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Brush up Vocabulary for Bank PO Exams :: SBI PO 2014 in focus

1.    Abstruse: difficult to understand

Usage: Abstruse argument/topic.
2.    Acclimatize:(v): adjust with climate or with any condition
Usage: Australian cricket team arrive two days early in order to acclimatize.
3.    Actuarial(adj): calculating
Usage: His actuarial skill is very good.
4.    Adroit (adj): skill full
Usage: He succeeded by his adroit diplomacy.
5.    Aegis(n): protection; support
Usage: Facilities were provided under the aegis of Red cross Society.
6.    Belabour(v): to explain excessively
Usage: I don’t want to belabor this point again.
7.    Blandishment(n):pleasant talks/action of flatter somebody
Usage: He refused to be moved by her blandishment.
8.    Banal(adj): dull, uninteresting
Usage: Banal remarks/ comments in the party.
9.    Bedlam(n):any place or situation of confusion
Usage: The children made the room and kitchen absolute bedlam.
10.  Bellicose(adj): quarrelsome; warlike
Usage: She has bellicose nature
11.  Cajole(v): to flatter
Usage: She was cajoled into accepting a part in play.
12.  Canny (adj): careful and showing good judgement,esp. in business or spending the money.
Usage: a Canny follow.
13.  Cardinal(adj): principal, chief, most important
Usage: A cardinal rule/reason.
14.  Careen(v): sway from side to side
Usage: Car careening down the hill.
15.  Carnage(n): killing many people
Usage: A scene of carnage.
16.  Digress (v): to leave to main subject/work
Usage: The speaker digressed from the topic during his presentation.
17.  Diligence(n): careful; hardworking
Usage: She shows great diligence in her school work.
18.  Discursive(adj): changing from one topic to another
Usage: The play was very discursive in style. Very few people could understand the story.
19.  Dotage(n):childish state due to old age
Usage: The old man becomes dotage in 70’s.
20.  Deranged (adj): insane; stupid
Usage: She has become completely deranged

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