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47 most important topics for descriptive exam --

 47 most important topics for descriptive exam --

1. Indian economy challenge: how to revive

2. Farmers bill

3. Two front war-india china

4. Privatisation boon or bane

5. Merger is it good step

6. Corona related-vaccination, quarantine,work from home,issue and resolve

7. atmanirbhar Bharat

8. What's app data privacy

9. RCEP 

10. Fake news

11. Women security

12. Artificial intelligence

13. National education policy

14. Depression

15. E commerce

16. Drugs

17. Digital payment 

18. Women empowerment

19. One nation one ration card

20. Social media

21. Trade war

22. Mutual fund

23. Portability of Health Insurance Sector in India

24. Importance of Insurance for Hypertension Patients

25. Insurance and type of Fraud associated with it

26. Solvency and its effect on an Organization

27.Suggest measures how Insurance Companies can penetrate a wide area of the country

28. Challenges before the Insurance Companies for higher growth

29. How FDIs can bring high growth to insurance sector in India?

30. Role of Insurance Sector in Financial growth in India

31. Increasing Insurance penetration in India

32. Bancassurance – Role of Bank in the growth of Insurance

33. Insurance to all – leaving no one behind

34. Socio-economic aspect of insurance

35. Mis-selling in insurance and how to prevent it

36.Cashless and paperless insurance

37.Privatization of Insurance Sector

38. Handling Fear of COVID-19 Pandemic

39. Importance of leadership quality in an organization

40. Importance of Marketing skills in an organization

41.Importance of good Decision-making skills in life

42. World’s largest COVID-19 Vaccination Programme

43. Vocal for Local: How much it is feasible

44. Water crisis: A menace

45. The problem of unemployment is deepening in the country

46. Is Lockdown the only measure to contain the COVID-19 virus

47. Ensuring Access of Online Education to all.

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