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Self Introduction




Insurance policy

RBI function

Bank Headquarters State and near by states

1 union territory near bank headquarters

Payment way


Banking Companies Act and CompaniesAct


Commerce minister

What do you know about KARNATAKA  bank

Yesterday's monetary policy  repo rate

Loans offered by the bank

Difference between FD and RD

Banks also provide insurance services?

What is bank rate?

What is kyc

Interest rates of loans

Why CASA is important for banks

What are the sources of income of banks

About my school and extracurricular activities

Job of po/job of a clerk/job of specialist officer –job role

Which bank i have account? What is the rate?

Current banking scenario

Why should we select you

Business of the bank

Who regulates the stock exchange?

Is share price of Karnataka Bank increasing or falling? Why is it so?

Products of bank


Ø  What is your biggest achievement in life?

Ø  tell me where you see yourself over 5 years in personal and professional life?

Ø  What does India exports and imports?

Ø  which newspaper do you read, how inflation can be addressed which is an ongoing problem before the pandemic



  1. Why Bank after software?
  2. Why M.Tech.?
  3. Can you not progress in the software field?
  4. What do you mean by banking?
  5. What is the importance of banking?
  6. What are the qualities required in banking?
  7. I said earlier my qualities were empathy and analytical skills. So how are you going to use it in banking?
  1. Net profit
  2. Net interest income
  3. Net NPA
  4. gross NPA
  5. ROA




      What are the threats faced by banking sector? I said about skimming, data privacy violation, phishing


They asked about






     What is money inflation? What happens to the value of money during inflation? Who is responsible for controlling inflation? What are the kinds of risks that banks must face?


3. NPA

4. How credit card providing companies earn profit?

6. Banking controversies at national level

7. Why do banks borrow from RBI

8. What is Simple interest

9. How will Chemistry help in banking as here it involves sales

Current Rates (CRR, SLR, Repo etc)

6. NPA

7. Three largest risks bank face.

My interview took around half an hour. They mostly asked follow-up questions based on what we answered.

My suggestion is that If you are currently working, please be ready with a proper and convincing answer to why you want to switch to Karnataka Bank.

Pledge, mortgage and hypothecation



1.After MCA why you choose banking sector

2. Since my mother is also working in bank they asked about her

3. What is 1D 2D 3D 4D and 5D   (RELATED TO COMPUTER?)

 If you are not selected what will be your next step

. What are my strengths  and explain a situation where I used my one of my strengths ( I told team player)

They asked about retail banking.

3. Types of banks

4. What is private bank, investment banks and retail bank and under which category Karnataka bank comes in.

4. What is stock market explain types of stocks

5. What is the difference between shares and debentures

6. Which type of company in debt based and equity based company will you provide loans?

7. What is crypto currency

8. Name two other crypto currency other than Bitcoin

8. Is it legal in India

9. Why everyone uses crypto currency.

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