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What is TNT? • What is Diode? • What is C-MOS? • What is an alloy? • Full from of Laser • What is Firewall? • What is Bitcoin? • What is RDBMS? • Who is Steve Jobs? • What is Article 370? • What is Data Mining? • What is Boyle's Law? • Latest version of Oracle? • What is Law of Motion? • What is Semi Conductor? • What is Global Warming? • What is Network Security? • What is Date Warehousing? • What is Digital Signature? • What is Break Even Point? • What is Nano Technology? • What is the Speed of Sound? • Latest Version of Windows? • What is Cloud Computing?

What is Archemedes Principle? • Tell me about Chipko Movement. • What is meant by Carbon Credit? • What is Non Conventional Energy? • What is Radar? Full form of Radar • Name of India's Super Computer? • What are basic account principles? • What is Half Duplex and Full Duplex? • Difference between UPS and Battery? • Can we increase Oil Production in India? • Who invented windows? Which company? • How is Nano Technology used in Banking? • What is IP address? Is it Logical or Physical? • Find Binary Digit, Hexadecimal of a number. • What type of Crops they grow in your region?
Find Binary Digit, Hexadecimal of a number. • What type of Crops they grow in your region? • What is the Function of Financial Management? • What is Opportunity Cost? What is Absolute Cost? • How many Nobel Prize has Indian won? Name them • Difference between 4th and 5th Generation Computer?
Who is the Chief Justice of India? • Who is Finance Minister of India? • Name four Deputy Governor of RBI? • Who is Chief Election Commissioner? • Who is Chief Information Commissioner? • Is RTI a Fundamental Right? • Who is Finance Minister of your State? • Who is Home Minister of your State? • Who is Chief Minister of your State? • Who is Governor of your State? • Who is Finance Secretary of India? • What is Planning Commission? • Who is CAG? Its Functions

 Meaning of your name • Hobbies, Strength and Weakness • What are today's headlines? • How important is this Interview to you? • Name of your college? If ans is Gautam Buddha University/Mother Therssa University, then follow up questions were like - Tell me something about Buddha. • Why 2/3/4 years of gap between your graduation and now? What you did in between?


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