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AME: Vijay
VENUE: Hotel Astor, Patna
TIME: 8:00 AM

I have reached on time and had smooth document verification as they are very active.

Panel III: 5 Members
Total members: 5 (4 Male, 1 Female)

M1: So Mr. Vijay! Aap Kaha se hain. Padhayi kha se huyi hai.
ME: Answered.

M1: You have graduated in mathematics. What is the need of it in banking.
ME: Answered.

M1: Why do we select you?
ME: Answered confidently.

M3: Do you know what is lead bank?
ME: I answered but he was not satisfied.

M3: Who gave it tag.
ME: Sorry sir, I don't know.

M3: So along with mathematics, you also read physics.
ME: Yes sir.

M3: Why we use red light in trains.
ME: Answered

M1: What are you doing after graduation as I have gap. 
ME: Answered confidently and I think he was satisfied.

M3: Why it is necessary to push a moving car but it does not require any push when it started.
ME: Answered confidently.
M4: Very good.

M1: Relate frequency and wavelength.
ME: I answered in doubt. I think inversely proportional to each other.

M3: MUZZAFERPUR se to nahi hai na aap. I think bol rahe aap.

"All Laughed." 

M2: How banks are categorised?

ME: Answered.

M2: Difference between PSU and private banks.
ME: Answered.

M2: What is RRB?

ME: I answered but I made mistake in percentage allocations.

Even M1 told me to confirm from book after interview. I felt sad at that moment but anyhow I didn't loose my composure.

L1: So do you read Banking?

ME: Yes mam!

M5: What is CRR and SLR?
ME: Answered.

M1: What is NDTL? 
ME: Answered.

M1: What is time liability and demand?
ME: I answered only time liability.

M1: Who invented zero?

ME: I answered it wrong.

And one more follow up question about aryabhatta from where he was? I told only that he was from Bihar. M1 shaked hand with me and told it was nice talk with you Mr Vijay.

Medium was hinglish!
I want to express my sincere thanks to Bankersadda for helping me out on each and every occasion during my entire time of preparation. I spent daily like 3-4 hours scrolling bankersadda website, the questions posted in the quiz section were really helpful. Thanks a lot. Here's my interview details.

Rahul Gupta
DATE: 31st January 2019
VENUE: Bank of India STC, Noida

My reporting time was 1 PM. I reached there a little bit late by 1:05. I was directly sent to the Biometric Verification room. I was one of the last students to have completed Biometric. Soon they told me to wait in the gallery where more than 30 students were already waiting. We waited for almost 2 hours before my document verification was done. Then I was told to go up to the first floor where interviews were taking place. 

After 1 hour of restless wait, my turn came. Mine was Panel III. There were 5 people inside M1, M2, M3, M4 and a lady who was sitting on the left end.
Panel IIII: 5 Members
Total members: 5 (4 Male, 1 Female)

"May I come in Mam?"
L1: Yeah Come in.

M2: Take a Seat.
ME: Thank You Sir.

M1: So Rahul, introduce yourself.
ME: Answered.

M2: So why do want to join Banking after Engineering?
ME: Told them a typical answer. They must be expecting something similar answer as M2 interrupted in between. 

M2: Tell me what is Priority Sector Lending?
ME: Answered.

M2: Why do banks need to lend to farmers?
ME: Answered.

M2: What are the types of Agriculture?
ME: Answered.

M2: Are you missing out something?
ME: Sir, I don't remember.

M2: Are fisheries, Dairy, and Poultry not part of agriculture?
ME: Yes Sir, They are.

L1: What is a saving account? How does it differ from F.D.? 
ME: Answered.

L1: What are the interest rates banks give on both type of accounts?
ME: Answered. 

M4: You have a subject on your mark sheet "Artificial Intelligence & Expert System" Tell me about that.
ME: Answered.

M4: What is AI and its role in the Banking sector?
ME: Answered.

M4: Can AI put human existence in Danger?
ME: Answered.

M3: Do you have a bank account? Which bank?
ME: Answered.  

M3: How many SBI Branches are there in India.
ME: Sir I don’t know the exact number but close to 20,000.

M3: What is the IFSC code of your bank?
ME: Answered.  

M3: What do you mean by an IFSC code?
ME: Answered.  

M3: Does it indicate the bank name or branch name?
ME: Answered. 

M3: Who regulates stock markets in India?
ME: Told them about SEBI its functions, headquarter and chairman. M3 interrupted this time 

M3: Forget about chairman tell me who regulates Insurance companies in India. 
ME: (Got confused for a while. Thanks to God I was able to recollect it on time) IRDA.

M3: What is the full form?
ME: Insurance Regulatory and (again blank for a while...soon) Development Authority of India.
M3 : Very Good. (He saw me struggle with the answer but finally, I got it right)

M2: What do you understand by the term “Men In Blue”?
ME: It refers to Indian Cricket Team. (was not sure but this flashed in my mind)

M2: Indian Cricket Team Playing ODI and Test both?
ME: Yes Sir.

M2: But in Test Matches they wear a white dress, Don’t they?
ME: Yes Sir They do.

M2: Then why they are called Men in Blue?
ME: Because Sir their ODI & T20I jersey color is Blue and based on test matches one can’t come up with such names.

M2: No, They are referred Men in Blue when they play ODI and T20s only, Not in Tests.
ME: Okay Sir.

M3: Recently two of the Indian Cricketers were in news? Can you name them?
ME: Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul.

M3: So why they were in News?
ME: (Answered) He didn’t look satisfied with the answer so further asked.

M3: What were the comments they had given during the show?
ME: Awkward..What shall I say. What are words I have to skip using here. Somewhat answered close to the comments they had made. Told them about dressing room, Cheerleaders and Party One.

M3: That’s it?
ME: Yes Sir. 

M3: Thank You Rahul and All the Best!
ME: Thank You So Much Sir, Mam.

"I came out with a smile."
DATE: 3 February 2019 
VENUE: Hotel The Grand JBR, Lucknow

Reached the centre at 12:15 PM. Entered DV room. DV waale sir recognised me. I don't know how. 

DV: Aaiye Bhatia Sahab form bhariye. Aazam Khan (My city's MLA) se milte rehte hoge. 
ME: Pehle mila tha
DV: Samajwadi Sarkar mei(Laughte huye)
ME: Ji Sir!

After DV we were asked to go upstairs. I was fifth in the list. The door guy called me when I was listening Kar Har Maidaan Fateh. I waited for about 5 minutes outside. Then the door opened & panelist asked door guy about the lunch. So they went for lunch. I was looking at them wondering ki pehle mera le lete. After lunch time, my turn was about to come when panelist called another guy over me (I don't know why). Finally the bell rang & here me entering the room.

Panel II: 5 Members
Total Members: (3 Male, 1 Female)
"Good morning sirs & Good morning mam (Blunder)"

Chairman: Naam kya hai?
ME: Vansh Bhatia.

Meanwhile another sir entered the room(I stood & wished him Good Afternoon sir. Thankfully he also replied & asked me to sit).

L1: Rampur se ho?
ME: Yes mam.

L1: MLA kaun? 
ME: Aazam Khan.

L1: abhi tak(with a smile)
ME: Yes mam.

L1: Kya kiye ho?
ME: BBA last year.

L1: So MBA kiye ho?
ME: No mam BBA.

L1: Yaha to mba likha hua hai. Acha acha bba

L1: Kis specialisation mei kiye ho
ME: Finance

L1: Aapki posting ek chote shetra mei hai ar aapko apni branch ka business expand karna hai. 50 bank accounts ka target hai. Kya karenge aap?
ME: Mai market place ko target karunga and shopkeepers ko convince karunga jisse wo current accounts khulwaye.

L1: Savings account bhi chahiye. 50 zyada ho gya ek din ke liye. Aap 15 savings and 5 current khulwaiye
ME: 5 shopkeepers ko convince karunga to open current accounts and saving accounts ke benefit bhi btaunga jisse shopkeepers ke family members savings account khul sake. Kyuki generally ek family mei 4-5 members hote hi hai.

L1: Types of cards btao
ME: Basically 2 type ke hote hai. Debit card & Credit card. Debit card mei jitna balance hota hai utna hi withdrawal. Credit card mei overdraft limit milti hai.

L1: Credit card kaise bechoge?
ME: Is baar salaried class ko target karunga. Isse bank ko benefit hoga kyuki credit card pe bank ko interest milta hai & agar koi timely repay ni kar paaya to kaafi penalty bhi lagti hai jisse bank ko fayda hota hai.

M3: Indian Economy ki sabse badi problem kya hai?
ME: Farmer's distress sabse badi problem hai.

M3: Kyu hai problem Sarkar kya kar rahi?
ME: Farmers ki income mae substancial increase ni ho ra hai jitna hona chahiye as per inflation. Sarkar ne budget mei PM Kisan Yojana shuru ki hai jisse farmers ko 6K Rs. direct benefit transfer se milegi 2K ki 3 installments mei.

M3: Isse dugani ni hogi income bhut km hai. Sarkar ne dugani karne ke liye kya kiya?
ME: Budget mae hi animal husbandry waale Kisan Credit Card ko 2% interest subvention diya & timely repay karne mei extra 3% aur milega.

M3: Isse income kaha bdegi ye to kyi saal se hai.
ME: Sir ek kaam kar sakti hai sarkaar. Farmers ke land ko pool karde kyuki kaafi zyada log ek choti si zameen pe kheti karte hn. Isse income increase hogi.

M3:  Ye aap cooperative farming bol rahe ho ya ______(C se kuch tha) farming. 
ME: I don't know the type but aisa kar sakte hai farmers.

M3: Cooperative se to kuch hoga ni?
ME: Cooperative se ho sakta hai. Par farmers ko 14% real growth chahiye 4 years mae. That's not possible. Gujarat mei isse kuch ni hua.
ME: Input Materials mae jo Government subsidy deti hai, farmers ko 1 time free mei dede. 
(I was about to say about organic farming)

M3: Thank You beta (with a big smile).
ME: Thank You everyone & left.
Interview Venue: Ranchi (Canara Bank Circle office)
Date: 08/02/2019
Time: 11 A.M.

I arrived at the venue at 10:30 AM. Waited there for 20 minutes then we got entry. I was at 4th number among 20 candidates in my group. We were served Tea and Snacks(biscuits). Then our Documents Verification was done. Then our Biometric was done. It was GD+Interview.

So our GD started at 2 P.M. nearly. 4 members were there in the panel of GD. They told us about the Decorum of GD and we were given 3 minutes to prepare and jot down our points on a pad which they had provided.  After that time we were given 2 minutes each to tell our views on the topic (sequence was chosen randomly like the chairperson called number 2 then number 8 then number 18 and so on) I was number 4. And after all the individual views, we were given a common time of 15 minutes to discuss on the topic among ourselves. 


After the GD was over it was time for the interview round. I was 4th on number. We were taken (2 at a time) to a room which was divided into two parts- the outer room was to sit and wait and the inner room was the place where interview was going on. My turn came and I was indicated to go inside the interview room.

Panel : 5 Members
Total Members: (4 Male, 1 Female)

"May I come in Sir?"
M1: Yes Please.
ME: Good afternoon Mam and Sirs.

M1: Good afternoon, Please sit down.
ME: Thank you Sir.

M2: So Tushar (my name) tell something about your family.
ME: Sir my family consists of four members including me. My father is in FCI- Food corporation of India, my mother is a house wife and my elder brother is pursuing MBA.

M2: At what post is your father?
ME: Sir he is at AGM post.

M2: What is FCI? What was the need to establish FCI?
ME: I had prepared well about FCI as my father had told me to be ready for these type of questions. So I answered him this.

M2: Does FCI deal in Public distribution?
M2: Grains are getting rotten at many places in FCI so what are the reasons?
ME: I answered them all.

M2 said to the Mam saying "Mam you can ask"!

L1: What all do you know about Canara Bank?
ME: I had again prepared for this question so I told all about Canara Bank including that at present there is no MD and CEO of canara bank and the post is lying vacant.

M5: What was the need for nationalisation?
ME: I explained them.

M5: What is today's headline?
ME: Mam Repo Rate has changed from 6.5 to 6.25% and thus RRP has changed to 6% and MSF and Bank rate has changed to 6.5%.

M1: What is Indradhanush scheme?
ME: I had studied but I was not able to recall. So I told - Sir I have read about the term but I am unable to recall it right now.

M1: Ok, Indradhanush is about what? Any clue 
ME: Silent for a few seconds then I replied Sorry sir unable to recall it.

M1: What is the biggest concern that the banks are facing at present?
ME: Sir NPA. Explained NPA and went on saying Sir NPA is basically divided into three categories. 
M1: Okay okay stop.

M1: So you are from Patna. Recently one person got Padma Shri award from Patna, Do you know her name?
ME: Yes sir, She is Jyoti kumar Sinha and she got the award in the field of Affordable Education. 

M1: Which sport do you like the most?
ME: Badminton 

M1: What is the length and width of the badminton court in singles and doubles?
ME: I was ready for this game too, so I replied them.

M1: Name any two international players of Badminton.
ME: Carolina Marin from Spain and Tai Tzu Ying from Taiwan.

Okay Tushar Thank you for coming. ALL THE BEST.

Take this chocolate (Many chocolates were kept there in the plate so i picked one and greeted them Thanks and left the room).

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