's MLA) se milte rehte hoge. 
Me- Pehle mila tha
Dv- Samajwadi Sarkar mei(Laughte huye)
Me- Ji sir (:D)
After DV we were asked to go upstairs
I was fifth in the list
The door guy called me when I was listening Kar Har Maidaan Fateh
I waited for about 5 minutes outside. 
Then the door opened & panelist asked door guy about the lunch. 
So they went for lunch. I was looking at them wondering ki pehle mera le lete. 
After lunch time, my turn was about to come when panelist called another guy over me (I don't know why)
Finally the bell rang & here me entering the room
Time- 2:15 PM 
Good morning sirs & Good morning mam (Blunder)
They asked me to sit
Their were 1 lady & 3 Gents
Chairman- Naam kya hai
Me- Vansh Bhatia
Meanwhile another sir entered the room (I stand & wished him Good Afternoon sir. Thankfully he also replied & asked me to sit)
L(Lady)- Rampur se ho
Me- Yes mam
L- MLA kaun 
Me- Aazam Khan
L- abhi tak (with a smile)
Me- Yes mam
L- kya kiye ho
Bba last year
So Mba kiye ho
Me-No mam Bba
Yaha to mba likha hua hai
Acha acha bba
L-Kis specialisation mei kiye ho
Me- Finance
L- aapki posting ek chote shetra mei hai ar aapko apni branch ka business expand karna hai. 50 bank accounts ka target hai.Kya karenge aap
Me- Mai market place ko target karunga ar shopkeepers ko convince karunga jisse wo current accounts khulwaye 
L- Savings account bhi chahiy. 50 zyada ho gya ek din ke liy
Aap 15 savings ar 5 current khulwaiye
Me- 5 shopkeers ko convince karunga to open current accounts ar saving accounts ke benefit bhi btaunga jisse shopkeepers ke family members savings account khul sake. Kyuki generally ek family mei 4-5 members hote hi hai.
L- Types of cards btao
Me- Basically 2 type ke hote hn
Debit card 
Credit card
Debit card mei jitna balance hota hai utna hi withdrawal
Credit card mei overdraft limit milti hai
L- Credit card kaise bechoge
Me- Is baar salaried class ko target karunga. Isse bank ko benefit hoga kyuki credit card pe bank ko interest milta hai & agar koi timely repay ni kar paaya to kaafi penalty bhi lagti hai jisse bank ko fayda hota hai
M3- Indian Economy ki sabse badi problem kya hai
Me- Farmer's distress sabse badi problem hai.
M3- Kyu hai problem Sarkar kya kar rahi 
Me- Farmers ki income mei substancial increase ni ho ra hai jitna hona chahiye as per inflation. Sarkar ne budget mei PM Kisan Yojana shuru ki hai jisse farmers ko 6k rs direct benefit transfer se milegi 2k ki 3 installments mei.
M3- Isse dugani ni hogi income bhut km hai. Sarkar ne dugani karne ke liy kya kiya ar
Me- Budget mei hi animal husbandry waale Kisan Credit Card ko 2% interest subvention diya & timely repay karne mei extra 3% ar milega.
M3- 9% KCC. 2% km is 7 & 3% is 4%. Isse income kaha bdegi ye to kyi saal se hai.
Me- Sir ek kaam kar sakti hai sarkaar. Farmers ke land ko pool karde kyuki kaafi zyada log ek choti si zameen pe kheti karte hn. Isse income increase hogi.
M3- Ye aap cooperative farming bol rahe ho ya ______(c se kuch tha) farming. 
Me- I don't know the type but aisa kar sakte hn farmers
M3- Cooperative se to kuch hoga ni
C___ se ho sakta hai. Par farmers ko 14% real growth chahiy 4 years mei. That's not possible. Gujarat mei isse kuch ni hua.
Me- Input Materials mei jo government subsidy deti hai, farmers ko 1 time free mei dede. 
(i was about to say about organic farming)
M3- Thank You beta (with a big smile) 
Me- Thank You everyone & left

another candidate
Interview venue  : Chandigarh Panel 4
4 M 1 F
Entered and wished them Good afternoon.
M1 : Please Sit Down
Me : Thankyou Sir
M1 : So some write Sourav while others Saurabh ( with laughter)
Me : Sir Explained somehow.
M2 : Sourav tell me about your family background.
Me : Told and answered some cross questions aboht father's profile.
M2 : What is quality of a good content writer ( as I mentioned that I work as a freelance content writer)
Me : Told
M2 : What  students are saying about us thst how is the panel.
Me : I said they are saying that panel is friendly and I am also feeling the same. ( with smile)
M3 : Tell me any topic of from where I ask you questions.
Me : Money instrument.
M3 : Difference between certificate of deposits and commercial papers.
Me : Told.
M4 : What do u know by short term and long term borrowings.
Me : told
M4 : Minimum and maximum limit for which u can do fd.
Me : Told
M2 : Favorite actor and actress.
Me : Told
M2 : Negotiable instruments mein cheque kis section mein defined hai.
Me : Answered
M2 : Okay Sourav Have a nice day, Good luck
Me : Thankyou Sirs and Mam

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