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1. RBI is calculating term repo for how many days ?
   A) 20 days B) 14 days C) 16 days D) 12 days ANS: B
2. Full form of MSS ANS: Market stabilization scheme
3. Full form of CMB ANS: Cash Managment bills.
4. What is  ALLONGE in banking? ANS: white paper attached to a cheque for writing endorsement.
5.What is called an Inchoate Instrument under NI act 1881?
   ANS: non completed instrument
6. Endorsement in banking means: ANS: writing on back side of cheque.
7.Red Herring in banking means?ANS: means draft copy of the companies documents called PROSPECTORS send to SEBI for approval.
8.PROSPECTORS means in banking? ANS: Documents covering about organisation.
9.What is ZERO COUPON BOND in banking?
ANS:certificate given for taking money as deposit or loan.
10.What is SOLVENCY in a bank?
ANS: net worth of customer based on property.


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