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An interview is simply a tool used by a potential employer to assess a candidate’s

ability to perform a role.

Questions which are often asked and may be asked in the Interview


1. Can you explain the meaning of your name?

2. Your surname appears to be unusual and unheard, could you explain?

3. Your father has Choudhary as surname. How is that you have not inherited the same?

 Tell us about your family?


4 Tell us about the place of your origin?

5. You belong to this (XYZ) district which we believe is the most backward district of

your state. What according to you are the main reasons of its backwardness?

6. Name and explain some of the development programmes of the government in your


7. If you are posted in the district (XYZ) what would be your priorities in terms of plan

and actions?


8. What is your hobby?

9. On being selected you will not be able to carry on with your hobby, will you?


10. You have consistently good academic records including a Doctorate. Why don’t you

join teaching profession?

11. You are an engineer from a premier Institution. In fact, banking job may not be

suitable to you. Don’t you consider it as a national loss?

12. Throughout your academic career you have a science background, whereas banking

service is a commercial job. How can you find it suitable?

13. You have first division in school, second class in XII, and second class in Graduation.

It is in fact in descending order. What if this continues even in your job?

14. How your educational background is helpful in banking sector?


15. Why you want to join the banking sector?

16. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

17. Are you confident that you will be selected?

18. What will you plan to do it you are not selected?

19. Why we should select you?

20. Which is more important for banks— social obligation or commercial progress? Can

you differentiate between the two?


21. What is Small Bank, Payment Bank and MUDRA?

22. What is the function of RBI?

23. Who is governor of RBI?

24. Who are the deputy governors of RBI?

25. Explain the following and their current position—

(i) Bank Rate

(ii) CRR

(iii) SLR

(iv) CAR

(v) Base Rate

(vi) Repo Rate

(vii) Reverse Repo Rate

(viii) MSF

(ix) OMO

26. What were the reason of Nationalization of Banks?

27. What was the recommendation of Narsimhan Committee?

28. Narsimhan Committee is related to which field?

29. What is e Banking, Narrow Banking, and Wholesale Banking?

30. What is Merchant Banking & Universal Banking?

31. What is the difference between Banks and Non-Banking Financial Institutions?

32. What is the difference between SBI and Nationalised Banks?

33. Is SBI Nationalised Bank? If not then why?

34. Who is the Chairman of SBI ?

35. What are the main reasons to Introduce RRB’s?

36. What is Scheduled Bank?

37. What are Basel III Norms?

38. What is Inflation, Deflation, Disinflation, Stagflation, Mild Inflation, and Galloping


39. How can Inflation be controlled?

40. What are the causes of Inflation?

41. What is the current inflation position in India?

42. What is the difference between Monetary Policy and Fiscal Policy?

43. What are the main features of Current Monetary Policy?

44. How Bank creates credit?

45. What is credit control policy of RBI?

46. What is Open Market Operation?

47. What is a Bank and what are the functions of a Bank?

48. What is Branch Banking?

49. What is NPA? How can we reduce NPA’s?

50. Two major problems of bank at present? How would you handle them?

51. In which states there is no RRB’s?

52. Where is the Head Office of RBI?

53. What is the difference between the One rupee note and the Two rupee note?

54. How many public sector banks are there in India?

55. What is Banking Ombudsman scheme?


56. How many types of Cheque are there in banks?

57. If a party makes payment to you with two options either Cheque or Draft then what

would you prefer and why?

58. Which cheque works just like a currency note?

59. What is clearing house?

60. What is Devaluation of Currency?

61. What do you know about Finances commission of India?

62. What is NITI Ayog?

63. What is the difference between Bonds and Shares?

64. Distinguish between Money market and Capital market?

65. Which/ Who has controlling authority of Money market?

66. Which/Who has controlling authority of Capital market?

67. What is Near money, Dear money, Cheap money, Hot money?

68. What is Mutual Fund?

69. What is Currency?

70. If we appoint you in our Rural branch, would you like to live in a village?

71. What are the sources of a bank through which it obtains its funds for operation?

72. In this era of competition with private players, what will be the future of public

sector banks after 10 years?

73. What is supply of money?

74. What is Mobile Banking?

75. Who is the head of NITI Ayog ?

76. Who is the head of Finance Commission?

77. What is Budget ?

87. How is Current Economic position of India?

91. Banking scenario of last 10 years?

94. Important events in last one year in banking or economic sector?

97. What do you know about credit Rating agencies in India?

98. How is working culture in Private Banks and how it is different from Public sector


99. What is Fiat money?

100. Define Call money market?

101. What is the difference between Credit and Debit Card?

102. How ATM works?

103. What is digital signature?

104. What is e-banking concept?

105. Is the privatisation of banking correct?

113. Where the head quarter of IMF is situated?

115. What is the financial year of RBI?

116. Explain the present condition of Balance of payment and Balance of Trade?

117. What is Bull and Bear?

118. What is Free Trade Concept?

119. What is the difference between Saving and Current Deposits?

121. What is NABARD? Tell us about its functions and where it has its head office ;

124. Being a Branch Manager of a bank how would you improve the day to day work

and services of that branch?

125. Which steps would you take to prevent forgery in your branch?

126. What is Subsidy?

127. What is Overdraft facility?

128. What is Priority sector lending?

131. What are the challenges before banking sector in present time?

132. What is the future of banking sector?

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15. Net Neutrality

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17. Global Currency war

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19. PM Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana

20. Atal Pension Yojana

21. Swacch Bharat Yojana

22. EPFOs & ETFOs

23. Modi Visits

24. Thailand Crisis

25. One Rank One Pension

26. Terrorism-ISIS

27. MAT: A. P. Shah Committee

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29. Krishi Sinchayee Yojana

30. Vyapam Scam

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35. Wimbledon 2015

36. Google head: Sundar Pichai

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