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SIDBI A.M. INTERVIEW QUESTIONS 13TH JUNE mock attach cv wapp 8072177482...

SIDBI interview.

13/06/2022, 12:30AM, Kolkata.

4 panel members, 1 lady 3 gents. Went into the room, greeted everyone, told me to sit.


1st Male

1. Why you preponed your interview (Actually I have to catch train on 7.30pm and I am the last of the batch so I requested them to do so)

2. Why you want to leave SBI?

3. Then question regarding this


2nd Male

Questions regarding my background which is electrical engineering like Why we use fuse, earth arrester, what is Faradys law, transformer step up and step down and some other questions


And then 1st panel member Male asked me about my college and 2nd one recognized it and eventually the 1st one also recognized.


3rd (Female)

1. What you know about SIDBI?

2. What is Bill discounting of SME

3. What is Working Capital

4. What is working Cycle.

5. How you sell our product to customer?

6. Then why you want to leave SBI and grilled me by throwing cross question.


4th Male

1. What is LTV

2. EMI NMI Ratio

3. How you calculate eligibility of HBL?

4. What is LTV percentage for different about of loans?

And some other questions


At last again same questions why you want to leave SBI?



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