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 The following questions were asked in descriptive paper of previous SBI PO exam 🎈🎈


✳️ Letter writing ✳️

👉 letter to the editor of a newspaper to publish article about highlighting the issue regarding joining defence forces by youths of the city. 

👉Write a letter to your bank manager requesting for leave of 2 weeks to prepare for final MBA exams.

👉Write a letter to the manager of a firm to increase credit amount of loan taken.

👉Letter to the bank manager apologizing for the delay in EMI payment.

👉Letter to your brother indicating him on why you want to choose career in banking.

👉As a manager, write a letter to your collegues to conduct a meeting on PR strategy.

👉Write a letter to your younger sibiling explaining the importance of saving moneyLetter to the bank manager for extension of joining date.

✳️ Essays ✳️

👉 Does providing educational loans help in empowering employment to youth?

👉How useful is aadhar card?

👉Impact of unearthing of black money on indian economy

👉Importance of education in vernacular languages

👉Pros & cons of winning lotteries

👉Do brokers deserve the cut that they make on deals?

👉Security of women in workspace, an increasing cause of Concerned

👉 entrance exams – a necessary evil

👉Pros & cons of Inflation

👉Pros and cons of online education/schooling. 

👉Efficient use of natural resources.

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