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1.What is the scope of work of law officer in banks (LAW OFFICER INTERVIEW QUESTIONS)

2. Tell me something about Clayton's rule

3. What is the difference between valid and voidable contract

4. Tell me about the types of mortgages with spcl reference to equitable mortgage

5. What is the diff btw mortgage, hypothecation, charges under which provision of cpc u cnt arrest a female

2 difference between fixed and floating charges

3. What is the diff btw manager and leader

4. Tell me about ur strengths and weaknesses

5.what do you think about the abrogation of article 370

6. What do u think of about the amendments in RTI act

7. Tell me the diff btw universal gift and onerous gift

 1 tell me something about mercy killing case? what do u think about sc judgment on this

2 why rental agreement is of 11 months...why not more than 12 months

3 what is the diff btw arbitration and conciliation

4 what do u think about the judgment of sabrimala

5 what do u think about the use of article 142 in ayodha verdict

6 why u want to join bank as a law officer

7 tell me something about yourself ( v imp questions prepare for this to sound optimistic)

8 how agreements decide governing law

9 two most important and common clause in a MSA which is common to all industry

10 tell me the meaning of adverse possession 

11. Tell me at least 5 diffs btw 1956 and 2013 company act

12 tell me diff types of meetings under the companies act

: 1. Why ibps so?why not Po or clerk

2. Where do you see yourself after 5 years from now on

3. How can you contribute towards the development and growth of our bank

4. Why you have given preference to this bank only under your DAF

5. Tell me something about your achievements


Technical questions

1. What do you mean by the term bankers lien

2. Why do you think there is a need for IBC

3. What do you think about code on wages.

4. Do you think women director under company act 2013 was necessary?

5. How will you differentiate btw banks and nbfc?

6. Tell me the latest constitutional amendments

I need some help from u all, 

Kindly post here ur  ibps law off interview questions.


Plz mention  ur place of interview also.


Thanks to all in advance


My experience


 Place :- Chandigarh


1. Diff between compensation & damages.


2. DRT Limit


3. Estoppel & types & section no. 


4. Symbolic Possession.




6. SARFAESI Latest Amendment regarding Jurisdiction


7. Sarfaesi on NBFC


8. LATEST AMENDMENTS in baking laws.


 9. India top advocates


10.  Mortgaged property ko lease prr de skte h ?


11. Full form of LLB ?


12. History of RTI Act


13.  Criminal appeal limitation period ?


14. Sarfaesi Sec 13 full explanation




1. District forum headed by....

2. DRT is headed by.....

3. RBI pays interest on CRR.....

4. Limitation for suit case ..

5. Defferred payment guarantee ...

6. Banks can invest in other co shares up what percentage.

7. Minimum number of directors in public and private co...

8. Back to back LC....

9. Indemnity comes in which act....

10. Case study for cheque payment

11. Choose correct answer among option where bank gets protection ...

12. Documents of title goods ...

13. After Lok adalat where one can file suit ... None

14. National commission: age for presiding  officer and his tenure .

15. Acts of negotiable instrument

16. Characterstics of FEMA

17. Pay as u earn relates to which tax.

18. Equitable mortgage

19. LIC policy again loan called assignment.

20. Case study to determine which type of charge is created.

21. Relationship with bank and costumer in case of safe deposit locker.

22. No of parties involved in LC, Guarantee

23. Loan against FD of other deposit is given or not.

24. Loan against shares and debenture, charge created called.....

25. FEMA is regulated by...




Aaj mera interview tha lucknow me

Board was good but bahut questions the unke pass puchne ko

Start with from where u are

Law kab kiya 

Itne din kya kiya kis tarah ke matters deal kiya

Sec 375 kya hai

Company law kab ka hai 

Pvt company aur public company kya hai

Nomination kya hai

Aisa kaun sa court hai jaha advocates ki jarurat nahi hai

Bank consumer court ke domain me aata hai? 

Sarfasei sec 17 se appeal kaha jayega

Kitna amount deposit karna padega to file appeal in drat

Criminal cases me state ka kya role hai

Criminal cases me complainant kaun hota hai

What is law ?


I was asked about

1. Tell me about your education and experience ( he interrupted me in Experience)

2. What kind of matters your law firm deals with?

3. Do u have any bank panel? I answered No

4. Then you mean to say you have no bank related matters experience? Is it so.? ( I answered sir i have knowledge of 138  NI Act

5. What is 138 ?( Then i just started telling them and i didnt stop for almost 3-4 minutes)

6. What were the facts of the case of 138 you filed in court.

7. Next few questions were from my case itself to crosscheck i was not lying

8.  What is Mortgage?

9. What are its types

10. Name them

11. Simple mortgage versus registered mortgage

12. What is english mortgage

13. RRB deals with what kind of mortgage

14. D/f between  simple mortgage and deposit  of title deeds mortgage

 15. Next few question were from execution..( i didnt know where were they from 😝)

 16. Asked me latest judgment if any which effected banks? I answered essar steel and mittal

 17. Sarfaesi act they asked me something...i answered what i knew about sarfaesi😝

18. Few more questions which i dont remember now..they were from ibc , crpc


First of all tll me about yourself


Q..Stamp Act pucha ...agar under stamp document hai to uska process batao

Q..Consumer mai kya kaam kiya

Q..451 457 ka main ground kya hota hai...gaadi chudwane ka..

Q..High court mai aapne kya kaam kiya...

Q..FDR pe agar loan diya hai and bank ke employ ne agar borrower ko FDR frod se nikal ke de di ti as law officer aap kya karoge

Q.. What is the orignal jurisdiction of permanent lok adalat

Q.. what is the role of law officer in bank.


Interview date...26/11/19..panel 5 .lucknow ..1 p.m

1.aap kanha practice karti ho 

2. Tell me all district courts name of delhi

3.kisi k under practice karti ho ya independent

4.kis type k cases karti ho( my answer was CIVIL)

5. Civil m kis kis type k cases? officer ka kya kaam hota h bank m?

7. Sarfaesi Act kya h..

8. Sarfaesi Act m agar 30 days ka notice diya jata h to us notice ko kya kaha jata h

9.authentication ko bank legal term m kya bola jata h of ur court's senior district judge

11. Last jo fundamental right add kiya gaya tha vo konsa tha

12.HUF m agar Karta ki death ho jaye to fir Karta kon banta h

13.NCLT kya h

14. NCLT nd DRT m kya difference h

15. Bank kin kin act se deal karta h

16. NIA ki full form nd date of enforcement





The Indian Partnership Act · The Arbitration & Conciliation Act, 1996 including 2015 Amendment · The Constitution of India · The Transfer of Property Act · The Indian Easements Act · The Sale of Goods Act · The Indian Penal Code · The Civil Procedure Code · The Criminal Procedure Code · The Indian Evidence Act · The Consumer Protection Act · The Essential Commodities Act · The Competition Act · Information Technology Act · The Companies Act · Negotiable Instruments Act · Intellectual Property laws · Legal Metrology Act









1. Anticipatory Bail

2. Rigorous Imprisonment provision in IPC

3. How to recover NPA

4. Powers of NCLAT

5. Liquidation period in IBC

6. IBC - good or bad law express your view

7. Demonetisation Section in RBI Act

8. How many floors are there in new parliament?

9. Can bank go to NCLT against Individual?

10. Article 14,19 and 21 of constitution why called golden triangle

11. President of India (question by ma'am)

12. Provisions about discharge in crpc




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